How Much did You Spend*

How Much did You Spend*

I have never Purchased a car, I have always LEASED* so pardon my dumb questions.

I am getting ready to order an MS85

The car is costing me $90,820

the financing option breaks down like this :

$90,820.00 (tech pkg, glass roof, twin charge, rear seats)

x15% down = $ 13,623.00

=$77,197 financed*

@ 2.95%

=$1,171 / mo.

My expected gas savings/ month = $ 250.00 (since .15kw the tesla will cost me probably 100$ in sdge fees)

True cost of car = $ 921/month* this is important to know , cause if your about to lease an E class or a 5 series bmw, the payment will be 650 easily, so when you factor in 300$ in gas, you pretty much should of just got a tesla and really wow'ed yourself.

now I know of the 13,623 We get 10k back in CA so that is great , but how about the sales tax? did tesla allow you to finance that ?

Anyone in CA who purchased an 85kw with 15% tell me what their total monthly payment is ?

thanks for the help

Dcp9142 | 14. Juli 2013

My purchase is almost exactly same as yours. There's a tax and license calculator on the DMV website. The 15% down for Tesla financing is on the price before tax and license, you have to pay both. So my numbers, roughly, are:

Car $91k, tax and license $7 k, total $98k.
Financed $77k, down $14k, deposit $2.5k, due at delivery $18k. Payment $1.1 k

If you finance outside of Tesla, you may be able to finance the purchase with tax and license included.

In 2-3 months California rebate of $2.5k, federal tax credit of $7.5k appears on tax return next year, but could be applied in advance to estimated taxes if you feel comfortable with that and it fits your situation.

Hope this helps.

Bighorn | 14. Juli 2013

I didn't read too closely, but I think you subtracted your gas savings from TMS plus added it to the ICE comparison. You can't do both and still get credit for your work.

Chooch San Diego | 14. Juli 2013

Awesome thanks for the break down -

Chooch San Diego | 14. Juli 2013

Did tesla have your financing approved before or after the car came

Dcp9142 | 14. Juli 2013


Long before the car came. About three days after I finalized and about 24 hours after completing the finance application.

patricksrail | 04. September 2013


I'm in same boat. To clarify your breakdown (thanks!) -- you're saying that you wrote one check for $2,500 (deposit), another for $18k, and that was it, right? (Aside from monthly payments, obviously).

Or are you saying that you paid $2.5k deposit, $14k down, and then another $18k at delivery?

mem3184 | 04. September 2013

Taking delivery this week.

MS 85
Price $93,520 plus tax and lic. (Calif) ($10K tax credits will effectively reduce this amount)
Down pmt. $2500 + $15964 = $18464
Wells Fargo TM financing- 60 months x $1484 / 2.24%
Guaranteed buyback= $44685

Plan to pay it off as soon as able while preserving the buyback option.

Hope that helps.

chrisdl | 04. September 2013

Bighorn is right.
Check your math, Chooch ;-)

DouglasR | 04. September 2013


Actually, I was thinking of buying a dual-turbo Hummer, so my Model S turned out to be free.