Does everyone who needs to switch out snow tires live within a reasonable distance to a Tesla Service Station?

Does everyone who needs to switch out snow tires live within a reasonable distance to a Tesla Service Station?

I'm looking for a solution, but I'm not coming up with one. It was officially posted on the bulletin board that if we switch a tire (flats or seasonal) we need to do so at a Tesla Service Center--rangers cannot do this. Being there is no service center yet in Boston--200+ miles, I would need to go to the NYC service center--300+ miles away. Round trip x twice a year, this is 1200 miles or 1/10 of the mileage allowed under the service contract. Added to that, this trip would take me two days to make--no superchargers yet, and it would cost a night's stay. I have been waiting for three years. I can't believe that changing tires is what is making this a deal-breaker. How are others planning to handle such a scenario? I can't be the only one with this dilemma. I am one of the 2% not within 100 miles, so maybe I am.

joesontesla | 30. November 2012

Same situation here usually i do it myself (just need torque spec). alignment requirement 2 times a year are also useless dont tell me that winter tires need differents geometry settings.

jat | 30. November 2012

It would cost more, but you could change the tires on the same rims (assuming you are using 19" rims - it wil probably be hard to get snow tires in 21"). | 30. November 2012

I would talk with the nearest service center. The last time I talked with my center (not far). They said that the tires/wheels could be changed at any local tire shop. They would need to program the new pressure sensors. I suspect they could work something out for you (seems like these days almost anything via computer can be done remotely). Every time I've talked with Tesla I've had an answer within 24 hours (if they did not know the answer on the spot).

Vawlkus | 03. Dezember 2012

Ranger it. Let Tesla work out the details of getting your car there, doing the job, then getting your car back to you. It's what the Ranger service is FOR afterall ;)

jpeterman | 03. Dezember 2012

Tesla has local tire shops in many of the bigger cities that do not have a service center. When I contacted Tesla about snow tires, they set me up with a local tire shop (Minneapolis) and handled everything directly with the shop.

rdewing | 03. Dezember 2012

I was at the Natick store this weekend and they said there was a Watertown service center (or is going to be very shortly?)... I don't have my car yet but worth checking in to.

ErikNorway | 03. Dezember 2012

Could this mean the process of putting a new tire on a rim, not just the tire change we do each winter and spring? I would imagine removing a few bolts wouldn't need a service center, but new rubber on a rim might.

I think my closest service center might be a 5 hour drive away, and I'm sure many other buyers live quite a distance from their center. I assume it is obvious to Tesla that asking customers to drive for 10 hours just to change tires is ridiculous.

Neige | 04. Dezember 2012

I was told a Watertown service center will be opening next year. I think they may have said March can't recall exactly.

jerry3 | 05. Dezember 2012

joesontesla -- just need torque spec

125 (170 n/m)