Green Car Reports review

Green Car Reports review

Honest and very favorable (again). Interesting comments on some build quality flaws they found, but they seem minor.

Brian H | 19. Juli 2012

Interesting tidbit in there: It tested VIN#s "106, 108, 111, and 116".

Brian H | 19. Juli 2012

First test of the M-S on cobbleholes and potstones, too! ;)

Vawlkus | 20. Juli 2012

Brian you grammar Nazi, stop heckling the reporters! :P

ChristianG | 20. Juli 2012

Here a lil review of a swiss paper, besides the usual critics about the interior they also claim that it makes 'sounds' when driving it in narrow turns and on harscher grounds. Otherwise it's the usual mixture between Tesla bio and the praise of the acceleration

Volker.Berlin | 20. Juli 2012

ChristianG, it's interesting how they explicitly state that there is not significant difference between air suspension and ("normal") spring suspension, suggesting that buyers should save the money for that option. I wonder how they know, since AFAIK all Model Ss built so far have air suspension!

Mike_ModelS_P457 | 20. Juli 2012

Funny, they mention being in the West Village. I thought I saw one driving around Carmine St. yesterday... I assumed I was going nuts with anticipation for my drive Saturday. Guess I am sane after all.