"D" = "Disappointment". For now, at least.

"D" = "Disappointment". For now, at least.

Now that the news are out, I can't shake the feeling of a letdown. Now, before I'm swamped with counter-arguments in support of the new developments, let me clarify that I:
a) have a 2-week-old P85,
b) love it so far, and
c) am, in general, very pro-Tesla.

That said, let me present my list of points that leads me to the statement in the post title.

1. First and foremost, no retrofitting of the AWD. I don't even know where to begin with this, it bites on so many fronts. My car is suddenly not super-advanced, just simply advanced, not ultra-fast, just very fast, and it even has less range! Feelings aside, it will undoubtedly affects the resale value, and not in a positive way.

2. Second, no retrofitting of the sensors. Again with many ways this bites. Downgraded to just advanced, and, more importantly, from super-safe to just very safe. And, again, resale value ("-Does it have those cool automatic gizmos? -Okay then, let's discuss the price.") And unlike the very selfish nature of the first point, this is safety features we are talking about. Knowing that you can go to 60 faster than almost any other car is good, knowing that your car will try extra hard to keep you out of trouble is somewhat more essential. The ability to whistle for your car is just a bonus.

I do have the resale guarantee, and I do realize that a car, no matter how outstanding, is a depreciating asset, it doesn't help much. But let's suppose it somehow works out, and the effects are not as drastic. Let's even suppose that I sell/trade in the P85 I have, and decide to get the advantage of all the new features... wait a bit.

3. What do you mean you can't have a P85D with 19 wheels? Why does it even matter? I can get an S60D, I can get an S85D. Why can't I opt out of all the '+' features, and just get the second motor on the P85 with 19 wheels? A somewhat minor point, I know, but it does matter to me, and it does add to the sense of disappointment.

Yes, public presentations are not always fully indicative of how things are going to go (*coughbatteryswappingcough*), and Tesla has been known to cater not only for new clients, but also for the old ones. But at this instance, the whole thing is a disappointment for me.

Forgot about this one:
4. No news of Model X

Since there were (not unexpectedly) quite a few comments comparing Model S to tech gadgets, and mentioning first-world problems, I realized I put too much weight on the D features in my post. In fact, the D features can come or go, they are nice but not essential, even the base S60 is plenty fast. So let me restate my main concern here in a number of shorter points.
1. I just missed a major feature.
2. I just missed a major safety-related feature.
3. By roughly a week, or a couple hundred VINs.
4. No, it won't be delivered by a software update (unlike most prior features).
5. No, I can't get it retrofitted even if I'm willing to pay for it.
6. Even though it's now a 'no added cost' option for vastly expanded functionality (price-wise, new tech package == old tech package + parking sensors).
7. The new hardware was rolled out quietly, with no announcements whatsoever.
8. With at least some people in the know about forthcoming hardware rollout, you would expect, or at least hope that someone reaching out and asking "hey, we are preparing a new and exciting package, would you want to wait for a couple of weeks to get it?". After almost three months' wait, an extra two weeks or even an extra month don't matter that much.
9. In fact, the delivery happened about a week earlier than initially assigned.
10. Net result: feeling cheated through not even being offered a choice at any stage.

Roamer@AZ USA | 09. Oktober 2014

My P85+ will be a a year and a half old when I replace it in January within a P85D. Order confirmed and requested Jan instead of Dec delivery.

Tâm | 09. Oktober 2014

That's the nature of technology.

It starts to become obsolete as soon as you get it home.

If you don't want obsolete technology, then wait, and wait and wait.

Or you can just pay more incrementally to keep up with most updated technology.

patelkeyurp | 09. Oktober 2014

I ordered S85 4 weeks ago with December delivery, but can certainly wait until February for S85D. My cost would be identical with the options I have selected. I have already asked if I can delay my delivery. Fingers crossed!

NKYTA | 09. Oktober 2014

First world problem, for sure.

I'm happy to drive NKYTA for a few more years and see how battery tech advances...but I did just spec out a P85D at $127K _and_ asked my boss for a raise. We shall see...

mark | 09. Oktober 2014

I'm in the production queue for my P85+ and I've also asked to upgrade to the D. If I can't, I'll either refuse the + and eat my deposit money and order a D, or (more likely) run the + for a while and then order a D.

Re the OP's disappointment, that's life!

olanmills | 09. Oktober 2014

There has to be a cutoff point, this will always happen, no matter what.

