Have you seen an S on the road today?

Have you seen an S on the road today?

My wife and I, waiting for our S, play a silly game: "Seen a S today on the road?" Then we look at where we saw them. So far I have the record: just 2 in a day so far. All but one were in the mid-peninsula area. One black one seen entering I85 in Cupertino. Somehow it is satisfying to me to see them showing up. None seen so far appear to be demos: no copilot. Res number P7214 with Feb-Mar est delivery.

jbunn | 25. Oktober 2012

I was thinking I saw one yesterday, and had to stare at it really hard as it was approaching, looking at the nose cone. Had horizontal stripes on it. When it went by, I saw the tail pipes, and then the wings on the trunk lid.

Just a poser in an Aston Martin.

Didn't have the patience to wait for one, I guess.

EcLectric | 25. Oktober 2012

I have seen two. Both were parked on Shoreline Blvd in Mountain View, where I work. One was at 23andMe (a startup), and the other in a local strip mall.

Timo | 25. Oktober 2012

I have seen zillion of those. For some reason all of them have had Audi logo. (apparently there is one Audi model that looks almost identical to Model S at certain angles. Not from front though).

mrspaghetti | 26. Oktober 2012

I always look at the door handles first - quickest way to rule out look-alikes.

petero | 26. Oktober 2012

I have only seen one in the wild (not counting the Get Amped test drive event). It was driving south on the Pacific Coast Highway just south of Malibu in So. CA. White Performance with rear spoiler.

bnwdon | 26. Oktober 2012

Las Vegas, I've only seen the Model S at auto shows here in town. Haven't seen any private owned MS here as yet. I'm hoping to be one of the first in the next few weeks. Can't Wait!

BYT | 26. Oktober 2012

I've driven past a few Signature Red Model S' around where I live but for the first time ever, I drove past a Pearl White Model S (which is also my configuration) and that was about 45 minutes ago... :D

reitmanr | 26. Oktober 2012


Are you in the SF Bay area?

BYT | 26. Oktober 2012

Yup, I am! :) I work in Menlo Park which feel's like the Model S capital of the world right now!!

reitmanr | 26. Oktober 2012

It's true! And most of the MS's I have seen were on Santa Cruz Ave or Sand Hill. Used to count Prius's- this is way more fun- signs of a sick mind! But so far getting a call from my wife that she saw a MS brings out big smiles for me.

BYT | 26. Oktober 2012

Cool! I have a test drive scheduled for next Tuesday at 4pm to drive a P85 for the first time as I have only been in the Standard and I'm ordering the Performance. If your around, might see me go by too! :D

joepruitt | 26. Oktober 2012

I see mine every day! B-). But, aside from mine, I haven't come across one in the Seattle area yet but I know there are a few floating around. My son told me he saw one the other day near Lake Sammamish that he thought was me (Sig Red) so there must be another one in my neck of the woods.

BYT | 26. Oktober 2012

@joepruitt, Congrats, sorry I missed that you already had yours! I look forward to driving by a Model S while in my own Model S. My delivery specialist said to look out for it around Halloween so I'm THAT CLOSE! :D

joepruitt | 26. Oktober 2012

@BYT, I'll be looking out for yours as well. What color did you go with? If you are in the Seattle area, there's a Owners meetup tomorrow in Issaquah. Not sure if I'll make it as my kids have soccer in the morning, but I'll see if I can for a little bit.


BYT | 26. Oktober 2012

I'm just a tad south of you in the California Bay Area, otherwise I would have loved to attend!! :)

TeslaModelSOwner | 26. Oktober 2012

Saw a white one in the wild in Foster City of Shell Blvd. few weeks back, nothing else.

BYT | 26. Oktober 2012

Que dramatic music... They Are Out There!!

reitmanr | 26. Oktober 2012

What to play?? "Also Spake Zarathusra"? ( spelling??) from "2001"

Brian H | 26. Oktober 2012

"Zarathustra", and "Spach". But you got "Also" right. ;) (Pronounced 'all-zo', and means 'thus').

Also, it's "Queue", not "Que". (BYT)

sagebrushnw | 26. Oktober 2012

Saw ChadS's Model S at Torklift Central in downtown Kent, WA today getting a "hidden hitch" put on it. Beautiful!!!

nickjhowe | 26. Oktober 2012

@Brian H - "Sprach" not "Spach" - spoke in German.

DouglasR | 26. Oktober 2012


My neighbor down the street has a red one. We're on Capitol Hill in Seattle. Hopefully I'll get mine by year end (P983).

