Did Tesla lose any sales with the price increases?

Did Tesla lose any sales with the price increases?

I have been waiting to pull the trigger but like many, was waiting for the parking sensors and a few other things. This morning I felt like someone slapped me in the face because everything I wanted went up in price in a very significant way. It made a huge change for me personally. $1,500 for a pano roof seemed reasonable - now $2,500. I like XM radio and for $950, that was basically ok. Now $2,500 to get XM? $650 more to not get that piano black interior finish? Decent tires? "That will be another $1,000 please!". The list goes on and on... This may be the straw that broke the camel's back for me. I want a MS, but this is just getting too rich for my blood. If I get a stripped down car it's expensive and I have stripped down car. If I get what I want, it's the car I want but now for a grossly inflated price. I think I may be forgetting about the MS permanently as a result. It's the reason I never bought a BMW: Every little extra you want is not reasonably's grossly overpriced. I wonder if anyone else was as turned off by this new cost structure as I am right now?

TommyBoy | 03. August 2013

I wonder if Tesla would offer a one-week grace period how many people would place an order immediately versus with the new pricing.

Sadly, I'd stick with today's pricing. I like the parking sensors and my wife doesn't want leather in our vehicle. If I don't get the stereo or the panoramic roof (was on the fence on both of them) I actually come out a little ahead with a la carte pricing.

napacab | 03. August 2013

I understand your frustration, but even with the price increase it is not a "grossly inflated price".

Frankly the car is still a bargain.

To compare it to anything else on the road is difficult, and futile.
The MS is a superior car in every way.

Driving one on a daily basis you soon find a waning attraction to anything else on the road.

I was at a dinner party on Friday, the guest of honor drives, among other cars, an Aston DBS and a Mercedes SLS. All he wanted to talk about was the MS and how great it was. His wife went for a test drive with us and green lighted ordering one. He is thrilled.

I guarantee that after owning the car for six months his "super cars" will be gathering dust.

43north | 03. August 2013

I am sad to say that I cancelled an order today I had on hold waiting for the new options. The price increase, $5650 for my configuration, pushes me over what I am willing to spend. I rolled the dice waiting for the new options and lost.

I don't really like how this was handled. I had to make a decision last week to confirm or not without having all the information I needed to make that decision.

NomoDinos | 03. August 2013

I'm not a huge fan of how this was handled, either, but I understand why they didn't want to broadly announce (for people like us who wait for the new stuff to come out.)

I am likely going to cancel my current build and then bend over for the wallet biopsy. My wife also really wants the parking sensors.

AmpedRealtor | 03. August 2013

@ stvt - How far along were you in the ordering process? If you had reserved, did the pricing in your order change? Were you assigned a delivery specialist? I'm just wondering if you could reach out to Tesla and ask them to honor the previous pricing?

I thought I read in another thread that some customers received emails from Tesla warning that orders had to be finalized (or something to that effect) prior to August 1st, otherwise they would be subject to future price changes. I vaguely remember someone writing about that. If true, that's a pretty clear sign of impending price increases.

Sr. DS reached to me today in response to my inquiry last week about parking sensors. They said my vehicle is early in production and I could get any of the new options, subject to today's vehicle pricing. Since I was really only interested in the parking sensors and fog lights - both of which could probably be retrofitted for less than the additional $8,500 overall vehicle cost - I opted to keep my order the same. She was able to sneak my CF spoiler back onto my order after confirming that all spoilers being attached to vehicles are the new design. I'm okay with the look if it increases the value of the vehicle, in my case it won't add any cost because it was included in the P upgrade. Woot!

icecold | 03. August 2013

@ napacab
You said, "Frankly the car is still a bargain.

To compare it to anything else on the road is difficult, and futile.
The MS is a superior car in every way."