Even if Tesla announced it a year ago, there would have been people who said that they just got their car and would have waited a year for this version.

This happens with all kinds of products (of course the sting with a car is that it's so expensive for most people, they can't immediately turn around and replace it with the new one).

paulk2510 | 09. Oktober 2014

I'm tempted, really tempted. But I'm more upset that i can't retrofit these options - almost disappointed. If i sell my 1 year old MS and get the D, what do i do when the next big update comes to the MS another year later? Do i sell again and continue the buying/selling cycle? I love Tesla and am beyond excited for the future of this company, but I'll just have to wait it out until i need another car, which may be years and years into the unforeseen future. At the rate that technology is changing, it's near impossible to always be ahead, especially when you don't know what's coming next. Still, if only Tesla made it possible I could retrofit, i would do it in an instance.

julierca | 09. Oktober 2014

balabanshik, I totally understand. Especially since you've only had it 2 weeks!! The thrill of the newness didn't even have a chance to wear off before it was "old". It is still a crazy advanced car that few people have heard of or seen, and even fewer who know that there are more recent options. And it's still gorgeous and amazing to drive. I hear you though and I'm sorry.

Kpg81 | 09. Oktober 2014

Yep my P85 is two weeks old as well, I felt like a king with the P85 badge flashing around town, feeling like I have the top dog. Now I feel like I have the crappy slow old one, the resale value just went into the toilet. Kinda feels bad I will be honest. I now have the mid range Tesla instead of the best one.

NKYTA | 09. Oktober 2014

Really? Wow.

Technology advances and you also knew something was in the works?

Besides, the P85+ is the top dog until the P85D starts shipping.

tesla | 09. Oktober 2014

I just got my 85 a couple of weeks ago. Yes I would have got dual but I know my car has some of the extra sensors already. It has lane departure . I think we have to allow tesla to innovate. I love the car. I now know there will be an upgrade path for me in 3 years .
It was obvious to me an all wheel drive version was coming but I cannot wait forever. The iphone 7 is also coming but I also cannot wait for that. I keep my cars a maximum of 3 years and 364 days if the warranty is 4 years. I will upgrade my tesla in 39 months this time.
I think Tesla are doing a great job.

Mark K | 10. Oktober 2014

Rode in the P85D tonight, and I can attest firsthand that it is an amazing achievement.

Carrier catapult acceleration, and mind-blowing autopilot.

That said, I drove home in my 12 month old Model S, and I think I love it even more now than before.

Why? Because it's clear I picked the right brand, and the right team, and they will keep making this car more awesome.

When I'm ready for two new ones after 3-4 years of delight, the accumulated advances will be staggering.

There is so much to look forward to, yet what I already have is so far ahead of any high-end Mercedes I've ever owned.

The car could not be as wonderful as it is if they were not so relentless in their improvements. This is to be celebrated, not decried.

Relax and enjoy this amazing ride.

dborn | 10. Oktober 2014

The early sigs in Australia have just dodged a bullet. Only because we have not had our launch, and the fact that they probably only actually built around 20 of them, and also that there have been unreasonable delays in the launch meaning that by the time we would have received our cars, they would have been around 4 months old, the company offered to rebuild those sigs, which means that EVERY model S sold in Australia from day 1 will be the current model with its suite of sensors. Personally, I have no need for dual motors, and would not have ordered, even if it was available when i was offered the rebuild on 4th October. They DID allow me to change my headliner to the new black, which not available when I confirmed my original order on 29th May. Accordingly, I am very happy with the car that is currently in production. The only proviso is that i would have loved the upgraded seats, but then, as my car is an S85, it would not have been an option anyway. I may have to wait until they offer this as an upgrade with a cost.

george210 | 10. Oktober 2014

Being forced to order 21" rims in order to get the D feature makes it a no-go for me. In my case that just makes it Dumb

david.baird | 10. Oktober 2014

I'd like 4WD, but I don't need it and, TBH, my current P85 is already way too fast as it is.

Nevertheless, in three years when I'm ordering the replacement for my current car it's really exciting to think that monsters like this will be an option, although I do think I'll need an X for my growing kids.

On that matter, this bodes really well for the X. Everyone was imagining that it would be inferior to the S, well maybe it will be, but the Model X P85100D (or whatever it will be) is going to be faster than the current Model S P85.

