Cold Weather Package ?

Cold Weather Package ?

I was told European buyers have the option for a cold weather package, is this available for the US ?

Cold Weather Package 1275
Security Package 375
Lightning Package 375
Parking sensors 450
Delivery preparation and Coordination Fee 370

iholtzman | 06. Mai 2013

I would have loved a heated steering wheel. I wonder if it part of the cold weather package.

rdalcanto | 06. Mai 2013

I love the heated steering wheel in my Jeep. Why it isn't available in a state of the art car costing twice as much is beyond me. I will have to use the App to heat the entire car before I get in to make up for it. Huge waste of energy compared to just heating the steering wheel. Once again, it seems like Tesla built the car for the Bay Area, and ignored the needs of those of us in the colder parts of the country.

ian | 06. Mai 2013

No heated steering wheel...

"Cold Weather Package: Stay warmer as the weather gets colder with new heated second-row seats, heater windshield wiper nozzles & cowl, improved defrost grill, and an upgraded battery coolant heater to improve vehicle performance and range in cold climates."

ian | 06. Mai 2013

I agree rdalcanto! I live in Seattle, not exactly considered a cold climate and we love the one on my wife's BMW. In combination with the heated seats it allows you to leave the climate control off on those somewhat chilly mornings.

hans | 26. August 2013

Here in Norway we need heated steering wheel, when will that be an option on Model S?