Charging tips

Charging tips

I've looked around but can't find a good list if "dos and donts" for charging your MS.

The one I'm most interested in is leaving the MS plugged in all night, even if it only needs a few hours of charge?
Is there any issue with turning on AC or heat while the MS is still plugged in (in the morning, for example)?

David Trushin | 07. April 2013

I've found that turning on the heat starts the car charging (although this isn't reflected on the app), I do it on cold mornings to condition the battery. Gets better mileage that way. Even though it's plugged in, it still costs in KWh to do this up to a point. After being plugged in for a while, the miles go back up again.

Brian H | 07. April 2013

If you time the charging to complete about when you leave, or use low amperage or 110V, the warming in effect is on shore power.

shop | 07. April 2013

Yes, leave the MS plugged in all night even if it only needs a few hours to charge. And with timed charging now, you typically won't actually start charging until midnight anyways.