And this is a really juicy prospect IMO.

tktesla | 10. Oktober 2014

I couldn't agree more with balabanshik post here.
Almost feels like I got cheated (though probably not). I bought mine after waiting for 2yrs and finally bought it less than a couple of weeks ago!

EVino | 10. Oktober 2014

I was going to write the usual soapbox reply about how new things always replace current things, but you probably already know that if you have an iPhone.

Cheer up. Think of ways you can trade up. You managed to replace your iPhone 4, didn't you?

tktesla | 10. Oktober 2014

Yes. I managed to replace my iPhone after enjoying the feeling that its the latest for about 2-3 years. And also I had the option of returning it within a month (or so) if I wanted to.
But in this case of Tesla, I just bought it less than 2wks ago.
Hope you get to understand that feeling.

mgbaillie | 10. Oktober 2014

i don't even have my MS yet, but know that it won't have the sensors because it has been in transit to UK for 4 weeks!! Unfortunately i can't afford to forego the deposit and re-order (not that you can currently order here at the moment anyway)

krissu | 10. Oktober 2014

And the ones ordering P85D will be disappointed when P135D comes out.... It should come quite many P85-s on used car market as these buyers had least trouble coming up with that much cash. They are the ones selling their cars and getting the latest, as money is less an issue for them. What makes huge difference for P85D vs all other performance cars are the running costs and practicality(space).

mark | 10. Oktober 2014

Anyone has bought a new car only to discover there is a newer one on the way can remember the twinge of disappointment. The more recently you got your "now-obsolete" car, the more it hurts. Car makers are always working on something new, so this isn't a novel problem. Normally though, the time frame is known for longer. In the case of German luxury cars, you normally see an updated model at a motorshow, and the customers' cars themselves don't appear for several months. The arrival of the D hurts more than most because 1. Tesla owners are new adopters - we want NEW. 2. There wasn't much warning of the D. 3. The D will start shipping in December - that's quick!

mgbaillie | 10. Oktober 2014

it's not the D that bothers me. It's the safety features that they put into production over 2 weeks ago.

HenryT2 | 10. Oktober 2014

I think Tesla should have held delivery on the P85Ds until 2015. That way, at least it's psychologically a new model year. In theory, anyone can be disappointed by buying a car, or any new technology, just before a new model is introduced. Of course, people who bought a P85 generally thought they were getting the very best and would have been ready to part with another $10-15K to get the very, VERY best.

BTW, I just ordered one. But I haven't discussed it with my wife yet. She's expecting a garden variety Model X. The extra $30K will bother her even more when we're forced to leave her mother at home because we can't squeeze my kids and her in the car together.

Flyshacker | 10. Oktober 2014

Whoever said you must order 21" wheels to get D features is wrong. You can order the 85 or even the 65 with D features. D features do not require the P model.

pvetesla | 10. Oktober 2014

I was just disappointed that the event didn't have a word about the MX. I was only there to see the MX and figured I got the invite because I have a reservation. Oh well. I won't read into these events anymore and take it for face value. The invitation only had a "D" on it so I should have taken the hint.

As far as the people who just received the older version car....I feel for you. I've had mine for almost 2 years before it became old last night. To miss out on features by weeks would kill me too. Sorry.

dortor | 10. Oktober 2014

what car manufacture has _EVER_ offered an AWD retrofit - and why is that even remotely a reasonable expectation?

Technology moves on - things get better - and the older things stay the same…

ridiculous assumptions will lead to ridiculous expectations. Tesla never promised anything in this space. You made your decision stick with it. | 10. Oktober 2014

"D" = "Disappointment In Myself". balabanshik | October 9, 2014

I corrected your title (to reflect your arguments). | 10. Oktober 2014

Book recommendation for balabanshik (assuming he/she reads):

"In poverty she is envious. In riches she may be a snob. Money does not change the sickness, only the symptoms"

The Winter of Our Discontent
-John Steinbeck

balabanshik | 10. Oktober 2014

Correct me if I'm wrong, but haven't all Model S cars so far been pretty much the same mechanically? Selectable options, yes, but the main content was the same, no? They don't even have any model years as such. Oops, should have said 'didn't have model years', as now they do, clearly. And that is a very clear paradigm shift for Tesla.

It seems I was a bit more emphatic about the AWD than I thought. Updated the OP accordingly.

