Competition for Model X??

Competition for Model X??

Or not.

AMP, the electric conversion company, is going to show a 37kWh 80-100 mile Jeep Grand Cherokee at the Detroit Auto show.

"An AMP representative told the New York Times that the Grand Cherokee's pricing will be competitive with the Tesla Model S. That's somewhat ambiguous, as you can practically pick any price between US$50,000 and $90,000 and find a Tesla Model S variant to match. A representative did clarify to Gizmag that base price will be in line with the base Model S, which costs $57,400 before any tax incentives. That puts the model about double the base price of a gas Grand Cherokee."

Volker.Berlin | 08. Januar 2012

As far as I know, they also converted a Mercedes M. I think the Icelandic guy, who ordered 100 Model Ses, bought some of those, too.

Brian H | 08. Januar 2012

The article suggests that most of the storage space is taken up with batteries. Doesn't sound like much competition, to me. But maybe Jeep-lovers will buy a few.

gagliardilou | 08. Januar 2012

My guess is it wont hold a candle to the X.

Sudre_ | 08. Januar 2012

Let see... we know you don't want the battery below 20% and you don't want to regularly charge it over 80% so the real mileage is 48 to 60 miles per charge.It's sounding like an oversized Leaf.
Shall we know put the aerodynamic disaster on the highway?

The pickup truck conversion I looked at uses the exact truck that rolls off the factory line, transmission and all. They just pull the engine, gas tank, and exhaust and bolt an electric motor on the shaft sticking out of the transmission. There is a shaft coming out the opposite side of the electric motor that gets a pulley that runs all the peripherals on a serpentine belt. That means the electric motor slowly runs all the time to keep the A/C, power steering, and power brakes going.... or once it comes to a complete stop it can shut down but you loss power steering, brakes and A/C.
This might be a completely different design but I doubt it.

No competition to Tesla at all.

discoducky | 08. Januar 2012

for the reason that Brian points out; I think companies that retro fit ICE to EV's days are numbered. No cargo space, higher center of gravity (poor handling), much higher overall weight (chassis inefficiencies), shorter range....etc when compared to Model X (assuming it's all that and a slab of batteries)

So grateful to EV conversion enthusiasts for getting us this far...

Mycroft | 08. Januar 2012

Agreed DD, it's one thing to do a conversion when you have no other option, like EV conversion enthusiasts, but it's another entirely when you have a company like Ford doing a lame-assed conversion of the Focus.

It's like trying to make a car into a car/boat or a flying car. You end up with a really bad car, boat, and plane.

I can't wait for the production Model S to be out and see a hands-on comparison written between the Focus Electric and the Model S. I'm so glad I sold my F stock and bought TSLA.

ThomasN | 08. Januar 2012

I agree with the exception of a pickup conversion. A stepped skateboard battery and a frunk . Simply tons of room for the battery.

petero | 11. Januar 2012

Sorry to stray a little bit from the “X” Jeep Grand Cherokee thread. I did find the Smart Pick up ‘fun,’ but it did not mention Tesla for the motor/battery.

It is a bit over the top, but I believe concept-show cars should be. I liked the line about the bicycles could be used to extend the range.