Found the perfect USB drive for my Model S

Found the perfect USB drive for my Model S

I've been looking for a better USB thumb drive for use in my Model S. I think I found the best one out there... 64GB and only $40 !! I'm so excited ! I've been living in fear that I would accidentally bump my full size thumb drive and damage the USB ports...

Here is the link to the Kingston Digital 64GB Micro USB 2.0 DataTraveler

Check this little puppy out :

GeirT | 13. Juni 2013

Good find, and relevant as you don't want a stick protruding. Here is another example - it weights 1 grs! Hardly noticeable.

cloroxbb | 13. Juni 2013

64GB but only usb2.0? No thanks :) Now 64GB at usb3.0 would be better. 64GB would take way too long to fill using 2.0 IMO and I am way too impatient for that! But I would definitely want a very small drive as well!

sbern18 | 13. Juni 2013

You guys use the thumb drive for music only?

PaceyWhitter | 13. Juni 2013


The model S only has USB 2.0 ports. (and USB 3.0 would be superfluous for what it is used for) The only advantage to having a USB 3.0 thumb drive would be in lowering the time to upload your songs onto the drive and for most people, that is a one time thing. i.e. load your entire library and you are good to go.


What else were you thinking of putting on it? I can't think of anything.

ljarrett | 13. Juni 2013

Here's the link to the USB Drive I am using

jeffaa | 13. Juni 2013

This is the one I bought last week when they were on sale at Amazon for $33.

sia | 13. Juni 2013

@jeffaa: I also bought the same from Amazon. It is just the right size and capacity.

cloroxbb | 13. Juni 2013


That is exactly what I am talking about, the time it takes to put the info ON the drive, that is kind of common sense as it would not matter the read speed IN the Tesla for mp3s. It was kind of a given that I would be talking about the actual use of WRITING to the drive. In that case, and what my post meant, was that 64GB would be way too slow to FILL using USB 2.0 rather than 3.0.

sia | 13. Juni 2013
JPPTM | 14. Juni 2013

sia--that's the one I've got jacked into my car. Essentially invisible--32 Gigs holds a LOT of music,

dnew92130 | 30. August 2013

I keep one of these Sandisk bits in the coin purse of my wallet. Never know when you're going to need to transfer something. Very handy.

mcptwo | 04. Dezember 2013

Just attempted to connect an iomega 500 GB portable HD, USB 3.0, with about 16 GB of music. The Model S would not recognize the drive. Does anyone know what prevented it from working?

jeffsstuff | 04. Dezember 2013

How is it formatted? I would suspect you would have to format it as fat32.

jbunn | 04. Dezember 2013

Yes. I assume you are PC, not Mac, correct?

Your drive is most likely formatted as NTFS, or exFAT. Both are Microsoft formats, and are open formats.

You will need to format your drive to FAT32, then it will be recognized. You will probably need special disk formatting software, since the latest versions of Windows no longer provide formatting options for FAT32. Tesla plays both the MP3 and the lossless FLAC format. If you are copying your CDs permanently, use the FLAC format. (If they are already MP3, up-converting to FLAC will not gain anything).

If you need help finding a formatting utility, drop me a line. There is a lot of adware/malware out there under the format utility category.

judimasters | 04. Dezember 2013

I hate to sound ignorant but sometimes we just do know so here goes. How do I play the music once it is on a thumb drive and plugged into my car?

mcptwo | 04. Dezember 2013

Yes! FAT 32 Required .... Now Working Great

mcptwo | 04. Dezember 2013

goto: Brouse
goto: My Devices
Select: USB
Select: Folders, Artists or Albums

Brian H | 05. Dezember 2013

judimasters | December 4, 2013
I hate to sound ignorant but sometimes we just do know

do not know ??

jbunn | 05. Dezember 2013

I'm using the Patriot Autobahn. Similar low profile. If I plug both in, but would just look like part of the car.

To mcptwo, I too started with a 500 Gig HD, but because of where I live, I can't leave it exposed. Don't want someone smashing my windows to get at anything in the car. I got close to 280 albums in mp3 format on one of my 32 gig Autobahns. Saving the other one to download podcasts, books on tape, and the like. Best thing is I never have to put it in the glove box, then wait 45 seconds for it to be available after I plug it in.