Designing my Model S - Questions

Designing my Model S - Questions

I'm currently trying to decide whether some of these options are worth it?

1. 21 inch wheels over 19 inch - I prefer the 21 inch, but was told by the Tesla Rep that the 21 inch tires are not good in snow. I don't want to have to change to snow tires each year, I live in Columbus OH and would like comments on this.

2. Paint Armor - how it looks?, will it survive the car wash?, will it yellow with time?

Thank you


podoffice | 18. Juni 2013

21 inch tires do look better and perform better in warm dry pavement. However, they provide a rougher ride, more expensive, worse performance in snow or wet weather and less miles per charge.

jeffaa | 18. Juni 2013

1. I opted for the 19's due to budget reasons. I don't regret it. Yes, the 21's look amazing, but I've read they're easy to scrape, lots of curb rash around the forums. Also, replacement tires are very expensive due to size. I would say they are definitely a bad idea in the snow. Even my 19's will get swapped for snow tires (Denver here). Or I might get a dedicated set of winter wheels/tires, then I can do the swap at home.

2. Most people get their own paint armor done by a local professional shop. They will probably do a better job, with more coverage, and maybe for less cash.

emoflash | 18. Juni 2013

Does the Model S come with a spare tire anywhere? I don't remember seeing one when I ordered at the storefront.

markapeterman | 18. Juni 2013

No spare - can purchase a fix-a-flat kit

MandL | 18. Juni 2013

I have both 21s and 19s. Even in the non-event winter we had here in Baltimore the stock all-season tires on the 19s are pretty bad in snowy conditions. The 21s are awesome in rain, and I don't notice any rougher ride. In fact, in the past many on the forums felt the 21s had a smoother ride. They are definitely more prone to curb rash, but the 19s are still vulnerable to that too.

If you are likely to have to deal with driving in winter weather you've got to get a set of 19s with winter tires (nobody makes a winter tire that will fit the 21s). Not sure how much more it costs to have just the winter tires and swap them on the rims vs. having a second set of rims with tires already mounted, but if you can afford it I recommend getting the 21s and a spare set of 19s with winter tires.

irishstoutaz | 18. Juni 2013

After siing the paint armor done by the factory(?) on our MS, we decided to have it pulled off and redone by our tint installer (they installed SunTek). The factory hood piece had already started to peel off in a couple small parts at the front. It also is not as smooth as other PPF. Skip that option and do it aftermarket.

irishstoutaz | 18. Juni 2013

(siing) = seeing... :)