How to Post A Problem Without Incurring Wrath

How to Post A Problem Without Incurring Wrath

Without a doubt, the best car I've ever driven and I want you to know that's coming from someone who has driven a 4Runner, a Chevy Suburban, a Ford 150 Panel Truck, a Pontiac Sebring and a 1972 Celica. So, wow!!

Love the guys at Queens service center in NYC. Happily they've given me 4 opportunities in the past 8 weeks to drop in on them. And because I understand the amout of territory they have to service and the fact that they're only an hour and a half away by train and subway I never ask for a loaner. This way I get to learn a lot more about the amazing NYC transit system. (My call)

So, I had the recall and a few finish problems that went undetected because we're all kind of blind and in a stupor the first month or so. My bad. I took the car in for some wind noise and a nose cone replacement due to my Thruway mishap with a discarded fender (Search for: Takes a Lickin) and I emailed them a few other things I wanted them to look at: AM radio antenna ground, Rear hatch align, silver molding on driver's side and driver's door alignment.

Got the call my car was ready and I gleefully headed to the LIRR and was there in no time (75 minutes). They assured me all was addressed and thanked me again for the snacks I brought them when I dropped off my car. (they don't take tips, but they do take cookies) The guys who were washing my car handed me my fob and I was off with a nosecone they didn't charge me for, attributing it to delivery mishap. Love those guys.

I get home and I see that the driver's door is still misaligned. Great. Get to see them again!! I called and emailed and they got back to me as soon as possible when the weekend was over and said they couldn't see anything wrong with the driver's door. So, because I love driving my car and I love having some place to go I took a ride on the longest parkig lot in the world (The LIE).

Got there and all my friends came out for a visit. When they saw I didn't bring more cookies their enthusiasm faded. I asked one of my faves to run his hand over the window moulding from the passenger door to the driver's door and see if he can tell what I meant. "Oh" he said. We all giggled about that. My fault for not checking it when I was there. I don't know why they didn't call for an explanation when they couldn't find the problem but they probably didn't want to talk with cookies in their mouths.

Told me that his body guy (George) would have to take a look which gives me another opportunity to bring my car to my buddies at Queens Service. It's all good.

I told them I am all caught up on the transit system so to please schedule another visit when I can have a loaner. It seems the going rate for a loaner is 2 pounds of cookies. Still cheaper to me than a train ticket so I'm pleased as punch.

No service scheduled yet. That George guy seems pretty busy which is good because as we know people who do quality work are always booked.

So, love my car, love the service and love life. Everything goes better when you own a Tesla!!

chrisdl | 12. September 2013

It's all your own fault, you jtodtman, you!!

(Sorry, had to say that ;-) ... second time today!)

What was the issue with wind noise and how did they solve it?

mrspaghetti | 12. September 2013

Well done!

I probably wouldn't try the sarcasm approach with the wife and the pants that make her ass look big, but it works well here. Funny stuff.

By the way, did you know you can change your user name for the Tesla site? Very useful for preventing every spammer in the world from offering you opportunities to get elicit cash out of Nigerian bank accounts.

J.T. | 12. September 2013

What was the issue with wind noise and how did they solve it?

That's what I love about you, chrisdl, ever the optimist.

Looking at visit number 5 or 6 for that. Love those guys. Can't wait to see them again.

What I'm hoping for is that the loaner they give me has the same problem so I can just forget about it. Wouldn't that be terrific?!

J.T. | 12. September 2013

@mrspaghetti Hold on!!! I LOVE those guys in Nigeria. They're going to put money in my bank account so I can help them claim some overdo money for them. Already sent them some cookies!

chrisdl | 12. September 2013

Ah-ah-aah [insert finger wagging smiley here]... You tried to sneak that issue past me, didn't you ;-)

What's a little wind noise anyway? Just open your roof, roll down the windows, turn up the AC, and you won't hear a thing anymore. Don't know what you're complaining about, since you can clearly solve that issue easily yourself ;-)

ps: I learned these type of answers from the masters on this forum. How am I doing? :)

wmg | 12. September 2013

Where are you on Long Island? I'm out in Suffolk and also about an hour and a half from the Queens Service Center.

eddiemoy | 12. September 2013

i didn't have to go there to queens, they sent a flat bed to pick up my car and drop it off. funny thing is that when i got the car back, my mobile charging cable was out of its bag and there was a note on it. "don't touch you assholes". also the cable looks like it been all stepped on :(. makes me think if they didn't charged with the high power wall connector. my issue with charging only happens with the high power wall connector.

also i just noticed that the spoiler they installed isn't totally on. think the adhesive not good. it's fine, if it flys off, i'll just ask them to give me another one. :P

i'm in jersey, the service center in springfield isn't fully functional yet.

