Homelink Spontaneously Opening Garage Door?

Homelink Spontaneously Opening Garage Door?

After programming Homelink for my garage door a few days ago, there have been a couple instances where I thought I closed the garage door, but found it open later. Last night, I deliberately verified the garage door was closed before going to bed. When I got up this morning, the garage door was open, and nobody else in the house opened it. This leads me to believe Homelink may be intermittently triggering it. Is this a known issue? Any way to correct it?

July10Models | 28. Dezember 2012

Maybe the car is becoming autonomous and self aware. It was created to be driven and you have it locked up, all charged up and no where to go. Call Tesla service and see if home link activation is in the log.

Thumper | 28. Dezember 2012

Until this is sorted out, you can lock the door electrically at the wall opener int the garage for night time then turn it on in the morning.

DannyM | 31. Dezember 2012

I had the same issue, but I noticed that a garage remote clipped to the visor of my other car had buttons touching the ceiling of the car. I flipped the remote around the other way and have not had mystery garage door openings since. It may have been a coincidence though.

aa012a | 31. Dezember 2012

What a car! It wants to go out - drive free!! :)

Now back to a serious tone :-) , please let us know what is the possible reason is once you have more information.

timdorr | 31. Dezember 2012

It may be a hassle to set it back up again, but perhaps try removing your Homelink profile and see if it still does this? The car should be powered off in deep sleep overnight, but erasing the profile should make absolutely certain it's not the S that's doing it.

Brian H | 01. Januar 2013

Telekinetic feral cats. It must be.

Schlermie | 01. Januar 2013

I haven't had any more suspicious garage door events since the original post, so unless it happens again, I'm just going to chalk this one up to senility.

Brian H | 01. Januar 2013

Yours, or the garage's? ;)

TikiMan | 17. August 2013

This has now happened to me well over ten times over the last four months now. Last night my neighbor freaked me out from a dead sleep at 4:00am, telling me my garage door was open (again!!!!)

Either way, I had the folks who installed my automatic garage door, come by to see if there was any problems with it. They checked it out and said it was in perfect running condition, and that because it has 'roaming codes', there is little to no reason why a neighbor's remote would somehow open mine.

Thus, I am starting to think this is some odd programing issue with my MS's 'Homelink' system, and it is occasionally opening my garage door at night during charging (after midnight). I hate having to 'lock' my system as a safety procedure every night (it's another 'step' if my LONG list of manual chores that technology should already take care of for me, in this day in time).

Either way, I am going to reprogram the garage door opener system, and see if it happens again.

J.T. | 17. August 2013

I would erase the link from the car for a couple of days and eliminate it as a possibility.

TikiMan | 17. August 2013


Unfortunately, it's not an every day (much less every week), occurrence. Thus, it might take a few months to know for sure.

I guess I will just have to do a process of elimination test to find out IF it's my MS doing it.

I just reprogramed my garage remote, and all my opening devises.

If it opens again, I will move onto erasing the MS's 'Homelink' remote, and see if that solves it.

jbunn | 17. August 2013

Yes, this happened with my garage door on multiple occasions on Fridays. Because I work from home, I was able to pin it down. When the garbage truck went past, the door opened.

Never saw it before the S.

My impression was that the garbage truck had something to do with the S triggering the homelink open command. Sounds crazy, except my office was above the garage, looking down on the car and the driveway, so I saw it multiple times.

Scott Snyder | 17. August 2013

I have had this happen a couple of times in the last 2 moths. Once at night and another while I was working from home.

michael1800 | 18. August 2013

Maybe an FBI garbage truck doing standard clandestine equipment testing or training? Maybe electronic combat planes from a nearby base? Or maybe just a faulty wiring job with the homelink transmitter...a heavy vehicle going by could vibrate some ill-connected connections. Hypothetically, it could be going off periodically while you drive, but would only be apparent at home. Unfortunately, I can't think of any way to safely shake the car to test the theory, nor to safely investigate the garbage men or aircraft.

mikeah007 | 18. August 2013

I can't believe this as it happened to me twice. I close the garage door and my wife told me when she got home it was open. Also the other day I closed the door an two seconds as I am opening the door to the garage I saw the door triggered and opening on its own. Very dangerous problem. This must be fixed.

J.T. | 18. August 2013

Not only is the original garage door clicker safer than the MS homelink it's easier to operate.

TikiMan | 18. August 2013

I have the simpler rear-view mirror 'Homelink' system on two of my other ICE vehicles, and have never had this problem before, thus, I speculate it might be a glitch with how the 'Homelink' system works with the MS's software.

One thing I have noticed a few times when my garage door opened on it's own, was my front dashboard display was on, yet my MS wasn't charging, and was locked. Which leads me to wonder if when this happens, the MS is transmitting data or doing some type of 'system-check', and in the process is accidently tripping the 'Homelink' code (again this is just speculation).

I will bring this up with Tesla Customer Care, next time I talk to them.

michael1800 | 18. August 2013

I noticed mine on last night as well (no fob, not charging, I didn't do anything but smoke in the garage). The garage door didn't open, but I did think it was odd.

J.T. | 18. August 2013

I think it's odd that people still smoke. Can't believe you're not using he electric cigarettes. :-)

kocanaa | 29. November 2014

Hi guys,
I agree is some way because when it opens spontaneously it could happen everything, And I don't like to be careful everytime i walkled trough it.
So i had thte same problem and called who did the job. And now I feel obligated to share them with you since you have the same problem.
Hope I helped.