Brian H | 26. Oktober 2012

Geez, did I actually write "Spach"? Doh. Verzeihen Sie, bitte.

bob | 26. Oktober 2012

Going up Mt Rose from Incline Last Saturday Signiture Red with 21" wheels about 3:30 in the afternoon

Ironic since the first Roadster I ever saw years ago was nearly at the same place...

reitmanr | 26. Oktober 2012

Forgiven- though nothing really to forgive- you add so much to the forum, vielen dank ( there I go again)- love that MS's are showing up more and more. There is one in particular I am looking for- still a few months out there- sigh...

reitmanr | 28. Oktober 2012

Ocotber 28 and no more sitings? Darn- we know they are out there. Only local news is I got confirmation that the Gilroy Supercharge station is alive and well. Anyone using it?

sagebrushnw | 28. Oktober 2012

@ reitmanr

Do you mean "sightings"?

reitmanr | 28. Oktober 2012

sitings, sightings- sigh... just want to catch site/sight of my S.
Also- noting that when I talk to guys about the S, they get a funny look on their face...and then the questions start... usually ending with the fact that they really want to go take a look at one, at which point I hand them S brochures and let them know how they can see one live and in color... so far one confirmed order ( blue) resulted and two or three who are headed to the Tesla show rooms. I think it's contagious!

pvenkate | 28. Oktober 2012

I have sighted 3 different S's on I85 between Cupertino and Mt View. I was actually following one very closely today (brand new burgundy, no plates) for a while to show it to my son from close quarters and almost rear ended it in our excitement. Had it not taken off like a rocket when we got too close, I would have caused the first ever Models S accident!

lph | 28. Oktober 2012

I've seen 2 .. both were in Bellevue WA.

reitmanr | 28. Oktober 2012

One friend I spoke today had never heard of Tesla. He got a Mod S brochure from me, was fascinated, and promised to let me know when he spots an S down his way in Hollister. Made me promise to give him a ride when mine arrives. Sounded good to me-winding low traffic roads in his area.

David den Boer | 29. Oktober 2012

As soon as I get mine, we will make a trip to Hollister within a few weeks for Thanksgiving (or maybe before), as the in-laws live there.
I saw one on 280 last week, and a co-worker snapped a pic of one on Stevens Creek and Lawrence Expwy heading out of Cupertino (BTW, there are usually 2-3 at Apple on any given day).

DarrellH | 29. Oktober 2012

We used the Gilroy Supercharger Saturday. We were on a trip to the Carmel/Monterey area. We didn't really need the Supercharger but we thought we might as well try it out. What a gift from Tesla and SolarCity! We can't wait for a long cross-country trip. But for now the next long trip will be a trip to Disneyland in December.

reitmanr | 30. Oktober 2012

Hey Darrell
We haven't seen your gorgeous S Yet!

What is the Supercharge station near? We drove by this past weekend, but we were trailing our horse and couldn't explore the centre.

Love to have you show off your Super Car for us. We still have a few months to wait for ours.

mcptwo | 30. Oktober 2012

Delighted to see a new Signature Model S Silver Tesla in Carmel Valley, California while having lunch at EarthBound Farms.

DarrellH | 30. Oktober 2012

Richard, we haven't been around much. And when we are around we've been too busy. Luckily things have died down a bit. Let's get together some weekend.

The Gilroy Supercharger is on San Ysidro Avenue not far from the Leavesley address usually mentioned. It is a bit hard to find since it doesn't have the solar roof or Tesla "rocket." The easiest way to find it is look behind the bus stop on San Ysidro.

jbunn | 30. Oktober 2012

I saw the pictures, but dang, that is one ugly ass front license plate holder. When I heard "integrated" I was thinking perhaps it would look better. How about a 1/8th inch depression in the nose cone that flush fits the plate? Better, a lexan cover that matches the nose cone profile to keep the recessed plate aerodynamic...

goelec1640 | 30. Oktober 2012

Have been seeing them in Palo Alto for months. I work one block from the Tesla headquaters. Did see one at the San Jose airport last week - beautiful. Can't wait!

reitmanr | 30. Oktober 2012

Spotted on Valparaiso going west, silver S with 21" rims I think, pano roof. I noticed the only sound as it passed was the sound of the tires rolling on asphalt- not much!

Great to hear the SC station in Gilroy is working. Thanks Darrell. Yes, let's get together on the weekend. This one? I just need to see what my wife is doing.

DarrellH | 30. Oktober 2012

Richard, our calendar looks open this weekend. Let's talk.

EcLectric | 07. November 2012

I saw a red Model S on 101-South in Palo Alto on Tuesday morning. It was in the same traffic jam as me - no HOV stickers yet!

DarrellH | 07. November 2012

I saw a black Model S this afternoon on the way home from work in Los Altos. Then I saw my wife's Sig Red in our garage. OK. Not on the road but I did see it!

MB3 | 07. November 2012

I saw Rod (of Rod and Barbara fame) driving around in his Red Signature on election day.

reitmanr | 07. November 2012


Sure you did! And the next thing you'll be telling us is that it was right next to a roadster. Man.... what we have to put up with!:)

Teoatawki | 08. November 2012

Gonna see one today. Rolling up in front of my house on a trailer.

After that, I'll see it from the inside.

reitmanr | 08. November 2012


hammy16 | 08. November 2012

Drove our model S to Palo Alto Fry's and parked next to another one. Could only tell
difference in that it had 21 inch wheels

GLO | 08. November 2012

hammy16, you were smart to park next to another. That ways you won't get a ding from the other MS only possible on the side with the ICE.

lajollan | 08. November 2012

Saw a pearl white with carbon fiber spoiler in northern chicago suburb about a week ago. Unfortunately it was going the other way or I would have caught up with the owner and tried to talk him up.

DarrellH | 08. November 2012

reitmanr, you know it! How did you guess? 8-)