I respectfully disagree. The MS is NOT a superior car in every way, it is superior in the way it looks, the novel 17" display and the fact that it is an all electric car. Can you think of anything else that makes it so "superior"? Certainly not the interior fit and finish, for example. I got into my Lexus 2013 GS450h after an MS test drive and it was not even in the same league even though they both cost the same. Unfortunately, the latest thing it is superior at is commanding a superior price which I think is quickly becoming unjustified. Let's be honest and objective for a moment: if you put an all electric drive-train in any $100k car, would it not meet or exceed the expectations you have from MS??

unclegeek | 03. August 2013

@stvt Sorry dude.. I don't believe you had an order in.. if you had, you would know that you could stick with the old pricing and your old configuration.. you only get hit with the new pricing if opt for new features. (smells like troll in here)

43north | 03. August 2013

@unclegeek Reread my post. Order on hold. I received an email 2 weeks ago saying I had until Aug 1 to confirm or be subject to new unknown pricing. I wanted one of new options and decided to wait.

Your troll detector needs recalibration :-)

CoreyM | 03. August 2013

Based on stvt's posts in other threads, I really don't think they're trolling.

I'm in a somewhat similar position and put my order in on 7/31 after hearing rumors of the options and increased pricing. I called and got confirmation that I can either keep my old configuration and pricing or if I want any new options (i.e. parking sensors) I'm subject to the new pricing just like everyone else. At least I have the choice to make and another week and a half to decide just how badly I really want those sensors...

unclegeek | 03. August 2013

@stvt.. T.D. calibration has been re-certified.. my bad. I didn't know if you put an order on hold past the original lock-down date that you lose the ability to freeze your pricing. My DS indicated I could put mine on hold but didn't say what the drawbacks were.. as it is, mine is scheduled for commit on Tuesday so I still can lock my original config at the old prices or opt for new features and jump on the new price bandwagon. Apologies extended.

BGYWGY | 03. August 2013

I can see the frustration as the price runs up, but I have to say a few percentage point increase does not sound all that abusive. I also find it hard to believe that a few thousand dollars really changes the math on a +$100k car. If this purchase was based on math I don't think the old price is defensible. This is about a high performance extremely high quality, amazingly engineered, just plain cool car that we are all thrilled to own and show off. That it is electric makes it an unbelievable story that allow us to have our cake and eat it too. For me at least, the price was a non-issue, at least at the margins. Double the cost I would not be buying. Half the cost and it couldn't be so amazing, today. A couple percent one way or the other, irrelevant.

AlMc | 03. August 2013

TM will probably lose some sales from the price increase as all companies do when they raise the price of any commodity. However, I suspect they have figured these loses into their calculations with the result being an increase in net revenue.

There have been several price increases over the last year. Some come with improvements/upgrades while others have been merely to keep the company profitable.

I have been fortunate to own several cars at/near the cost of an MS. I feel it is a value for the money and better for the environment than our ICE vehicles.

It will not meet everyone's price point or expectations. For those of you hanging in their with the price increases you will end up with a great vehicle and in 3-6 months see you got it for a relatively good price when the next round of price increases comes along.

TommyBoy | 03. August 2013

The other issue is that now that there are so many options it's going to make people want to check them out at the stores.

For example, I have never ridden in a non-performance car without the sunroof and with textile seats. So now before placing my 100K order I'd like to see what I'm getting rather than show up at the Service Center to pick up my brand new car and see this flimsy plastic dashboard and go "What on Earth have I done!!!!!!"

People are going to want to hear the stereo again if it's been revamped. They're going to want to see the new aero wheels. Ride on the new lower-resistance tires.

And all of these options won't be available at all Service Centers so it's going to take time. And time is not what Tesla needs right now. They need orders.

icecold | 03. August 2013


I'm not sure why you think the increase is only a "few percentage points". For some like me, the difference is 8%. That is not a trivial increase in 24 hours time...especially on a $100k+ car.

rdalcanto | 03. August 2013

If I were to order the car I got in June today, it would be around a 9% price increase. That is more than a "few." However, you can still get a pretty nice car at the old price. It just won't have some of the interior touches that the rest of us got for free. New customers that come Tesla won't know about the price increases, and probably won't care. It is the few people on the forum that were on the fence waiting that have been upset by the change. Those of us that already have cars, just saw our resale values go up close to 10%.

TommyBoy | 03. August 2013

An 8K difference on a 72 month loan is another $111 per month + interest.

