"Customer Advocate", our channel to Tesla?

"Customer Advocate", our channel to Tesla?

On my "My Tesla" page, there is a "customer advocate" indicated with email address and phone number: Steve Davis. I have never talked to that guy, just sent a note once with my new address after I moved. Never received a reply. Since, according to his phone number, Steve seems to be based in UK, and I am in Germany, I assume he is responsible for entire Europe.

Then there are two representatives in Germany, one in the Munich Store, and one in Hamburg who drives around entire northern Germany to offer test drives. I have met both in person, very nice people and always willing to help, but they seem to be unable to look up my reservation in their system. At least they could not provide any comment when I dropped from P#1 to P#3 (EU) and asked them for the how and why. Their knowledge about technical details seems to be approximately on the level of Tesla's official website. Sometimes I have the impression that an avid forum reader might even be ahead of them.

What is your experience with your customer advocate? What is your preferred channel to Tesla? I open this thread b/c in another thread some forum members indicated that they do not have anybody to talk to at Tesla, which I find weird.

discoducky | 27. Dezember 2011

I prefer to talk to Lance Merkin at the Bellevue store who set me up with my 2nd reservation but haven't had a need to use the customer advocate. My "My Tesla" page doesn't specify a name it just has an email '' and a phone. I'm sure once all the details are available and I have the sales contract in front of me I'll have a need.

For instance, I went in to make the 2nd reservation since I was concerned about transfer and selling, Lance answered all my questions, but since none of it is in writing for the actual sales contract I won't know for sure.

Mycroft | 27. Dezember 2011

Here's my "advocate". You can tell that Signature reservation holders are special. :)

TJK | 27. Dezember 2011

Model S Customer Service
1-877-79TESLA (877-798-3752)

stephen.kamichik | 27. Dezember 2011

We are all just as special.

jbherman | 27. Dezember 2011

@Mycroft--that's funny...I noticed the same thing. Now I won't take it personally! ;^)

Dennisf | 27. Dezember 2011

I've emailed with my Customer Advocate and was called back within the hour. Actually he called me twice, the second time to tell me that my payment was received and to give me some extra info.

My contact speaks dutch (he's from belgium I think) and has been very prompt on e-mails and questions. I had some trouble posting on this forum (I got a denied IP) and he kept me up to date on the status and mailed me when I was able to post again.

I'm very satisfied with this service. In the 7 years I drive BMW I was never called by the factory, a dutch representative or my sales person from the dealership. So this is whole new experience to me :)

BruceR | 27. Dezember 2011

No big mystery here. TESLA puts the same general email address on all accounts. No different than any other company. What is different is that if you communicate with them, they will respond with a specific individual who will communicate with you for future enquires. They have a small but very hard working group of excellant customer service reps in my experience. The few TESLA owners I know rave about the service....

Leofingal | 27. Dezember 2011

I reserved online, so I also had no direct contact, just the address. However, since I am closer to Toronto than any US stores, I have established a working relationship with one of the Toronto reps, and she sends me info on whatever they are doing (beta visit for example) so that I can come see the cars.

Kallisman | 27. Dezember 2011

Does having 2 customer advocates mean that I'm more important? :-P


Stephen Davies
+44 1753 626782

Esben Pedersen

engle | 27. Dezember 2011

Sig reservation holders that are unhappy with the Sig premium might wish to email:

Troy R. Jones
Regional Sales Manager

He's based out of the store in Menlo Park, CA where we reserved with him. He's been with Tesla since April, 2010. Troy arranged to let our son into the factory for the tour. Troy was sitting in the passenger seat next to Elon when he drove the white Beta into the factory for his Sunday presentation.

Additional people I found on LinkedIn are:

Doreen Roberts
Director, N.A. Sales Operations

I derived her email using the first initial last name convention. Based on her title, she's probably Troy's manager. Doreen has been with the company since Nov. 2006.

