"design your car" changes to "view design"

"design your car" changes to "view design"

Does this mean my configuration is now frozen? I hope so, as I did email acceptance of my configuration (S1199) but have not received any MVPA paperwork yet. Anybody else noticed this change in their "my garage"?

DallasTxModelS | 03. Juli 2012

Mine still says design. I'm P8064. Congratulations. I still have about 8 months to go.

jd3tm | 03. Juli 2012


once your order has been accepted, your "Garage Design" looks like what your ordered AND apparently, you can't change it!

I am changing my wheel selection and can't actually change my "Garage Design".

S 692

Slindell | 03. Juli 2012

My order is accepted, and my "View Design" is not what I ordered. I would not worry about what is on this web site, but what is on the form you signed.

BYT | 04. Juli 2012

@jd3tm, what did you change on wheel design and why? I like these questions, helps me think about mine... :)

Mel. | 04. Juli 2012

Slidell, just change your design to the options you ordered...

Slindell | 04. Juli 2012

Mel: I have no ability to change the design of what's in "My Garage." I do have the correct version in my "Saved Designs".

David70 | 04. Juli 2012

I don't see a save option after doing a new design.

Mel. | 06. Juli 2012

David70, the save button is between name your car and load.. Slidell, you cannot go to my design you need to do a completely new design in the design studio

pilotSteve | 06. Juli 2012

My status changed four days ago to (something like) "your paperwork is completed and you will receive it in one business day"! Uhhh, no email, no fed ex....

So I call again today and a configuration specialist said "we are transitioning from a manual system to a completely automated one of the web, and its not fully working yet". So she said would email me the MVPA to sign and return.

Also I asked "How many cars have been delivered since the event?" and she answered without hesitation "10 cars".

Her estimate for my Sig1199 as of today is "mid October".

jd3tm | 06. Juli 2012


I went from Dark Perf 21" wheels to the Bright 21" wheels after seeing both at the Fremont event.

The Dark Perf wheels on the cars at the Fremont event were MUCH DARKER than the one on display at the Santana Row Showroom! Also, I found out that the Dark wheels are powder coating or some other applied process that, when chipped or scratched, will require special touch-up! The Bright ones won't!


BYT | 06. Juli 2012

Very good to know! Thanks jd! I see myself chipping the dark ones as well.

Brian H | 06. Juli 2012

Hopkins: "Praise be to God for dappled things!" Look on the chips as proof of experience.

mvbf | 06. Juli 2012

Brian, that sounds like a "rationalizing your purchase decision" if I have heard one, but it made me laugh none the less.

Brian H | 07. Juli 2012

It's a wonderful poem. But I misquoted the first line!

Larry Chanin | 08. Juli 2012


Does this mean my configuration is now frozen? I hope so, as I did email acceptance of my configuration (S1199) but have not received any MVPA paperwork yet. Anybody else noticed this change in their "my garage"?

I am Signature Performance #1232. I confirmed my configuration on June 29, but like you I am still waiting for the Motor Vehicle Purchase Agreement. After a week I emailed my Product Specialist, asking about the delay, but I have not received a response. I'll call on Monday if I don't hear from Tesla.

Before I finalized my configuration, I deleted all configurations in the Design Studio except the one that I had finally decided upon. So My Garage shows that single configuration and shows a Signature Performance selection and my Signature reservation number. It also shows a "Design" and "Finalize" button, so I assume I could change the design as far as the Design Studio is concerned.


pilotSteve | 08. Juli 2012

no email yet even though it was promised. Maybe Monday? Tuesday? Wednesday? ..... come on Tesla, keep your promises please!

Brian H | 08. Juli 2012

The sales accountants are overwhelmed trying to keep up with confirmations! Oh, noes ...

Larry Chanin | 09. Juli 2012

I called my Product Specialist this morning round 11:30AM EST. He instructed me to go to My Tesla and select the "Finalize" button. I followed the step-by-step process and I was informed electronically that my paperwork was being processed. By 2:30PM EST I received the electronic MVPA. At 4:00PM EST I reviewed it and electronically signed in and sent it back to Tesla.

October Delivery for S-1232.


BYT | 09. Juli 2012

Fantastic! Congrats Larry!

Larry Chanin | 09. Juli 2012

Thanks Ben

vibaby | 08. Juni 2013

In Design Studio I see an Order button, but no Save Design button. Do I need to order a car to save my design?