To all people comparing the Model S to any gadget (e.g. an iPhone), there are a few differences:
- iPhones are mass-market consumer devices, Teslas are more of a premium segment right now; that comes with a slightly different attitude
- iPhones are initially designed with a model cycle in mind, while the Model S so far has been positioned as more of a long-term item, with no models per se, but with periodic updates, fixes, and retrofits
- Price range, obviously

pvetesla | 10. Oktober 2014


Don't take it too personal. I would say most of these ridiculously rude comments are comming from people who could never afford to make a large purchase like this and could only compare your purchase to that of an iPhone. I completely agree with you and understand how you feel. The best medicine will be to take your car out for a drive and know you've made a great purchase. Enjoy all the features you do have and don't dwell on the ones you don't.

KdotB | 10. Oktober 2014

Ultimately this better positions Tesla to battle Germany (Audi and the like being our main competition) and that helps ensure Tesla's viability in the long run. That's great. A lot of people have been holding off for AWD for whatever reason. Plus it being in rocket ship speed territory, this is great.

I've had my MS for 2 months, and I feel slightly disappointed. But really, that's life. It happens all the time, especially in the car and tech worlds. You have the option to trade, taking a minor hit. Or, as I choose to do, wait a reasonable time until I can justify trading up, and get the latest, which will be even better.

Kudos to Musk and the team. Rather than "just" awd, they've unleashed a new beast.

Tesltoronto | 10. Oktober 2014

pvetesla & kdotB.

Good attitude.

I think everyone here is absolutely right. All cars and all technologies change. For those of us who bought the car in the last year, we are not considered early adopters. We are disappointed that Tesla did not come out with a plan and hence feel cheated that within a few weeks of buying the car, so much have changed at relatively minimal cost.

My advice to new buyers (who do not consider themselves early adopters), wait till the car and the company matures - unless you must have the car today - in which case, be prepared for the rapid changes and your car depreciate in resale value, no point in complaining about this.

Tesla's feature changes (AWD, Autopilot, etc) are not 'new'. They are just incorporating what other cars already have and they will continue to adopt other technologies that already exist (e.g. blind spot warning, etc.).

As for me, I will definitely consider another Tesla - but only after 2-3 years till the changes stabilize somewhat.

Joanna18 | 10. Oktober 2014

Message sent to Tesla this morning: When I bought my P85 in March (VIN 36,XXX), my big sticking point was the well-documented lack of advanced safety features like mobileye-like technology, adaptive cruise control and blind spot/lane departure technology. I was assured by the salesman at the Tesla store and by his regional sales manager that these features were being worked on, and in the future there would be a way for me to benefit from them, even though my car would not have them initially. Accordingly, I ordered and got my P85 on this basis of trust. Now I hear that these new enhancements, long overdue in the MS and announced last night with the D, will NOT be upgradable through a retrofit program in my car (at a reasonable price or otherwise). I feel terribly cheated by this and urge you to seriously reconsider this decision. If I can go to an aftermarket installer and pay $2000 to have Mobileye and vibrators installed in my car that I can get in a Subaru or a Kia off the assembly line, you can do it too, with better software integration. I have been a tremendous brand ambassador for Tesla, but at this point I hate you and will make that known at every supercharger "Q and A session" I engage in with the public if I feel I am being cheated and was lied to in order to get my order back in March. I understand some delay in rolling out a retrofit program, but not to have one is absolutely wrong, especially given the representations made by Tesla employees. You should at least announce that such a program is "coming" and you will treat your earlier adapters with respect.

karmamule | 10. Oktober 2014

Anytime a product has a fairly rapid release schedule it stings when you're on the (early) edge of one of those borders, but that's the nature of this sort of process.

You were smart enough to give yourself a resale guarantee, so I assume you were planning to take advantage of it in three years' time? If so, perhaps you can view this news as very exciting insofar as it shows how aggressively Tesla will be innovating over those next 3 years.

I too just got my Model S (S85 in my case) and seeing this makes me very happy because it presages how many cool new options and features and capabilities we'll have to choose from (or will just be included) if/when we decide to take advantage of our resale guarantees in three years.

The sooner Tesla moves forward, the more forward movement will have happened when we upgrade 3 years from now. That's a marvelous thing!

mrspaghetti | 10. Oktober 2014

Sorry, I can't seem to work up any sympathy for a guy who owns a Tesla P85 but is disappointed that he doesn't have a P85D instead. Maybe you should take a trip to Guatemala or Africa and start appreciating what you have, because 99.9999% of the planet is way the hell worse off than you are.

tes-s | 10. Oktober 2014

I'm not disappointed - still very happy with my car.