John Walker
Vice President Sales

Presumably Doreen's manager?

and then, of course, there's:

George Blankenship
Vice President, Worldwide Sales and Ownership Experience

It should be more effective raising pricing/options issues, such as the unjustified Signature "premium" with these people, instead of commiserating in the forums so much about it. If enough people send emails, hopefully they will do something for the Signature folks. (I'm speaking as a "P" reservation holder and stockholder who doesn't think the Sig people are being treated fairly. Besides the "Sig" premium, not crediting you if you downgrade your wheels is really annoying and "un-family-like" to me! It mininum, they owe all the U.S. Signature reservation holders an explanation and justification for this "premium", IMHO.)

tomas.hutters | 28. Dezember 2011

Hi all,

A suggestion in the spirit of engle's December 28 post above. Instead of all/some of us sending disparate messages to various Tesla contact points, how about creating petitions whenever an issue seems to deserve it? Personally, I think it would still be fair to give TM a chance to clarify/defend a bit, but if things remain unchanged, the Sig premium/Sig res holder treatment seems to me an obvious candidate.

PS: My UK based customer advocate has been very friendly, helpful and responsive, even if he may not have realized immediately how serious the turmoil post Pricing & Options was.

mwu | 28. Dezember 2011

When I registered I did it online during a time that Tesla's systems were snafu. It apparently double-charged me (which they were quick to take care of), and I lost the ability to post in the forums (which they also took care of). I do not have a customer advocate section on my "My Tesla" page which might be related to the earlier snafu. With regard to their web issues, they seem to be in a reactive mode where they fix issues as they are reported. Until recently there was a listing for a web developer position listed on Tesla's career pages -- hopefully they will sort these kinds of things out soon.

Anyway to get back on topic, when I had those issues I was speaking to someone with the title "Ownership Experience Advocate" to get them resolved.

dborn | 28. Dezember 2011

Our local Australia rep is responsive and sends out e-mails whenever there is news. My customer advocate is Naomi Takeuchi at the factory, who arranged for me not to be disadvantaged as a consequence of the time difference when it came to choosing my time for a ride at the October 1 event. She manually ensured that i got the time for my ride when i wanted, and made an effort to meet with me (and other Asia/Pacific) reservation holders. Really good service.

Charged_Up | 28. Dezember 2011

I have been assured by my "customer advocate" that my concerns with respect to Signature pricing and features has been shared with the higher ups and I have no reason to doubt him. From what I have seen, Tesla listens more than most and does seem customer-centric. My view is that they made a mistake with their best evangelists and well heeled early adopters that are ideally situated to be their best salespeople (unpaid of course) and probably are trying to figure out what they can do that still makes sense financially.

I respect that it helps the company immensely to sell a bunch of higher margin cars off the bat, but the Sig differential vs. similarly equipped GP model and the lack of exclusive features other than red paint or white leather seems to be a bigger issue than price alone. A limited edition is not limited if the features are the same.

All of that said, we still have time to wait and see what develops.

Jean PierreD | 30. Dezember 2011

i have as customer advocate. He is fast to answer, pro-active and very helpfull when needed. Perfect.
Volker: take a other try!

jbherman | 30. Dezember 2011

Just an FYI--TM is closed until Jan. 3rd--

Response to customer advocate email:

"Thank you for contacting Tesla Motors. Our office will be closed for the New Year holiday, reopening January 3rd.
If you have a service concern, please contact your regional Service Team at  877-79-TESLA #9
Have a happy and safe holiday,
Ownership Experience Team"

Volker.Berlin | 05. Januar 2012

I just had a very friendly chat with Steve. Yes, my "Customer Advocate" mentioned in the original post of this thread. He was responding to this very thread (he does read the forums as do many Tesla employees, if only sporadically), wanting to make sure that I have someone to talk to at Tesla should I feel the urge. Turns out that they correctly updated my new address, just missed out on letting me know about that fact.

Steve was eager to answer my questions, very obliging and friendly. He made a point that Tesla is still kind of small startup-like company, with literally a handful of employees overseeing sales for entire Europe. But those employees are available should we want to talk to them, and the nice part about it is that you will always deal with people you already know. I certainly appreciate that, and I am looking forward to a brilliant experience as a Tesla customer.

vouteb | 05. Januar 2012

Have dealt with Steve since mid 2011 and he has always been helpful and informative.
(I guess he reads this, so happy New Year Steve!)