Headlight adjustment for driving abroad

Headlight adjustment for driving abroad

Can anyone tell me how the headlights can be adapted for driving on the right if the car is a right hand drive. Is this done via the touch screen, manually or do you have to buy stick-on beam adjusters?

DTsea | 26. Oktober 2015

Do you do this for other vehicles?

ttaliesin | 26. Oktober 2015

Good questions, I have not seen the option in any menu of my MS. So I guess it can't be done and you need to buy the stick-ons. But you're right, there are cars where you can do that, e.g. the Audi A6 I used to drive before my MS had the option in the headlights menu. And it worked well, drove the car a couple of times from mainland Europe to the UK.

Tony27nine | 26. Oktober 2015

Thanks @t and @DTsea
My Cayenne, ML, and S-Type and my wife's Mini I think all had the option to adjust the beam via the system options menu.
Would be odd for a high tech car like the Tesla not to?

DTsea | 26. Oktober 2015

Never heard of that. Unless required by law i wouldnt bother.

DTsea | 26. Oktober 2015

Because low beams on the Tesla wouldnt, in my opinion, be that bithersome when driving on the other side of the road.

Tony27nine | 27. Oktober 2015

Thanks @DTsea. It's a legal requirement. It's to prevent headlights that are designed to throw the beam out of the eyes of oncoming traffic when on the left from blinding oncoming cars when driving on the right.

dborn | 27. Oktober 2015

Tony, why don't you contact service help Europe? They should be able to give you a definitive answer. In Australia, we don't have the problem RHD everywhere!!

Tony27nine | 28. Oktober 2015

Just been advised that due to the design of the lights and the beam shape no adjustment is required.
That sounds odd but I'm happy to go with that!

amitdalvi | 09. Dezember 2019

Hi Tony27Nine,
Could you please confirm if Tesla Support or Trained Technician has told you this? I am planning a trip to Europe in my new Tesla Model 3 with what appears to be HID or LED ligith system. No one from Tesla Support seem to know the right options. The best they have advised me is that going to the nearest service station to get a Technician to adjust the lights before travelling to Europe. Please could someone confirm if I need to get this done as I dont want to be in trouble with French authorities.