early access program?

early access program?

Today for the first time on the forum main page, I saw 3 extra items with the headline "early access program". No entries in there. What is that about?

Bradtc | 21. Oktober 2013

I saw those yesterday, but they don't show up any more. The 3 items specifically had the headings of Touchscreen, Iphone App, Android App, if memory serves me correctly. They all had nil for Threads and 0 for posts. They are gone now...

Olof | 21. Oktober 2013

Probably the program for early access to new software releases

DallasTXModelS | 21. Oktober 2013

Yep, they disappeared around 11:00 am. Maybe those will only be seen by beta testers similar to how the key topics are only visible to owners.

Brian H | 21. Oktober 2013

Instantly over-subscribed?

AmpedRealtor | 22. Oktober 2013

You can send an email to Ownership asking to be included in the early access program, however when I did that I was politely told that they have more than enough people on that list. Oh well. :(

bp | 23. Oktober 2013

I also inquired to Ownership.

I've done a lot of software beta testing - both professionally and personally - plus managed large software projects (from real-time to .com), including QA groups - so I'm experienced in providing quality feedback in reporting software problems and should be able to provide considerable help to Tesla's engineering team when trying to find and correct problems in new releases.

When I inquired about the early access program, the response I received was:

"Early Access" is a program designed by engineering to test software before releasing. To that end, they choose specific cars to test and therefore it's not open enrollment. They are looking for certain demographics and options.

J.T. | 23. Oktober 2013

It would seem they want to have a sampling of all configurations in all locations to roll out software.