How to download data?

How to download data?

How do I download data such as speed, acceleration, energy usage from my Model S Perf?

EVTripPlanner | 13. Mai 2013

We put together a tool to track actual Tesla using streaming data interface (same as their mobile app) and can then analyze logged data to clock acceleration.

You need to run the Tracker app on your computer while you're out driving - it logs the data to your disk and our database (to tune the algorithm in our Planner. Read about the Tracker and download from:

Here is analysis of my P85:

1-61 mph times (use 1-61 for "rolling start" number...issue right now figuring out 0-XXX times):

It can do any from-to speed, for example, here is the time for 30-60mph:

Or check out 55-75 passing time:

Planner at (or beta 'car view' at )

olanmills | 14. Mai 2013

Tesla definitely needs to implement a nerd mode where we can get more detailed readouts from within the car and also access logs through our account on the websites.

Kaizad | 14. Mai 2013

@cliff that pp might work for new data but I want to download historical data that is already in my car...any ideas?

Brian H | 14. Mai 2013

Nerds can be dangerous.

Robert22 | 14. Mai 2013

That's why nerd's the word!

Musterion | 14. Mai 2013

Links 2-5 broken.

pebell | 15. Mai 2013

Every Tesla Owner should be VERY VERY aware that with his/her Tesla username/password, literally anyone can 1.) find out the exact location of your car, and 2.) unlock the doors, to mention just a few of the possiblities.

So as a general rule, you should NEVER EVER type this username/password in ANY OTHER LOCATION than in a browser window that says "" in the URL field, or in the Tesla App.

While I am sure that in this particular case the creators of this tool actually do what they promise on their website - that they won't send your username/password (which you have to type in their program) to their server - they could easily do just that without you ever knowing it. Not until it is too late, that is.

But if you think I am just being paranoid - may I provide you with a very useful program that I wrote myself? All you need to do is type in your PayPal username/password, and I will give you some nice statistics about your spending behaviour. And make a few changes to it, while I'm at it :-D

But all joking aside. I feel TM is very negligent in communicating how sensitive this username/password combination actually is. I hope they never implement that often requested feature to be able to start the car without the FOB, using only the Tesla App. Because then we will see phishing attempts in nearly every thread of this forum - and with >10,000 fish in the sea, someone will bite..

EVTripPlanner | 15. Mai 2013

@Kaizad: we don't have access to historical data - I suspect Tesla can get that from "black box" and/or from their own telemetry records.

@Musterion: looks like this discussion board software truncates URLs (thanks!) - there is now a link to TRACKER from the home page at

@pebell: we have posted source code at SourceForge (link on Tracker page) to help dispell concerns...but not sure what else we can do, so each person will need to make their decision (as they do when using banking apps, etc).

NKYTA | 15. Mai 2013

@pebell: You could also do this for short periods safely, then change your password. I use the Strong Password Generator from 1Password, it is handy. I tend to change my password at least monthly.

pebell | 15. Mai 2013

@cliff: As I'm sure you're very aware, online banking/payment never requires you to enter your bank's password in a third party app or website (although granted, with mobile apps the difference is sometimes not visible to the end user). Instead, this is always done through protocols using redirection in some way or form.

I am very aware that Tesla currently does not offer anything like this. I too am a developer and I too have developed software which I think I hope to market one day, when Tesla has implemented a security protocol such as OAuth. It's not just a matter of username/password, I also feel that not all commands and data in their API should be available without the owner explicitely granting it. An app that gathers statistics should not have access to, for instance, GPS info, and should not be able to issue commands to unlock the doors, open the sunroof, stop charging, etc. etc.

I really hope Tesla will understand how crucial it is to have a proper SDK in place. I actually find it strange that Elon Musk, with his IT background, isn't taking this more seriously.

dnew92130 | 24. September 2013

The other choice, of course, is to write something that runs on your own computer, just like the Tesla app runs on your own computer. There's no actual need to use someone else's server to do this other than it being easier for the authors to deliver (so to speak) the software to you that way.

Nowadays, one could write (say) a Raspberry-Pi application and the password would never have to leave your house.

AIA304 | 17. November 2015

Give owners/techies read access to view logs. This might also be good for providing a chronological timeline snapshot of errors displayed on instrument cluster or 17" by user profile.

Be great to review traps or timeouts which occur on OBD buss, and telemetry systems. Console logs reports it all.