Freaaaaaking out!

Freaaaaaking out!

Oh my God, what did I just do?? Walked into the fashion Island store with my plan firmly in place to wait a few months to save up a big down payment (I'm very conservative with money), but walked out a reservation holder for a blue P85 with black and carbon fiber interior. Something about those Teslas, they make me crazy. Sorry, just wanted to share my manic episode.

skymaster | 04. Juli 2013

congrats....when you do get your model will be on cloud 9

Bighorn | 04. Juli 2013

Awesome--great choice. Fortunately, the lithium in the batteries don't blunt the manic phase.

stsanford | 04. Juli 2013

Congrats! It's awesome.

JohnnyMac | 04. Juli 2013

Now the hard part....waiting for delivery. Fortunately these forums can help pass the time. Read up and good luck sleeping he night before delivery. :-)

July10Models | 04. Juli 2013

Welcome, you'll feel less crazy when you are silently zipping by those ices with the Tesla grin. 8000 + miles every drive feels like the first time.

NomoDinos | 04. Juli 2013

Thanks, guys! I can't explain it, I just haven't been this exited about a thing in so long.

@ Bighorn - true... at least not without voiding the battery warranty :)

NomoDinos | 04. Juli 2013

@ JohnnyMac - I don't know how I'm going to sleep tonight!

@ July - That's really great to hear. I've never spent anwhere near this much money on a car, and it's astonishing to me that I don't feel more guilty about it :)

@ Stsanford and skymaster - thanks! I'm going to be having sweet midnight blue dreams for weeks!

cfOH | 04. Juli 2013

Congrats! When you get your VIN, go to the "VINs" thread and add yours along with the date that you finalized your order.

nickjhowe | 04. Juli 2013

@NoMoDinos - check out my Model S delivery checklist - it will help pass the time and help you get everything ready.

NomoDinos | 04. Juli 2013

@ cf - will do! I'm taking delivery sometime in September. (Great screen name if I'm understanding it right, btw)

@ nick - wow, now that is comprehensive. Things I would never have thought of but could have regretted. Will start on the charging station this month.

lolachampcar | 05. Juli 2013

WELCOME to the club of Teslaholics.
If you are anywhere near WPB, FL your welcome to get a fix with my car (due on the 20th). I found periodic fixes helped in the wait for my first MS.

cfOH | 05. Juli 2013

@NoMoDinos: OK, now I have to hear what you think my screen name means. I think you'll be disappointed when I tell you. :-)

Bighorn | 05. Juli 2013

I think your initials are cf and you're from Ohio, but I bet NoMoDinos thinks you're a CFO, possibly from Ohio? 5 bucks.

Sudre_ | 05. Juli 2013

It could have been worse. You could have walk in to a service center and drove off with the loaner car. The Service Center in St. Louis just sold their service loaner to a lucky customer about a week ago. That's person is probably think, 'Man I went in to just look at the car and ended up buying it!"

It's going to be worth every penny.

ppape | 05. Juli 2013

The San Diego store had 3 cars displayed in June, One Red, White & Blue for the 4th holiday. I went in last week to show a friend and they were all gone! Just had only 1 grey one to replace it. My friend was disappointed not to see the colors, but also impressed they were sold!

Congratulations! I'm not surprised your 'guilt' level is low. This will be the smartest purchase you've ever made. The Tesla grin erases all remorse.

Jackie :-)

NomoDinos | 05. Juli 2013

@ Lolachampcars - thanks for the welcome and the kind offer! No, unfortunately I'm on the opposite coast in Southern California, but if we ever make it out to beautiful FL (maybe a roadtrip using the Supercharger network??) will definitely stop by!

@ cfOH and Bighorn - I thought it was Cleveland Freakin' Ohio. I have some friends who are from there, and it's a favorite expression of theirs :)

@ Sudre - I almost did, too!! They had a beautiful black MS85 in the garage, but in the end I decided to wait for exactly what I want. I didn't know St Louis had a store! (we lived there for a little while) Will have to check it out next time we come to visit friends.

@ Jackie - It's amazing how the "electric" part of all of this helps me rationalize. Just 3 years ago, in exactly the same financial situation, I thought "Oh my God! That car is almost $60,000! I don't know if that's reasonable"... and yet here we are :)

tobi_ger | 05. Juli 2013

In addition to the fantastic delivery checklist, make sure to memorize all available controls ahead of time:!

cfOH | 05. Juli 2013

@NoMoDinos: Um, no. As @Bighorn said, my initials are CF and I'm from Ohio (Cincinnati, to be exact). I'll have to remember to add "freaking" in when I mention Cleveland from now on, though. :-D

NomoDinos | 05. Juli 2013

@ tobi - excellent, thanks! I find that I need something to constantly occupy me to keep my mind off of the terrible, terrible waiting. This must be what it feels like to be OCD.

@ cfOH - my friends would be proud that you are carrying on the tradition. :)

HenryT2 | 05. Juli 2013

Congratulations. Wish I could give you better news, but I'm afraid your "freaaaaaaking-out" is going to last a while. But once you actually get your car, you'll continue to "freaaaaaak out", but in a good way.

lolachampcar | 05. Juli 2013

ah, two less days

Brian H | 05. Juli 2013

Cincinnati Freaking Ohio? Has a certain ring to it. Or is that a thud? ;p

NomoDinos | 05. Juli 2013

@ Henry T2 - I'd better lay off the coffee for the next few months.

@ Lolachampcar - still feels like a year :)

@ Brian H - haha!... My friends would definitely vote thud.

jrettinger | 05. Juli 2013

Congrats! What color do they have in the showroom? Blue still?

NomoDinos | 05. Juli 2013

@ Jrettinger - Thanks! No, it was grey or white with black interior. We spent most of the time in the garage looking at the lacewood versus carbon fiber, though. From what I understand, they had just sold two of the test drive models in the garage during our visit. Crazy.

Colasec | 05. Juli 2013

@NoMoDinos Congrats! The waiting sucks, but at least we have to wait only a handful of weeks unlike the original reservation holders who waited for years.

I'm totally with you on the "holy crap" reaction... I too was definitely going to wait a few months and was "just looking" (having not allowed myself to spend one second online researching and therefore not even knowing that the usual bargaining/sales pressure mess didn't apply) and walked out with a reservation.

Oh well. :)

NomoDinos | 05. Juli 2013

@ Colasec - Thanks, and congrats right back at you! Definitely glad about not waiting for years. I don't know how they did it, especially those poor brave souls who put down money on a car that didn't exist yet.

It's amazing how a 100k car can seem so practical, huh? :)

Colasec | 06. Juli 2013

True. Whatever we need to do to justify *not* getting a pre-owned Camry instead works for me. :)

NomoDinos | 06. Juli 2013

*Like*... (wait, do we do that here?)

Brian H | 07. Juli 2013

They suffered. Not quietly. They tracked every reservation, every delivery, every delay. And moaned and exulted about all of it. Most entertaining! ☻

NomoDinos | 07. Juli 2013

Brian - Ah, the Golden Days. Back in 'aught twelve, when men were men, women were women and cars burned noxious fumes to propel themselves forward.

skymaster | 07. Juli 2013

I enjoy letting people drive the Model S.....then they have to back and drive their POS gas-burner.

It plants a seed in their head.

NomoDinos | 07. Juli 2013

Skymaster - haha, maybe that was why my colleague didn't let me drive his P85+, so that he wouldn't make me feel bad about going back to my faceless ICE.

Brian H | 07. Juli 2013

more like a snake. >:) ~~~~~~|>~