J.T. | 12. September 2013

@wmg I'm in western Nassau,just 25 minutes from SC at 3 a.m. about an hour and a half at 8:00 am weekdays.

stussy5555 | 12. September 2013

A good start to posting a problem or problems without incurring wrath is to not complain about something that is your own fault. Obviously I'm not talking about you but others have posted "issues" that are no fault of their own or lack of educating themselves on the car prior to buying. Nice sarcasm.

nomorebmws | 12. September 2013

Did you ever consider that Tesla may have misaligned those panels on purpose? They are trying to achieve a kind of zen enlightenment through imperfection. Have you heard of wabi-sabi?

So don't mess with imperfection!

wmg | 12. September 2013

Thanks jtodtman. I want no part of that travel to LI City. I plan on calling for a pick up for needed work (hope never) Also waiting for the new LI service center.

Bighorn | 12. September 2013

Easy for you to stay positive--the car has already saved your life. Most of us aren't similarly indebted!

AmpedRealtor | 12. September 2013

I wish people would take responsibility for their role in whatever issue they happen to be complaining about and to pay attention to the tone of their post. If you are upset about something, step back from the keyboard and don't post until you've calmed down and thought through the situation. Tone is everything.

chrisdl | 12. September 2013

Then again, since we all know that, surely we're capable of seeing through the poor poster's lack of protocol. Realizing that the person posting was a bit too quick on the gun, we answer the issue (if there is one) in a friendly tone, instead of flaming the person (may he burn forever!) because of his or her trigger happiness.

AmpedRealtor | 12. September 2013

I agree, there should never be a reason for flaming someone even if we think he is a troll. The best way to handle something like that is to simply flag the thread as inappropriate. If enough people feel the same way, the thread will disappear. But we can still be courteous with our replies.

Gizmotoy | 12. September 2013

@AmpedRealtor: Tone is next to impossible to convey by written means. Just over the past few days I've seen you get very defensive in regards to posts that, to me, sounded completely non-confrontational.

Beyond that, responsibility can be assigned many ways. One issue I've seen repeatedly is cup holders. Sure, a buyer should be aware of this before they buy, but they're certainly not responsible for them not being there. The fact that they bought anyway doesn't mean the complaint is no longer valid.

Indeed, I think the opposite is true. They like the car enough to buy it despite its faults, and being vocal about the faults will influence Tesla's desire to rectify them in the future. This isn't a ridiculous premise, either: there is evidence of Tesla fixing things people are vocal about. I see a center console in the works, and a solution for rear cup holders...

So in my opinion it's not helping anyone to simply say "you bought the car knowing that, so it's your fault."

J.T. | 12. September 2013

Sorry, Chrisdl, couldn't hear ya 'cause I was driving at 74 miles per with windows closed and pano shut. But I do love when I take a left bank at that speed, cause I think my car is whistling at me.

PBEndo | 12. September 2013

@Amped Don't use that tone with me! ;)

Tone is everything. Unfortunately, tone is often misinterpreted online.

J.T. | 12. September 2013

@stusy5555 What sarcasm? I LOVE those guys!! :-)

Too much?

Gizmotoy | 12. September 2013

@jtodman: Every time you say that I think of this comic
My Dog: The Paradox

tes-s | 12. September 2013

How is the AM radio?

chrisdl | 12. September 2013

Haha, I love that, Gizmoboy!

tes-s: Good question! I wish I had thought of that.

jtodtman: At least you HAVE the car. I still have to wait almost four months! Feeling a bit sad now... I also want a car that whistles at me.

Mathew98 | 12. September 2013

@chrisdl - You ought to get the multi coat red color. The car will whistle at ya and you may even get lucky...

Use to search for an older post from Bamboo8 about makeup in the headliner to see details.

AmpedRealtor | 12. September 2013

Don't get saucy with me, Béarnaise!

J.T. | 13. September 2013


Sorry for the delay.

AM is still problematic. They checked to see if the antenna was grounded properly and it was. Guess it's Tune In for me with AM.

ian | 13. September 2013

OMG the dog comic had me in tears!

This thread is great.

Wait, no, you must be troll. TROLL! TROLL! jtodman's a TROLL!


rch1708 | 13. September 2013

@jtodman: carry on like this and you can expect to be invited to become Assads' new Spin Doctor.

chrisdl | 13. September 2013

Funny you say, because my car is MC Red. In fact, it looks almost identical to AmpedRealtor's car (who is welcome to send me photo's of his car, if he doesn't mind! :-)

mrspaghetti | 13. September 2013

Dog comic priceless. Wife now certain I am insane after laughing until I cried.