How do you cope with the Model S inception?

How do you cope with the Model S inception?

I went for a test drive few weeks ago. In the meantime I am seriously concerned about how to you stay away from buying a Model S, if you rationally know, you can’t afford one and (being in Europe) would have to wait for at least six months?

J.T. | 01. Juli 2013

Cold showwers help.

fritzlan | 01. Juli 2013

Just keep reading the blogs and hope the desire goes away. I did it daily for six months. Buying stock helps if the stock goes down.

Both approaches failed. My MS85 order is at the factory, due in August.

S4WRXTTCS | 01. Juli 2013

I can tell you what doesn't help

1.) Obsessively checking the Tesla Motors Forum, and the Tesla User Group forums
2.) Obsessively checking for any news related to Tesla
3.) Wondering about all the different angles Top Gear (UK) could take on testing the Tesla MS.
4.) Obsessively checking reviews to see if there are any decent ones which review the car in horrible conditions, and not just the obsession reviewers have with the road trip.

I'm still holding out for a variety of reasons, but its almost like my body has already made up its mind. It's just waiting for my self control to fail.

Blvr888 | 01. Juli 2013

Obviously I got it all wrong :)

petero | 01. Juli 2013

Blvr888. Dreams are good. The biggest problem most owners and reservation holders have is our unlimited ability to rationalize. I bought an “S” because I am 60+ years old and didn’t want to wait 4 years for Gen III. I would not buy a similar MSRP: BMW, MB, Audi, Jag, etc. The “S” has an unnatural appeal to the adventurous.

It is not the wait that is cruel, I waited over 2 years because I signed up when the Betas were just starting to be tested and there was no factory. Keep dreaming, work smarter not harder, perhaps buy some TSLA. Good luck.

diegoPasadena | 01. Juli 2013

Sorry to say: You committed a fatal error. There is no going back. Whether or not it currently seems impossible, sooner or later you'll drive a Tesla.
I've told a couple of people semi-seriously: Don't test drive one if you don't want to want one.

portia | 01. Juli 2013

if you are young, I am sure you will be able to own one if you put your mind, heart and work into it. No robbing a bank though. Good luck!

AlMc | 01. Juli 2013

Put money in TSLA. Also, in 6 months they will probably be offereing some of the 'tech' things people wish they had now....curb warning/blind spot/adaptive cruise

AlMc | 01. Juli 2013

Brian: offereing = offering

olanmills | 03. Juli 2013

Haha, that's you need to do now. Head him off befor ehe can interject lol

olanmills | 03. Juli 2013

Oh crap now I'm going to get it too.

Brian H | 04. Juli 2013

No, you were just a bit spaced out.

July10Models | 04. Juli 2013

If I couldn't afford Model S I don't know what I would have done after a test drive. No other vehicle has enticed me so much. Invest all disposable income into TSLA. If the car is that great, you'll be able to afford one in a few years. If it is not so great, you'll be able to afford a use one in a few years. Either way, you'll be driving your dream car in due time. The key is to keep dreaming.

Newampster | 05. Juli 2013

No one "needs" a Tesla. a 10 year old Toyota will give you transportation. But, then there is "the dream". Go for it and make it exciting! I invested in TSLA stock and enjoyed the ride. Then I checked out the product. The test drive made me feel like I had to have one. So, I pulled the trigger and placed the order, delivery in 3 weeks! But, now the adventure begins. How can you increase the fun of the purchase? 1. TSLA stock pays for the car, I like a free car. 2. Delivery- I cancelled the home delivery and we will do public transportation, trains and boats and planes. We take the $69 flight to Boston. Water taxi from Logan to the MBTA, then a bus to the Watertown Service Center. All we need now is a MS. The fun continues with trip/charger planning.