That's around $30 a week which is two 12-packs of Fat Tire. So if you ordered yesterday you could have had three Fat Tires each and every day for the next six years.

Not insignificant!

napacab | 03. August 2013

Enjoy your Lexus.

The beauty of having several choices of automobile manufactures is that no one will be forcing you to purchase any one brand. You are free to make your decision based on a cost benefit analysis.

However, I cant help but refute your assertion that the MS is only superior in the way it looks and in the 17" display.
You are right, the car looks great.
And the 17" display is an improvement compared to any other infotainment system (like the POS iDrive in my wife's X5).
Being all electric is wonderful, too, but that alone does not make it superior.
Our business owns a fleet of vehicles that includes the Nissan Leaf, they too are all electric, but are in no way a superior car.
I consider Nissans effort a novelty and INFERIOR to many ICE cars, even comparable economy cars.

The design and engineering teams at Tesla created an automobile that truly IS superior.

The Model S is superior in the way it DRIVES.

Nothing else is even close.

For grins today I will probably dust off the new 911 that I bought last year.
It has been driven maybe 1000 miles since my MS was delivered.
This is not a coincidence.

The 911 is the culmination of 50 years of superb engineering by Germany's best.
They have improved this car incrementally each of the last 50 years.
It is a glorious car, and Porsche has garnered a "few" awards for their efforts.
Even so, it is nowhere near as fun to drive as Tesla's "second" effort.
I commend the team at Tesla and am in awe of that they have created in such a short amount of time.

To think that adding an electric power train to an existing platform would create something comparable to the MS is ridiculous.

Its not that simple.

BGYWGY | 03. August 2013

@napacab: agree wholeheartedly. This car is more than just the sum of various stats.

My post on the increase was I tended to say the same about the value. It is also more than a math based exercise for value. Value is subjective for many of us and my point was simy that I do t think even 10% materially changes that for the majority of buyers. And that seems to be the price elasticity calculation that tesla has done. I suspect they got it right. @Tommyboy, at this point orders are not the problem. Any good business is going to focus on finding that point that balances supply and demand and the backlog would indicate they don't have it right yet. If they overshoot, things will adjust again.

icecold | 03. August 2013


As I said before (and I genuinely mean it), I respect your opinion but disagree. I drove the MS twice and on different roads, both the P85 and 60, with active suspension and without. I am not as knowledgeable as current owners and you are obviously/rightfully enamored with it. But the handling in my GS450h with active suspension is as good or better than the MS. The interior fit and finish is world's better in the Lexus. The Lexus also has a heads-up display, "hold" button for when sitting at a light, ventilated seats, lane-departure warning, adaptive cruise control, night vision and a few other bells and whistles. It also has the second largest screen in the industry (after the MS). Try driving a GS: it is an extremely fun and engaging car to drive. It is not your father's Lexus. It also is not bad looking either.

Anyhow, I'm not saying I don't want a MS or that it's not a great car, but if you put a an all-electric drive in my GS, it would be a superior car (in my humble opinion). And, incidentally, the fully loaded GS hybrid is still about $30k less than the fully loaded non-P 85. I am not poo-pooing the MS, by the way. I want one badly! I am just very disenchanted by what just happened here with the pricing and I don't feel that it's justified.

Firewired | 03. August 2013

I understand that putting more options would make sense to be able to charge more for each one. On the other hand another way to look at it, is that most manufacturers over time include more things into a package for the same price as a way of continuing to entice buyers / of get people to upgrade to the new model. In this case they have broken up things that were previously included in the previous package, in addtion to several new options and charged more for most things. It seems manufacturers can always make a choice to have higher volume or higher margins. In this case it seems that their choice was clear to go for the maximum margins.

I have been riding out my current lease waiting to put my order in. This hasn't changed my plans. (I'll have to really think if I wan't that carbon fiber spoiler or interior now though.)

Mike C | 03. August 2013

@icecold, I suppose you're right that if they could make the GS all-electric that it might be as good as a Model S. The thing is, they aren't able to do that now, it doesn't seem like they'll be able to do it anytime soon, and if they could the car would be much more expensive than it is now. No question other luxury cars have more bells and whistles, but the Tesla battery pack and drivetrain are what make the Model S incomparable.