Now if they had added rear-seat cup holders and/or garment hooks, then I'd be disappointed and have to trade up. | 10. Oktober 2014

"In poverty she is envious. In riches she may be a snob. Money does not change the sickness, only the symptoms"

The Winter of Our Discontent
-John Steinbeck | 10. Oktober 2014

@balabanshik: what you are feeling is perfectly normal and you live in a place where you are free to vent those feelings publicly. The good news is that you are able to afford a wonderful car and young enough to enjoy it.

By the way let me know before you decide to buy any stocks...:-))

GC51 | 10. Oktober 2014

Poor cry babies! Oh my, my car is no longer the lastest, the greatest, or the fastest. You people need to get a grip on reality. It's a car, not the second coming of Christ, stupid!!
Things change every day. New upgrades are available everyday. New models come out every year. Gee, don't ever buy anything because tomorrow there may be something better.
Unfortunately a high percentage of the people on this forum appear to have more money than brains, act like spoiled 5 year olds, and spend the bulk of their day complaining about Tesla not having this or that option. Gee, the car does not even wipe my behind after my latest bowel movement.
Grow up people!!

Anemometer | 10. Oktober 2014

I understand your diappointment - as you no longer have the best car top of the range poser mobile. To help you recover - be safe in the knowledge all the people currently ordering the P85D will be gutted when the P135DD++ comes out a couple of years later. With twin 510hp motors ;) I'd enjoy what you ordered and skip a generation. Unless you need AWD and a faster 0-60 on the commute.

Autopilot is the one thing that I would have missed most in your position - with the future updates planned. But hang on till they are actually seen to work. The i3 has some self driving feautres that keep swtiching off in real world conditions - like bright sun and shadows. I know a few roads that I did drove down on my advanced driving test where I think an autonomous vechicle would either T Bone you into another vechicle or drive you into a river. They include them in the test just to catch you out and see how observant you are as the roads look like they are going stright on, but actually go into a tight bend. So don't worry about it.. you and your family are much safer with the wheel in your hands (for now at least).

I'm waiting till 2016 till I order anyway. But most likely purchase at the mo is S85D. The P is for Posers. 5.2 seconds and 155mph is plenty fast enough. I used to have a 6.5 second car, and found it frustrating to own as you can't use the power when driving in normal day to day conditions. The S85D is a phenominal piece of kit for the money. Spend the difference in price on an i3 for the Mrs.

I'm happy the P85D exists as those with fatter wallets are subsiding the cost of "normal" Telsas for the rest of us. | 10. Oktober 2014

+1 gary.conner "...Things change every day. New upgrades are available everyday. New models come out every year. Gee, don't ever buy anything because tomorrow there may be something better..."

Dear "Disappointeds" --- you're going to die some day. You are taking a triumph of your life -- owning a Tesla Model S -- and you are turning it into depression.

~ 'We brought nothing into the world, and it is certain that we will take nothing out.'

Mike83 | 10. Oktober 2014

It doesn't come with a Cloaking feature? I guess I will just have to be seen in my P85. I still have my 30GB iphone and love it. Everything has +'s and -'s.
I do applaud the new developments and see it as a plus for the stock. Production already going on the new options, now thats impressive.

TeoTeslaFan | 10. Oktober 2014


Another way to think about it is, you have a P85 that you will enjoy until the higher capacity battery arrives with even more features. Battery technology improves 7% a year. Just by replacing existing cells with new ones Tesla Model S will have higher battery capacity. There is no need for the Gigafactory for such a change. Panasonic's consumer batteries already have higher capacity than those in 2012.

Higher capacity means more power (faster acceleration) and more energy (longer range). We don't know when the next battery will arrive but it will be something cool.

With two motors Tesla has improved everything. Faster acceleration, higher top speed and longer range. They achieved the impossible. They will do the same with the new battery. I would expect higher capacity and lower weight at the same time. Both of these factors contribute to acceleration. Lower weight makes also handling better because the Model S is a heavy car as it is.

Tesla is innovating at such a speed, everything amazing they do fades away by the next thing. The P85D will look old fashioned by the time you are ready to buy your next Tesla.

