Get Amped invites for weekend of 7/20

Get Amped invites for weekend of 7/20

Did I miss the invite or has it just not gone yet.

Schlermie | 13. Juli 2012

I doubt anyone got it yet. The invites for this weekend only came out on the preceding Monday.

DanD | 13. Juli 2012

I got my invite for this weekend on July 4th. The one before came on 6/30 (a Saturday).

Just don't want to miss it and don't trust my email all that much so I sit here staring at the little folder I've set up to collect Tesla mail. | 13. Juli 2012

I don't think it's gone out yet.

DanD | 13. Juli 2012


Sort of hoping the test ride is NOT in a performance car. I'd like to test something closer to what I'll buy, the 60kWh car.

I've already driven the Roadster and know what a rocket sled feels like.

Besides, since I'm test driving in NYC, I'm not counting on much of a ride anyway. (Do people in NYC have garages with 240 AMP service?)

EdG | 13. Juli 2012

My invite arrived just after 11 PM July 12 NY time.

EdG | 13. Juli 2012

Sig 303 | 13. Juli 2012

Just got it
P 4235

Geek | 13. Juli 2012

I just received the invite for 7/20. I'm P1229. The invite appeared to include all remaining locations:

Denver, New York, Portland, Chicago, Miami, Toronto, Palo Alto, Houston, Austin, and Dallas.

Teoatawki | 13. Juli 2012


Let them know your preference and they'll let you wait until that type of car is ready. In Seattle, we skipped 2 cars so I could drive a performance car.

DarrellH | 13. Juli 2012

Anyone know where the Palo Alto event is being held this weekend?

CPM | 13. Juli 2012

trying to confirm for test drive and getting. "sorry an error occurred" not sure I can go to bed knowing the option to set test drive time is available. If it fills up I will be pretty annoyed.

CPM | 14. Juli 2012

Just called the store after trying to RSVP via the email and now the Chicago event is full. How bad does that sinking feeling in your stomach feel when you have been looking forward to something for over a year and it gets screwed up. This sucks.

Schlermie | 14. Juli 2012

The Palo Alto event is being held at the Tesla headquarters on Deer Creek Road.

DarrellH | 14. Juli 2012

Thanks Schlermie. We thought that might be the case, so we stopped by this morning and they were setting up for it. We saw 6 beautiful cars: 5 for driving.

Those that are going to drive, have a great time and let everyone know what you think!

Brian H | 14. Juli 2012

book for Toronto and fly in there!

CPM | 14. Juli 2012

If I could get the error not to show up for any of the events I would try. I am so disappointed. I have tried on an Iphone, Ipad, Mac and Visio computer. This sucks.

JDun | 14. Juli 2012

CPM: Try Firefox perhaps, but it worked ok with me in Safari. Sorry.

CPM | 14. Juli 2012

Tried and it did not work. Tough to wait until Monday to talk to human.

Brian H | 14. Juli 2012

The only thing in common is some glitch with your basic sign-in/regisration/data base record. Somehow you are being classified as ineligible at Tesla's end.

Etographer | 14. Juli 2012

I am confirmed for Friday in Portland, OR on July 20.



DallasTxModelS | 20. Juli 2012

I've already gotten the invite for the August 18-19 Get Amped event in Dallas. I'm confirmed for the 2:00pm drive time on August 18. It says to arrive 30 min early for a briefing followed by a 7-8 min test drive.

The first 4 hours of time slots had already filled up when I confirmed my test drive.


pilotSteve | 20. Juli 2012

Portland has a very nice 16 minute long course! My co-pilot said it was the longest (time) test route so far, joking that Portland had waited so long to get their store (just opened yesterday) we got the longest course :)

bfudge | 20. Juli 2012

Glad to hear the Portland test drive is longer. My wife is test driving in Portland tomorrow. Can't wait to get her response. I test drove one in Fremont. Our sig #685 shows as being built on my status. Hope to get it by September - maybe a little optimistic !

foto | 21. Juli 2012

@ bfudge, do you and your wife have two separate reservations as I understood that only one test drive per reservation is allowed?

Geek | 27. Juli 2012

Here are some pics from the 7/21 Get Amped Tour in Denver:

Pictures are mainly of exterior. Blue, Grey (Performance), and Silver models were present.

ddruz | 27. Juli 2012

Geek, thanks for the great photos! Some of the best I've seen of a silver car. Thanks for taking the time.

donaldmeacham1 | 30. Juli 2012

I haven't yet received any response to my request for a reservation for the Dallas Get amped event. Any feedback?