How many miles have you done in your Model S?

How many miles have you done in your Model S?

Hi guys,
Just wondering, as some people will have had their car for nearly 6 months now, how many miles have you put on your Model S? Has there been any effect on total battery/charge capacity?
Wonder if we can find out who has put the most miles on their Model S to date?


reitmanr | 23. April 2013

4100 miles since Dec30.
We had a sc connector break early on our first road trip.One phone call to TM and TM saw that we got home safely and replaced the connector within 24 hours. Great service! We continue to love this car as do all our guests. And it still gets rock star attention, including truckers wanting to know what it is. We carry some catalogs to leave with folks who want to know more.

reitmanr | 23. April 2013


Sorry. Forgot to mention that TM pointed us to closest non sc station just in case. It was just behind us at Gilroy sc stations.
How do you know in advance of a problem?
My thoughts are, way less likely to have a failure than an ICE. I use the SC stations down in Gilroy when I am in the neighborhood. Using the car and its features helps reveal problems. Compared to ICE cars, very few problems. Way less complicated! Havent heard of another connector problem.

My5bAby | 23. April 2013

You guys won't believe me but I took delivery in late December and now have 18,000 miles. I've driven from DC to Miami & to CT. Work commute is 100miles, 5 days per week. Usually take a road trip most weekends.

No battery degradation what so ever ! I don't even worry about it any more.

We will be fine.

Non performance 85kw

Drive all you want

Of note I've only used max range 3 times and doubt I ever will again.

Captain_Zap | 23. April 2013

At 6000 miles we have found that our Rated Range has increased slightly for both a Standard Charge and a Range Charge.

I don't know if this is because of a tweak in the software or because the batteries are now all balanced and conditioned.

We saw a noticable increase of range in the first weeks of ownership last winter that we attribute to the batteries getting conditioned and balanced. Maybe the more recent subtle increase in range that we are seeing now is due to warming weather.

No Supecharging. Infrequent Range Charges. Routine driving habits with a few extra road trips. We haven't done road trips just for the sake of fun and adventure for years. Road trips are fun again.

Brian H | 23. April 2013

4500 miles a month! Keep that up and you'll need the extended warrantee/service contract by next December. As the test engineer told me, Tesla has produced a battery marvel, a miracle. Breaks all the molds and "rules of thumb".

My5bAby | 23. April 2013


I doubt I'll ever Range charge again because I've found I really don't need to !

Enjoy the ride !

DarrellH | 20. Mai 2013

We are coming up on 13K since the end of August.

wheatcraft | 20. Mai 2013

4500 miles since March 6 (about 11 weeks). I have taken it to/from Reno-Sacramento-San Francisco several times. No problems, and no discernible decrease in charge levels.

Brad Holt | 20. Mai 2013

I've had my MS since February and I just cracked 8k miles! I knew I had a long commute, but MAN those miles are coming quick! No battery issues at all. It's still the best car ever!

rwang | 20. Mai 2013

How many of you folks have replaced the tires yet? Did they wear evenly or unevenly? Thanks.

i'm at 9000 miles.

gopassgas | 21. Mai 2013

Got my MS Nov 18th...just passed 15.5k miles. Replaced the rear tires at 10k miles. Back to front rotation at 13k. Looking to swap left and right rear tires soon to even out wear hopefully.

wbrown01 | 21. Mai 2013

Had it for three months and I have 8,500 miles already.