However I want to add that a better release model for Tesla would be to have 2 or 3 fixed release dates per year. If the dates are fixed people would know when the next model comes and they could either decide to wait or not. The current model is not ideal because of the unclarity. If the dates were known you would blame yourself for not waiting. Because the dates are unknown Tesla is to blame.

Boukman | 10. Oktober 2014

It's very simple. Do some research to find out what you would like to have in your car. Decide what is the cut off point at which you would be happy with the car.
AWD is now done.
All wheel steering? in the pipe line...
4/5G? coming...
3 wheel drive ability? coming...
2.3 seconds to 60? coming...
500 miles range? coming...
Active suspension? software update... coming
Then wait for Tesla to come up with the model that satisfies all your requirements. Then buy it. Question is how long are you willing to wait? And will you ever be satisfied? | 10. Oktober 2014

@Joanna18 - I am sure you got the ability to upgrade in writing from them - so hold them to it :).

Seriously - ' the future there would be a way for me to benefit from them'. The future is here. The upgraded model came out last night and you can benefit from it by trading in the old and buying what you really want - so you can have it until the next upgrade and the cycle starts over...

johncrab | 10. Oktober 2014

While the announcement last night doesn't impact me in any way at all since I don't need to do 0-60 in 3.2 and I don't need or want AWD and I could not possibly care less about "autopilot", this was more ground-breaking news from Tesla by any standard.

This pretty much kills 4Matic which gets Mercedes about a $20k premium for a heavy, space-hogging, impossible to maintain and keep working system. Porsche sold theirs for performance and got about $50k for it. Again, loathsomely complex mechanical junk (IMO). Tesla came in with a far better take on AWD for $4k. Awesome! By operating this system electrically, they can do anything with it from driving in slush to claiming the world's fastest production car which even puts most exotics to shame. Well done and well played.

As for autopilot, it's stuff I would not use if I had it and I find it a little sad in one way to see Tesla joining the Germans in the race to slap on more electronic crap. That said, Tesla got it right by integrating these features at the system level rather than slapping on modules the way the Germans do. The idea of reading speed limit signs did make the 16 year old in me want to hang a "1" in front of the speed limit on a well patrolled piece of highway I know well.

If anything, I'm even more content with my Model S. I drove it 450 miles on $13.09 worth of electricity. I made the trip to Hermosillo yesterday for a fraction of the former cost and let me tell you, this car is turning heads here. This is no longer the sleepy Mexican town it once was. There is real money here today and a lot of nice cars on the road. It's just fun to have the nicest one.

David Trushin | 10. Oktober 2014

I don't have awd, driver assist, leather headliner, or even parking sensors on my model s. But then, i've been driving my model s for two years now, enjoying it immensely and not buying over 1000 gallons of gas.

carlk | 10. Oktober 2014

I wouldn't worry about it. There will always be more improvement next year and year after that. People who bought the "D" models in the next few month will feel the same way as you do in another year or two. Just trade in for a new one by the time when you think there are enough of the new things that make it worthwhile to trade. In the mean time your car is still as fantastic as the day you took delivery. And what a fantastic car you're driving.

BrassGuy | 10. Oktober 2014

Tesla can't really warn about any of these changes. How early a warning would be appropriate? There has to be a cutoff sometime, and there will always be someone who missed it by a day. Any warning they give will stifle orders at least somewhat.

I've had my green S85 (otherwise "stripped") for a little over a year. If I ordered today I'd get the same thing with D, and it'd cost exactly the same +$4k. Sure I wish I could, but I'm not trading now, absolutely out of the budget. I've had a great year with it and no regrets.

As for retrofit of sensors, it would probably mean harness replacements throughout the car; so quite possible a complete tear-down and rebuild. Just get another car.

There's always something better around the corner. It's no help to dwell on it. Enjoy the car you have.

Jonathan C. | 10. Oktober 2014

I can really understand your disappointment. Is not about technology changes, is about trust. And the worse part about this is that the most disappointed customer will be the top end ones. Because if you buy a base S60 with a tech package you’ll be happy with the upgrade or be ok if you miss it. But if you buy a maxed out P85+ to make a statement you get punished pretty badly. I can understand that Tesla doesn’t want to have a hole before releases (that append when everybody want to wait for the next model) but this is not really nice. People need some consistency, especially with such price tag.
You have all my understanding, maybe Tesla will realize the mistake and give you some trade of, like give you the opportunity to wait for a new model without losing money (just time). I’m pretty positive, Tesla can sell yours in 2 minutes with a discount.