TommyBoy | 03. August 2013

Not to get into a whole off-topic subject here but my wife and I test drove everything out there the past three months.

We just hated the Lexus LS460 mainly because of lag in producing power. I've never seen my wife just stop a test drive in the middle and say "this isn't for me and I wouldn't purchase one". The sales rep asked her why and she said the accelerator pedal is mushy and there is a delay in producing power. We stopped and I took over and she was totally right.

The Audi A8L was beautiful inside and the seats were awesome. We had a 30 minute test drive and an hour inside the car going through the systems. The gas mileage wasn't great and there were literally like 4 cars to choose from in Southern California so we would have to custom order and wait three months. Options were expensive. Very expensive and the car we wanted was over $120K.

The BMW750Li was our favorite of the bunch. Pretty great throttle response time, comfy inside, lots of bells and whistles (the large, heavy front doors will stay fixed no matter where you leave them - even on an incline) and was priced at around $105K the way we wanted it. We were within a day of ordering one when we decided to test drive the Tesla.

Yeah, the interior wasn't that great. Seats weren't that comfortable. Interior storage space was minimal. But then we drove it. We could not beleive the acceleration! It knocked us back. My kid and I were in the backseat when my wife drove and we were laughing and my wife was having so much fun. She hit 72mph on a 45mph UPHILL road when we all yelled at her to dial it back a bit! Had there been a cop waiting on the other side we were dead meat. We both thought about that test drive for days after and agreed that was the only car that was FUN. That we loved to drive. That we WANTED to drive.

So that's Tesla for us. Ok, it's 5K more now. Still the same car.

icecold | 03. August 2013

@Mike C
You are absolutely right about everything you said. My original argument though was that the MS in not "superior in every way" and that it's superiority rests mostly with the all-electric drive-train plus it is a very nice performing car. My frustration has been with the fact that they essentially jacked up the price 10% overnight without really adding any new innovations or anything superior to other luxury cars. I am mostly venting ;)

icecold | 03. August 2013

@ TommyBoy
Thanks for the story, it was funny to read. I will point out that the LS460 is a completely different class of car though and can't be compared to an MS. You take your CEO to the airport in the LS and your buddy for a joy ride in the MS.

herkimer | 03. August 2013

+1 napacab

For those regretting the price increase on options, you are always free to get another car, of course.

You can cancel your order. Problem is where are you going to go to get anything comparable to THIS car. Only Tesla makes a Model S, and there is no other car like it. The engineering and design in this car is revolutionary, and unique. Model S creates its own category of performance electric car: the drive and responsiveness are unlike any gasoline powered car. Also the maintenance and fueling costs will be much less over 10 years. (That is the real "hidden" cost of all gas cars. Plus, it's gas.)

The price for a base model 60 or 85kWh is virtually the same, while the P85 now has a reduced price in its new base config.

Only the options have changed and prices have increased substantially for some of them.

The car itself is still within reach to the same people willing to reach for it. Remember that, even without being fully loaded up with all the options, the Model S is still a wonderful car to own and to drive. Even a base model, configured with no added options, is truly a revolutionary automobile with unique and superior safety, handling, and response characteristics.

There are still many gas cars to chose from, and most of them are cheaper. But they don't have what Model S has, that is the long and the short of it.

Price increase on options is not going to reduce sales much, if at all, imho. Might reduce sales of the options themselves, at least for awhile, but somehow I think it wont be long before this is the "new normal."

In some ways, this was quite an effective price raise, because it left the base prices essentially intact, gave the buyer more options, and the company more profit margin.

jjaeger | 03. August 2013

@icecold - interesting, my CEO just turned in his Jag and went w/ the MS as his daily driver. Believe his quote is "in 20 years every car will be like this". Not sure I buy into the buddy argument, but am fine with to each his own.

