Fisker bids

Fisker bids

Check out this article from USA TODAY:

Fisker weighing bids

Jean Pierre Gui... | 17. Februar 2013

Ce qui me semble très bizarre, c'est que personne ne pose la question: : Pourquoi l'article du journal incriminant la fiabilité de la batterie TESLA , est édité juste avant la déclaration des résultats financiers pour l'année 2012 ?
Il ne fait aucun doute que l'opération a été organisée par un ou plusieurs groupes qui veulent faire chuter les cours en Bourse de TESLA MOTORS ...

J'espère que tous les possesseurs d'actions vont tenir bon et supporter au maximum TESLA !

Courage aux actionnaires car c'est d'eux que dépend l'avenir de TESLA

EN Belgique, comme en Europe, nous sommes plusieurs amateurs de voiture électrique ,qui attendons avec impatience l'arrivée de Tesla avec tout son savoir-faire, pour prouver que TESLA n'est pas un mythe, mais bien une réalité ! ! !

lph | 17. Februar 2013

It does not look like good English. Can someone translate?

Jean Pierre Gui... | 17. Februar 2013

Seems to me that Who really weird, It's That person does not pose the question :: Why the newspaper article of incriminating the reliability of the battery Tesla IS PUBLISHED Just before the bulk of the financial results pour in the year 2012?
There fel No Doubt That Summer operation organized by a non e several Groups Who want to Chuter courses Exchange TESLA MOTORS ...

What I hope All holders of shares WILL stand firm and support a maximum of TESLA!

Courage Shareholders auxiliary car This IS what they depend on the future TESLA

IN Belgium, as in Europe, the UNO are several car enthusiasts electric Who expect with impatience the arrival of Tesla son with all the know-how, pour prove TESLA What is not no myth, although in June BUT Reality! ! !

dr.jacks.tesla | 17. Februar 2013

I posted the article since I originally wanted the Fisker but once I did research vetoed that idea! However the Fisker company is not Tesla! Tesla is pure electric and I am owning one! I just wanted people to see what was happening to a company that does not do things well. It is a good looking car but has a gasoline GM engine in it and really not that efficient! At least they made money selling one to the Bieber lol!

dr.jacks.tesla | 17. Februar 2013

Btw that battery company has nothing to do with Tesla.

Brian H | 17. Februar 2013

'What seems quite bizarre to me, is that no-one has posed the question: why did the article incriminating the Tesla battery of weakness was produced just before the declaration of 2012 financials?

There can be no doubt this was organized by various groups who want to depress the TESLA stock.

I hope the shareholders will hold firm and support Tesla to the maximum!

Hang tough, shareholders, because that's what the future of Tesla depends on.

In Belgium, as in Europe, many of us are supporters of the electric car, and impatiently await the arrival of Tesla, with all its know-how, to establish that the TESLA is not myth, but reality!'

Brian H | 17. Februar 2013

Oops, edit: "why the article incriminating..."

olanmills | 18. Februar 2013

@Jean Pierre, if you're referring to the New York Times article, Tesla allowed Broder to borrow a car to do the report, so they knew the timing of the article, but I'm sure they did not expect it to be so negative.

Also, that's off-topic.

Superliner | 19. Februar 2013

@ olanmills

Or, Just maybe they "Elon" did. Look at all the media frenzy that has been shining a spotlight on all things TESLA subsequent to the article. Perhaps Elon and his team are smarter than we think they are.

Brian H | 20. Februar 2013

That's probably true, but it may not be relevant. More likely, they were both mouse-trapped and naive.

TeslaRocks | 28. Februar 2013

I heard that idea that the Broder story turned out good for Tesla... maybe, maybe not, but it sounds too risky for a publicity stunt, with the brand still fragile. I don't imagine that even an established brand like Coke or American Express would stage something risky to get attention, so why would would a company who makes something great, but of which the average person is skeptical because misinformed? Unless Elon is desperate for sales, but that seems very unlikely, besides he has bigger fish to fry, such as production, suppliers, and keeping costs low. Also, I think many people are not placing an order yet because of how long they have to way, kind of how people might avoid long line-ups with the idea of coming back later. It's natural. All in all, I just hope that the transparency enabled by the internet continues to let the true facts be told and also I hope that more people will educate themselves to tell apart the brands before buying a car. Great decision, dr.jacks.tesla, to change your mind about the Fisker and check out other brands, like Tesla. Free market can work well, but only if people shop around a little, especially when buying something as big as a car.

Brian H | 28. Februar 2013

Yes, the ideal free market assumes that all players have "perfect information" about their options. This is obviously not true, but the closer we get, the better it works.