How many Wh/mile are you averaging? We are at 291.

How many Wh/mile are you averaging? We are at 291.

We have driven our 60KWh Tesla MS for over 5,200 miles so far in about 4 months. We are averaging a rather surprising 291 Wh/mile. My wife drives it most of the time and yes, she is a 'safe' driver; always drives at or below speed limit.

I know it's not really an apples to apples comparison as terrain, weather and driving habits vary. But I thought it would be a fun exercise as many of you by now have several months under the belt and have a meaningful 'average'.

Type away :-)


BobN @US-CA-SoCal | 11. Juni 2014

M85, 19s, SoCal, +1 on the hills. 330 over 3500 miles so far.

buickguy | 11. Juni 2014

S85, pretty much keep up with traffic in the left lane, AC almost always on, lots of freeway driving, sometimes into the Sierra foothills, averaging 333 in 5,300 miles.

mbirnie51 | 11. Juni 2014

P85 with 24.7K miles, 21" Continental. Owned my MS since October of 2013 when I picked it up with 5K miles. 2 round trips from Seattle to San Francisco (one trip in January--very rainy, the other in May), and my daily commute is 80 miles round trip (my wife uses it on weekends to save on gas in her Prius). Left TRIP B to accumulate data from the 5K point and Blue Thunder reads today @ 341 Wh/mile and a total of 6,650 kWh of consumption over the last 19,500 miles.

jchangyy | 11. Juni 2014

S85, 18,000 miles after 1.5 years. 19in. 310wh/mi--lifetime

Ezappia | 16. Juni 2014

26,000 miles in 15 months. Actual miles in real driving conditions is about 220 miles on an 85kw. (70-80 mph, air, radio, phone, hills, etc.)

Tom M.us_az | 17. Juni 2014

P85 4700 miles 315.. 3 months