Highest Rate of Charge at Supercharger

Highest Rate of Charge at Supercharger

Yesterday we were able to Supercharge at 117kW at the San Marcos, TX Supercharger. Only car there, latest software, arrived with 60 miles rated range. It was VERY cool. Anyone else gotten close to the mythical 120kW?

SamO | 15. September 2013

What charging MPH?

The most I've gotten is 299.

tes-s | 15. September 2013

What did the car say for miles per hour charging rate? Highest I have seen is 294 alone at a 120kW SC.

tes-s | 15. September 2013

Sorry - followed the link and see 355mph!

Cattledog | 15. September 2013

Yes 355, felt like I was challenging the land speed record!

mumanoff | 15. September 2013

Geez....all I got was 199 !

Bob W | 15. September 2013

By "latest software" do you mean 4.5 or 5.0? | 15. September 2013

I have gotten 280 or so at Fremont - early one morning, all by myself.


KWTESLA | 15. September 2013

Harris Ranch Supercharger
475 volts @ 210 amps said the display on the dash
This is beginning readings

The new DC chargers should be super fast!

tes-s | 15. September 2013

Interesting. I always get voltage around 375 - lower when it starts, and higher when it ends. I always thought that was the DC voltage level of the battery. 475 volts blows that theory...

Cattledog | 15. September 2013

Software version 5.X.

This was a couple minutes into charging, not sure what the readings were when the gerbils started their sprint.