Cross Country travel

Cross Country travel

My wife and I just completed a cross country, 3000 mile, coast to coast trip (Berkeley to Washington, DC) trip in our Model S. The trip lasted from March 25 to April 12, but we actually were driving for about 12 or 13 days, stopping about 24 times to charge up during the ride, mostly following I-80, but hit some tiny roads as well. The trip cost us $137 in charging fees, and about 4 cents/mile average overall. Half the time we were able to charge up at no cost beyond the cost of an overnight stay in a RV park cabin. We used the Superchargers in Folsom, CA and Newark, Del. as well as Chargepoint and PlugShare. One Tesla owner, Roger, in Princeton, NJ let us charge up all day and used 70 kwhs that were created by solar panels. That was sweet. The car performed exactly as promised. We had zero problems with the car. Often, we'd spend an hour or two on the web seeking the golden quarry of a Nema 14-50 outlet and a place to stay overnight nearby, always succeeding. Long distance electric car travel is here! Would love to hear others' experiences with this.

Cattledog | 13. April 2013

Bob - Outstanding! You two are like the Lewis and Clark of EV driving! Congratulations.


Benz | 13. April 2013

Congratulations and thanks for posting your positive story.

Brian H | 13. April 2013

Details and anecdotes and pictures. Be prolix, wordy and ramble a lot. Hurry! :D

frmercado | 13. April 2013

First of all, congratulations! Second, I agree with Brian H.

Brian H | 14. April 2013

Yes, this report was short, terse, concise. Please re-write so it is none of the above. And then ask your wife to append her version, with even more detail.

And maybe it should be under 'Model S'?

Bob Kroll | 19. April 2013

Thanks. My wife and I actually kept independent notes of the trip, day by day in spreadsheet form. Mine were oriented toward the experiences in travel, charging up, and the amusing things that can happen on long cross country trips. Hers was more numerical - she's a statistician - and tried to capture all the data from the distances traveled/kwh, amount and time of charge, etc. We'd be happy to share these if there were only a way to upload them to this forum, but I don't see any.

David M. | 19. April 2013

Fantastic! Bummer that I'm still 1,100 miles from the closest supercharger. Hope that will change by this summer, so I can take an extended road trip of my own. Thanks for sharing.

Brian H | 19. April 2013

You can use Google Forms. Or paste them in text table form, using fixed spacing, and the tag <pre> which means "pre-formatted" and preserves spacing exactly ( in a somewhat smaller font ).

Sudre_ | 20. April 2013

This kind of data might also be good for Tesla to have. They can plan out supercharges better knowing where drivers actual stopped to charge in the real world. They can guess at the range all day but facts are people stop at places to charge for a reason, not just because the battery is low.

Personally when my wife and I stopped to stretch with our gas car on long trips it was at places we could hike at. We would take a picnic lunch with us.