Feature Request: Windows Up and More Apps

Feature Request: Windows Up and More Apps

So first off I apologize if I somewhere missed this somewhere, but it seems I can have all the windows go down by holding the FOB roof button, there is no mechanism to have all the windows go up. I have meddling children and the more than odd bit of rain here in Seattle, so it would be great to be able to close all the windows once you've left the car (like Audi). Preferred solution would be a setting in "walk away and lock", second choice would be something on the FOB (say 3 roof button presses), and third choice would be via iOS/Android/BB app.

I would also like a more in car apps -- like weather, stocks, or photos on iPhone which I could select to display simple info in the instrument panel. I'm sure there's a zillion other app ideas (news or traffic ticker, Starbucks close-by alert, calendar alert,...) but some basic ones sooner rather than later would be appreciated. :-)

Brian H | 17. Mai 2013

Double click? | 18. Mai 2013

Nope. Double unlocks.

brdunton | 18. Mai 2013

This used to work (It was a double with a long hold on the second click). At some point a software update took it way. Hopefully they add it back.


Haeze | 19. Mai 2013

My app suggestion would be to password protect driver profiles, and give an option to limit the range/speed of a driver profile, so if your child is driving, or you hand the car over to a valet, you can limit their speed and distance. The functionality is already there, as you can see with the test drive cars being limited at 80mph, it just needs a software interface.

I would also like to see it me manageable remotely by the mobile app, so if your child goes too far, you can "give" them enough mileage to get back home.