Captain_Zap | 03. August 2013

+1 napacab

Docrob | 03. August 2013

Icecold, it is abundantly clear from your comments that you would be better buying a Lexus, I hope you enjoy it. I disagree with many things you have posted, however the one I will pick you up on is the objection to $2,500 for the Pano, $1,500 for the Pano was an absolutely staggering low price for that item.

ian | 03. August 2013

+1 napacab and imherkimer

david.cheney | 04. August 2013

Where were price increases announced? I've not seen them .. and the web site pretty much hides the prices .. and a google search of recent Tesla news does not show them .. hmmm.

bradslee | 04. August 2013


It is a brilliant move by TM that they did not officially announce the price increase but instead re-structure the options with price changes or pricing individual items. Overall, new buyers have to pay a bit more than what were paid by early buyers which is absolutely fair.

MS is in high demand with a desirable branding. In addition to improve the weekly production rate, TM will do whatever they can to meet the 25% profit margin goal as quickly as possible. Increasing the price on a highly demanded and constantly improved product is nothing wrong.

For anyone who is still on the sideline waiting to get a MS, I would say "Sooner the Better" and you will never regret to get MS as soon as possible.

Code4Ever | 04. August 2013

To the topic of the thread, I definitely changed my mind on buying the car. The thing I don't like is that they remind of the same silly practices Mercedes does with charging for every little thing.

Charging 1500 for the carbon fiber spoiler , and then raising the roof by 1000, charging 2500 even for those that are getting a glass roof ... they all seem cheap and a poor practice.

I had been going back and forth between and Lexus LS, Tesla S , and a Porshe. After going for a test drive the LS had the most comfortable interior of the 3 and the quietist , the Porshe had insanely better leather at the same price point.

The list I had made up and now is skewed by the increased pricing was:
1. I actually need the parking sensors for a very tight garage, and the Lexus had sensors all around the car. The ones in the Tesla seem to be 4 point ones and not as good.

2. Fuel savings / Time Savings : Not sure. There are quite a few notes where people didn't have much of a difference between the costs of oil and electricity - which I was surprised on. I was really attracted to never going to a slimy gas station again but plugging in the car every night seems just as annoying if the car is eating power every night. If I only had to do it once a week that would be cool.

3. Environment , not sure again that the batteries are any better net net than a traditional car.

4. The acceleration in the Tesla was the most addictive thing I ever experienced in a car, but I will be doing that 2 or 3 times a a day for 5 seconds. Not sure this

5. Steering wheel on the Tesla was ok but that turn switches are terrible, I kept pulling the wrong lever.

6. The missing console and lack of cup holders in the back and dry cleaning hook, are all small things but for every day family use they become a big deal. When you look at all the special features in the Lexus for the trunk , holders, THERE IS FREAKIN RECLINING CHAIR - FRIDGE - and SHIATSU massager at the same price point for the people in the back in the Lexus.

7. 10 Years I need to pay another 10K to buy a new battery

8. The facility I visited for repairs of the tesla is never going to be able to handle more than 15 cars at a time and I have doubts about that. Reading some of the support stories here are kind of scary. If I compare that to our local lexus dealer they are fast , clean , and look like they could handle 100's of cars. I know the Tesla will be in the shop less but I am not sure how much less from reading the threads here.

So you look at this and more disparities and then add in the price increases and I am not sure it makes sense to buy the Tesla S because it is still a risk that they will be around in 5 years , where as I could buy the LS and sell it in 5 years for the S v3.

I love the S , but this was a boneheaded and cheap move to start charging for simple things overnight.

Docrob | 04. August 2013

Enjoy your Lexus too, why do people choosing a Lexus over a Model S feel the need to write such long winded posts on the Tesla forums about it? There are so many egregious misunderstanding of the Tesla in this comment thank goodness you have not decided to go with a Tesla because you clearly know very little about it.

defmonk | 04. August 2013

+1 docrob

As the VINs approach 20k, Telsa is probably pretty close to selling out its production. And, when I took a factory tour last week, the number of cars slated for export was notable. The export cars are more expensive than the US versions, thus it may be that Tesla's simply decided to optimize revenue by reducing demand for US cars and shifting that capacity to export cars.

justineet | 04. August 2013

@CodeForever.....geeze, nobody here wants to read a book or some lengthy chapter of a book. And good luck finding a premium car without similar pricing for optional features.........if you think you will find one, that is one boneheaded assumption :))

cloroxbb | 04. August 2013

"7. In 10 years need to pay 10K for another battery"

1. In 10 years, you will still have probably 80% capacity, and it will lose capacity even slower for the rest of its life.

