Delivery Button Error?

Delivery Button Error?

Has anyone else notice a recent appearance of the Delivery Button a second time. My Delivery Button was clicked a week ago, survey was completed and afterwards the button disappeared. I noticed this evening that the Delivery Button has appeared again but has no function. Perhaps a bug?

mika_ | 02. Januar 2013

Same here, not sure what the deal is but I'm guessing its a bug.

sidney_wang | 02. Januar 2013

Same thing happened to me too.

Darmok | 02. Januar 2013

It's nothing. See recent posts on 60 kwh thread.

Desai | 02. Januar 2013

I have yet to get my Delivery Button to show up for the first time and you guys have it for a second time - Hah! I can't wait. P8460 here - hopefully will see it within few weeks.

bobinfla | 03. Januar 2013

Happened to me too. I had done the process so long ago (Dec 8th), and so quickly (probably didn't live on my screen more than 30 seconds), that I'd forgotten even seeing that button before, so I was disconcerted when it wouldn't do anything.

dashrb | 03. Januar 2013

You get a Model S each time you push the button, like a vending machine. I now have 8 of them in my driveway. :-)

Brian H | 03. Januar 2013

How did you arrange that $750,000 financing?

nickjhowe | 03. Januar 2013

I took delivery today and I've NEVER had a delivery button. My Tesla page still says "the factory is building your car". My car left the factory sometime around Dec 16th. Go figure.

brijam | 03. Januar 2013

Same issue here; filled out the info when I saw the first Delivery button then it came back again a few days later. I just confirmed with a delivery specialist that Tesla does indeed have the information from my first time around, so I'm not worried about it any more.

Desai | 03. Januar 2013

Can someone take a screen shot so I can see where the Deliver button should show up when it is my turn?

brijam | 03. Januar 2013
Desai | 03. Januar 2013

@brijam: Thanks! Now I know that it will show up right next to the Design button. Much appreciated.

Brian H | 04. Januar 2013

Design and ye shall receive. Eventually.


jackhub | 04. Januar 2013

My car is due here any day- all paper work, etc complete, and I have never had a delivery button on my garage page.