Hello! Introducing myself

Hello! Introducing myself

Hi everyone. I'm a Detailer here in RSM in So. OC. I see Teslas around here all the time. They are made here right?
Well in a few days I'll be detaling my first Tesla and I'm so excited.
Admins. is ok to do a wright up or post a link to another forum on the detail I do?
Thank you,

Teslation | 18. April 2013

Try BrianH, he usually is in the know about all the goings on, around here.

Brian H | 18. April 2013

Head each of your promo posts' text with --ADVERTISEMENT-- to make it clear you're not stealth spamming.

Brian H | 18. April 2013

Just be aboveboard about the nature of each post and link.

prytog | 18. April 2013

Yes, it's ok as long as you do the write thing and wright --ADVERTISEMENT-- in the heading. That's the rite way to do it :)

Brian H | 19. April 2013

typo: wright write


Roadster | 19. April 2013

the rite way to do it :)

Vawlkus | 19. April 2013

Everybody's just so prejudiced against lefties :P

Brian H | 19. April 2013

The Latin for left is "sinistra". Just sayin'.