Gas Station Blues

Gas Station Blues

I am alone on this or does everyone else on the waiting list get the blues every time you have to fill up your car at the gas station?

I always find myself hoping that this is the last time I will ever buy gas even though I am only P446.

For the people who already have their S is it as awesome as it seems to wake up every day and your car is "full" and ready to go?

Brian H | 16. November 2012

You make my point. Distances are not a matter of choice in N.A. They just are. And unless you've driven or ridden a train or bus across a significant % of the US or Canada, you can't really 'grok' the distances, even if you're a native. I've never encountered an ex-European who was other than awed while getting used to the idea.

European solutions like trains just don't wash in N.A. The adjacent destination points are just too far apart. Ask any transportation flow analyst, anonymity guaranteed. They'll admit that it makes little sense to try to duplicate small-country rail.

Remember this?
Riding on the City of New Orleans,
Illinois Central Monday morning rail
Fifteen cars and fifteen restless riders,
Three conductors and twenty-five sacks of mail.

One rider per car. Not a paying proposition.

portia | 16. November 2012

what is N.A.? North America?

Brian H | 16. November 2012

Yes. Big lump that gets in the way of the North Pacific and the North Atlantic mixing, except for the minority that sneaks across under the ice. ;)

mrspaghetti | 16. November 2012


I was unaware that Americans were the only ones who use potty words.


I recommend getting a compressor for your garage. I have an excellent one that plugs into a 120v outlet and will inflate a large tire quickly. Extremely handy.

sagebrushnw | 16. November 2012

My statement to V.B. on being a help on this form was sincere, NOT sarcastic. The use of rude or disrespectful language on a forum or in public is not necessary and shows a general disregard to others and a lack of self respect. What people say in private or among close friends, is another story if the people involved don't care. In any language there are appropriate and inappropriate words and/or phrases. Don't let your mind get lazy. There are many ways to get a point across without using degrading words.

Make up a word that is "expressive" but not offensive. How about "dingafits"? "Bullroar"?

Enough said.