Factory Service Manuals ?

Factory Service Manuals ?

I have a new Red P85 scheduled for delivery in May and since I am located in Oklahoma the nearest service center is hours away.
I am a National Field Engineer and would like to be able to trouble shoot minor problems without waiting days for a Tesla Ranger, better yet be trained to become a Ranger for Oklahoma support. I would sign any non-disclosure agreements necessary to get Factory Service Manuals.


MSNGIRL | 21. April 2013

I'm also interested.

Curmudgeon | 21. April 2013

I'm also interested. I am almost 300 miles from a service

Sudre_ | 21. April 2013

Oscar look here for potential jobs.

Litennn | 21. April 2013

Sudre_ I inquired months ago but no one replied


Litennn | 22. April 2013

Assumed there would be more interest in self diagnostics.

Phil-206L3 | 22. April 2013

As a Tesla Model S owner since last Oct. I sorely miss a good service manual. The one supplied with the car is an incomplete embarrassment to Tesla.

Litennn | 22. April 2013

I was informed by my DS that Factory Service Manuals are not available to the public.

Strange as I bought the first Lexus RX400 available in 2005 and was sold the factory service manuals at the same time I bought the car.

Oscar | 22. April 2013

I also wanted the manuals or at least a wiring diagram, but also was told they are not available to the public. I suspect it's a lot of factors:

1) It may be expensive to make and update a quality manual - so a good one may not even exist.

2) Perhaps it's only on-line and they haven't put is a system to allow public access (I've used the Lexus system, and obviously a lot of work went into the system. I love how it gives you a day's worth of on-line access for only $10).

3) All the service work is still under warranty, so the need is far less to date (but doesn't excuse after-market add-ins needs).

4) They may have concerns about users getting electrocuted and/or damaging the car. Then again you can blow up your ICE car if not careful (like when removing a gas tank full of gas). I can't see how Tesla is liable for stupid users, but there could be some liability concerns.

5) They may be trying to keep proprietary technology in house as long as possible and/or until relevant patents are issued.

6) Things are changing far more rapidly than a typical car company as they produce in-line improvements or changes to simplify manufacturing.

It's likely some mix of these, but I would hope that they will realize the value to MS owners who want a service manual, even if some areas are considered "Tesla service personnel only" - like the battery pack.

Vawlkus | 23. April 2013

I think Tesla isn't giving access to the manuals for two interconnected reasons. Tesla is trying to showcase EVs to the uneducated, so they need to have as good an image as they can. Because of that, they don't want people to fiddle with the innards until after the market accepts EVs. This encompasses both the Do-it-yourselfers and the "hot-rodders".

Litennn | 24. April 2013

Vawlkus: I know the uneducated need to learn about the EV industry and Tesla needs to protect it's proprietary information, but I should not have to call a ranger to replace a fuse for a tail light.
Even my Lexus had some black boxes for only "Lexus eyes", but I found the manuals very helpful for explaining to service department why my rear tires were wearing extremely fast on the inside before it was even noticed by the service department. It looks like this problem also occurred on the Tesla Model S for early owners.

All Tesla owners do not need to be educated to read the technical manual !


Vawlkus | 25. April 2013

I disagree. Until Tesla is established, they are vulnerable to public opinion. Until that is not the case, Tesla must be very careful.

lolachampcar | 25. April 2013

There is an ongoing movement at the state and federal level under the umbrella of "Right to Repair" where governing bodies are considering (or already enacted like Mass I think) legislation requiring manufacturers to provide documentation and access to their cars for repair.

I've made my opinions known on this and other forums and strongly believe Tesla needs to get out in front of this. It is not a matter of if they have to do this but when they will do it. I would prefer they be pro-active (read pro-customer) versus being dragged into it kicking and screaming.

There are valid concerns regarding access to different areas of the diagnostics and these concerns will have to be taken into account. In addition, there are safety concerns as well. That being said, I have an interest in checking my ride height calibration in an effort to diagnose a camber spread between the right and left side of my car. If it were a MB (same suspension and suspension module), I would pull out Star Diagnostics and run through the ride height calibration. I asked Tesla for this access and they refused. To their credit, they set up and appointment for me to bring the car down and work with their technicians to check it out. I have replaced the upper control arms on the back of the car to remove some camber so Tesla would be well within their rights to say it is not a warranty issue (although the camber spread is on the front as well which I have not touched). Instead, they have chosen to be helpful and for that I am grateful. That is a very good attitude but I am afraid it only postpones the inevitable conversation.

cnkurzke | 21. Juni 2013

Add me to the list of people.

I live right between the Factory and HQ in the Bay Area, but I bought the car exactly BECAUSE I am a car enthusiast.

I understand they have to keep some of their technology proprietary, and I would't expect to get a detailed circuit diagram of their charger system.

BUT - Simple things like fixing a dent in the bumper (and taking off the bumper) or doing some basic wiring on the inside (like hard-wiring a radar warner or installing after market backup sensors) should be allowed for the owners.

Having a wiring diagram would help immensely to make sure you DONT accidentially do something stupid, and having a diagram how the panels clip together avoids expensive and ugly accidential breaking of mounting tabs.

tim | 06. Februar 2015

The least Tesla should do is provide exploded diagrams showing how interior, exterior, and trunk trim is attached.

data02 | 06. April 2015
data02 | 06. April 2015

or you can use paid access here :

scotty2541 | 17. September 2015

"Tesla is trying to showcase EVs to the uneducated, so they need to have as good an image as they can."

Well, I am supposed to take my car and participate in one of those "showcases".

I get to point at a big fat fault light and say: "Maybe you don't have to replace the timing belt every 4 years, but you get to pay twice the price to replace the tire monitor THREE TIMES MORE OFTEN"

The least they could do is make a service manual available so some of us could DIY repair these (excessive) failures of their (aux) battery, sensors, etc...