Delivery in 10 hours, how am I supposed to sleep?!

Delivery in 10 hours, how am I supposed to sleep?!


nickjhowe | 02. Juli 2013

read my Model S delivery checklist - there's enough there to put you to sleep. :-)

Enjoy your Tesla grin!

Reilly McHugh | 02. Juli 2013

@Nick I've already memorized it! Thanks for keeping it up to date, I know I really appreciate having it!

ORWA | 02. Juli 2013

I took Benadryl several nights leading up to delivery...

Reilly McHugh | 02. Juli 2013

lol @orwa i think i will be taking a few melatonin to help me

negarholger | 02. Juli 2013

No drugs.
And remember if you do not sleep now your are doomed to sleep through the best first ride of your life.

akikiki | 02. Juli 2013

nickjhowe, GREAT answer. Funniest thing I have read all week.

Reilly, Since you already know the checklist, just go stand by their door and wait on them. That will teach them to keep you waiting.

gill_sans | 02. Juli 2013

@nickjhowe Whoa, thanks for that incredible checklist!

J.T. | 03. Juli 2013

@nickhjhowe read my Model S delivery checklist - there's enough there to put you to sleep. :-)

Thanks for the laugh.

Velo1 | 03. Juli 2013

I could not sleep the night after delivery. At 5:00 a.m. the next day, I was out of bed and heading to the garage to go for a drive. the excitement never gets old.

KOL2000 | 03. Juli 2013

Ambien is what I did. Wanted to be fresh to enjoy that day!!!

Reilly McHugh | 03. Juli 2013

Haha I had a great delivery in Bellevue this morning. Everything was ready to go and super quick. No issues with the car! Can't stop smiling!!! I just fell in love

AmpedRealtor | 03. Juli 2013

@ Reilly McHugh, can you make any comments on build quality?

Reilly McHugh | 03. Juli 2013

@Amped Everything looks great, drives amazing. Already sold one :) no issues that I have seen reported on here with my car yet. Looked like 5 or 6 other cars were ready to go out. Vin P14061

gasnomo | 03. Juli 2013

very curious about build quality too...numerous threads suggesting vastly improved over early VINs (I'm P045xx). Everything from spacing between doors/trunk/frunk/headliner/lights, etc, etc. Has there been any change in the location of the weather stripping in the frunk/trunk i wonder as those areas seem to collect water because the lining isn't up against the edge of each piece...any insight here would be very interesting...

gasnomo | 03. Juli 2013

Oh, and congrats on the delivery :), enjoy!

ian | 03. Juli 2013

Are you on the Eastside? If so another good tint place is Accutint in Bellevue. They're just East of Barrier Porsche.

Congrats on the delivery!


Reilly McHugh | 03. Juli 2013

Wormhole, I am not that familiar with the earlier models but I went thru with a fine tooth comb and couldn't find anything anybody had previously mentioned on the forums. I do have 21"s tho so I will be interested in the wear pattern but am not too concerned about that. I couldn't be happier. Thanks to tesla for a great car.

@goneskiian I am in Seattle but don't mind the long drive to Bellevue now!!! Ill check it out too, although I kind of like the non tinted look and I've always had dark windows...tbd

@amped all my clients have loved the car. so far 2 are going to try to buy loaners. I really need to buy some stock after seeing the response this car gets!

Let me know if I can answer any questions. My average energy consumption is 530whm lol I'm charging now!

P.s written on phone (sorry for typos/grammar)

Mathew98 | 03. Juli 2013

Hey Reilly, I was averaging 600 wh/m during my first week with da mistress (MC red).

Now that I've settled a bit and it is down to around 450's.

Give it time and you'll me more efficient (or not)...

olanmills | 03. Juli 2013

I'm also in the Puget Sound area and I can generally keep it at just under 300 Wh/mi (sometimes even better) for a day's worth of driving, and that still includes a bit of spirited driving now and then.

So unless you just like doing that all the time, I think you'll be able to reign it in after the initial honeymoon period.

Colasec | 03. Juli 2013

Yay - congrats Reilly! It's great to hear that you had a flawless delivery. Have fun with your new baby. :)

Reilly McHugh | 04. Juli 2013

All I want to do is drive!!

HenryT2 | 04. Juli 2013


I've had my car for about a month. I was a virtual recluse. I didn't like driving much, and driving for little errands was the last thing on my mind.

I find an excuse to drive around every day. It's still a joy. It's somehow more like an amusement park ride that gets you to the grocery store.

ppape | 04. Juli 2013

We understand Henry!

My husband has ran more errands for me in the last 2 months (since delivery) than he has in 21 years of marriage! Truly!
He called me from work yesterday close to lunch time asking if I've picked up our son yet? Not yet, I reply. I'll get him, he says. He drives 14 miles to pick him up, another 18 miles to bring him home and 4 miles back to work. He is bummed he only has a 4 mile commute to work every day.

I'll have some errands this morning as we prepare for family to come over and BBQ and I know I won't hear one word of resistance. :-))

It's fabulous! Tesla where have you been all my life?? I'm at home grinning and I'm not even in the car!

Lovin it!
Jackie :-)

NICE | 04. Juli 2013

Reilly, Congrats on the delivery of your new baby! Sounds like you're not getting any sleep AFTER either ;)

JAFIC | 04. Juli 2013

Model S....improving marriages and the enviroment and other. XD

Brian H | 04. Juli 2013

Hilarious and great, simultaneously! Tesla turns husbands into on-demand pick-up and delivery services. Elon should mention that in passing in an interview or two. ;)

Maybe he's keeping an eye out for more distant employment! The universe is topsy-turvy.

rein, not reign. Think horses, not kings.

Colasec | 05. Juli 2013

I love this thread. My #1 frustration with my current car - an F-150 - is that it's such a pain to do errands. I actively avoid them and dread doing them. It's just such a hassle to park and navigate shopping centers. It's very heartening to hear that soon that feeling might be reversed. :)