2. Most people buy a new car in 10 years. Only having to buy a battery saves you from having to plop down another 15-50k on another car.

3. In 10 years you probably would have spent that much replacing things in an ICE over the years.

2050project | 04. August 2013


Re: #2 and #3, check out this site for some more accurate info that will specify more detail gas-savings/environmental benefits:

Re: #4, driving at light speed - you'll do it more, it's just so fun :)

Re: #6, lots of aftermarket options for consoles, etc. (i.e.

Re: #1, aftermarket shops do parking sensors + other great mods:

Overall, if the price hike is bothersome, remember you save money, the planet, get creative (w/ aftermarket options outside of Tesla) and gain some peace of mind and smiles when passing other vehicles at light speed :)

Newampster | 04. August 2013

Whine, whine whine. Isn't this the time when all others introduce the "new and improved" 2014 models? Isn't that all about price increases? While I feel badly for anyone who is caught with a confirmed order that requires a price change, I cannot extend the same for procrastinators. If we simply want transportation, a 10 year old Toyota will adequately do that. If the price increase is enough to change a buying decision to a Lexus, BMW, etc., they are fine cars, enjoy. But the Model S is truly the car of the future. With the 3 year buy back guarantee, risk is reduced. But I would think most owners look at the MS as a long term deal. And the price increase helps the bottom line, which helps the wonderful stock increase. Aug 7 earnings announcement is coming soon.

skymaster | 04. August 2013

If you want a Tesla Model S (Best and safest car on earth), buy a Tesla Model S.

If you want to whine, please buy a ICE!!!

Volleyguy | 04. August 2013

I was just test driving the Tesla yesterday and all the talk was the price increases. It was a strange experience the test drive. The performance model is shockingly fast. I am only looking at the base 60 or base 80 so was not really affected by the price increase.

I for one am glad that they did raise the price on options if it was a choice over that or base model. What I can not understand with the negative talk is Tesla has only one car, right now. The companies whole cash flow for survival comes from just one model, yet people are ticked over price increases on frivolous options. That sun roof was crazy cheap. If Tesla is going to lose money on some things I do not want them losing money undercharging for sunroofs! They need to get as much revenue from that 1 model as possible. So load up those options charges on the wealthy!

The whole experience was VERY different than our current and former cars BMW 325ci and Mercedes e class. There was chaos almost in the store the staff were good but it felt somewhat like a cross between a clothing store sales people and Apple? (always a very calm demeanor at the Mercedes dealer)

The feeling is this is either this is the biggest thing ever (yet still some rough edges to the car as the one poster has commented several times on Lexus being better) or a flash in the pan?

What just blows me away is how everyone is talking about the increase in option pricing and not about the car! I am asking questions like how long is that electric motor going to last? How much would it cost to replace? How easy is the car to work on? What is the life expectancy? It could be CRAZY long! I am hoping the car will last the rest of my life! (only in late 40's) It is all aluminum so will it ever rust out?

No gas for the rest of one's life and people are spending tons of time on option prices???? You are never going to pay $10 a gallon with this car.

201w77 | 04. August 2013

I confirmed my order late July and my car was slotted for assembly Aug 17. TM gave me the option to keep my configuration (at past pricing) or reconfig my entire car at new pricing if I wanted to add parking sensors. I appreciated their flexibility as they didn't have to do this. I chose to add the parking sensors. In doing this, I made some additional changes. These changes happened to only be around the performance pkge. I changed from performance leather to standard leather (which I prefer more since I don't like the suade mixed w/ leather). This saved me $1,000. I also dropped the Active Air since I only got this as part of the P package and don't need it where I live -- (roads are fine). (Saved me $2,250.) I added pking sensors ($500) and rebuilt the entire car the same as I had originally done (inc. P pkg, pano roof, rear seats, twin chargers, tech pkg. wood matte dash, 19in wheels.). This new rebuild under current pricing net me an overall savings of $1,000 and allowed me to get parking sensors. I was very pleased based on my situation (and how impt. parking sensors were to us) but can see the frustration of others on this thread.

tobi_ger | 04. August 2013

You got no clue, do you? There is no comparable competition anywhere, not even on the horizon.

