Homelink Programming

Homelink Programming

I've had a problem programming my old garage door opener to my Model S Homelink. The Rangers said that the software on the Tesla was too new for the old garage door opener signal. The newer gate opener I have programs perfectly, but not the garage door opener. I have tried following the instructions on the screen and also tried doing it the old fashioned way with a ladder and the "LEARN" button on the unit itself. Nothing. Any suggestions?

worldtraveller | 23. März 2015

my garage door opener supports a maximum of 7 triggering devices. Over the years, various cars & remotes came and went, and I had reached the maximum.

Unfortunately, I couldn't clear out the old devices individually. I had to clear out all of the devices, and then reprogram all of the ones that are still being used. Once Genie, shared this information, it was a cinch to program.

DallasTG | 23. März 2015

Another victory for this forum!

Inside the frunk was the winning play!

garyrandwilliams | 11. April 2015

Many thanks to Pukkahar January 2013 post. We had the same troubles with Homelink and our 2005 Liftmaster Garage Door opener. Followed your instructions and now it works perfectly!

tim | 12. April 2015

The problem with older garage openers is a circa 2007 change in standards that was rolled out over a period of a couple years.

Short of replacing your garage door opener, the solution is to buy a bridge device that receives the new signal and passes the old signal to the opener.

The device is far less expensive than a new garage opener.

xiuyanning | 25. Juli 2015

i was not able to get my new 70D recognize my garage door opener. It turns out that I had to open the frunk. Then I held the remote inside the frunk and then pressed the button. All 4 of my remote worked perfectly well.

ajrs1244 | 03. Oktober 2015

I had no problem with my garage, but cannot program the bar we have as part of the guard gate. The screen in my model S deals with the garage, but doesn't show how to program access to our development
Any ideas please?

tandracadigan | 03. November 2015

I trained my new Tesla to open the garage door through Homelink, but it works only in the daytime! When it starts to get dark it will not work. Any ideas?
Thank you

Bighorn | 03. November 2015

That is bizarre. Very unlikely that the car isn't transmitting a signal, so there must be some sort of interference preventing the signal from getting to the opener. Are there any automatic lights or something electrically active at night that's not active during daylight?