AmpedRealtor | 04. August 2013

@ nickniketown, you obviously don't want a Model S so why are you here?

tobi_ger | 04. August 2013

How silly to compare an i3 or B class to an MS. They are in totally different segments and have different capacities, so I don't see where you get the overpricing from. If you can't afford it, it's your problem.

Code4Ever | 04. August 2013

I get the negative responses for anyone disagreeing here is perceived as an enemy. It's not meant like that , the thread asked "Did Tesla Lose any sales ..." , if you don't want to hear an honest answer than maybe you should move on to another thread.

There is no comparable option now. I think the people who are still considering the car are weighing if that will be true in a year or two.

Tesla has partnered with others like toyota for the RAV4, and personally I could care less about the looks of the car. I believed in it for it's ability to basically free us from oil, but not to the point I will be blind. The next important feature was the time saving features and environmental impact and the WSJ article challenged that. The last things were cabin quality and last was the acceleration, I can't tell you the difference between 4.2s vs 5.2 vs 7s to get to 60, and that isn't even something I would be doing on a daily basis. The huge screen is awesome , but while driving I don't pay attention to it more than all the other crappy ones on the market.

I think those on the fence now are actually the customers that will take Tesla through it's next huge growth , just like any tech the first adapters are gone, now it is the next group that Tesla needs to sustain huge growth.

Also, as they build a company culture, things like this price increase and the manner that the price increases were released, if they had done a post and talked about cost increases or improved construction it would of been palatable. It just feels cheap the way it was done.

Now if there was App SDK for the Tesla that was official that let developers write apps for it, I would suspend every argument and buy the car because it would be more than a car at that point but even that is "sometime in the future"

JPPTM | 04. August 2013

Last time I checked, the USA is a free market economy (...well, mostly). There were no guarantees about future pricing, options, etc on the TM site. Yes, some folks likely have a decision to make about what is or is not important when building their Model S. I bought mine knowing that it did not have parking sensors (something I really wanted), and also was one of the folks who got trapped in the fog light conundrum (listed on the specs, part of my build list, but dropped in forward production without any $$ compensation). Now I will see how (and for how many $$) I can get parking sensors retrofit, and what might be done with the fog light issue. At the end of the day, people, we are talking about a car, a discretionary purchase (and not a trivial inexpensive one at that). If you find that a Lexus, or Toyota, or Mercedes etc meets your needs/wants/desires better, then buy it. Tesla did not hide anything, but they did rearrange pricing and options. For those of us who own/are interested in the S85, the price increase is modest. The big hit is for the P85 and 'full spec' cars.

FWIW, I have a background in engineering and physics, and am the unofficial CIO/CTO of my practice. The question I get asked all the time is: 'What is the best______ that I should buy?", with the blank usually filled in with smartphone, computer and the like. My stock answer is: "Next year's model'. Whatever you buy today will be obsoleted in a month or 2, twice as fast and good in 6 months, at half the cost. Don't get mad, just freeze the technology and appreciate what you have and what it does.

AmpedRealtor | 04. August 2013


Are you planning on cutting/pasting your message into more threads, or is this the last one? Saying it once is enough, you don't have to keep saying the same thing in every thread. Oy!

skymaster | 04. August 2013

OMG Nick keeps coming back. Kinda like a nasty inlaw!

JPPTM | 04. August 2013

Amped---you seem to be able to express your thoughts in a similar fashion across multiple posts, so I have no problem repeating my thoughts (with some appropriate edits). Take a big breath....and chill out.

AmpedRealtor | 04. August 2013

@ JPPTM, I'm just ribbing you - relax! :)