HPWC shipping yet?

HPWC shipping yet?

Has anybody received their high power wall charger yet? The Tesla Model-S "FACTS" tab (I think this is new today) says:

We recommend outfitting your garage with a 240 volt outlet or a High Power Wall Connector before your Model S arrives.

I would love to receive mine (currently on my signed MVPA) so it can be installed before my Personal Delivery! Any news?

weeandthewads | 05. März 2013

Picked up my P85 December 14th and I received my HPWC three weeks ago. It just arrived at my door step. Installed and working well. The cable hanger is still backordered. The cable is slightly longer, thicker and much heavier than the cable that came with the car.

Brian H | 05. März 2013

"joulery"? Report to the PUNishment wall tomorrow morning, to be shot. <;p

bradslee | 05. März 2013


Just like you, I got my car right after last Christmas and am still waiting for the HPWC to be shipped. I was told via email from Tesla that my HPWC will likely arrive sometime between mid-March and the end of March. I will keep my fingers crossed.

gorsak | 05. März 2013

Got my P85 on Dec 22nd, my HPWC arrived on 2/28 via Fed ex. Installed and working the next day.

JoeBadge | 05. März 2013

gorsak - did you have to pay for the shipping?

JoeBadge | 05. März 2013

gorsak - did you have to pay for the shipping?

DrJ | 05. März 2013

Got mine today. No shipping charge. No cable organizer.

electricblue0303 | 05. März 2013

I got mine a couple weeks ago and had it installed last week. Wickedly fast charging! Geesh does that sucker move power. I almost shudder to think how much energy moves with the Superchargers!

FlasherZ | 05. März 2013

Still waiting on mine (VIN S01049, S1189). Luke from ownership swears they're going in order and he hasn't heard of anyone not getting them in order, but the threads are pretty clear.

Last I heard is that it was going to be manufactured on 2/28 and shipped to me.

Tesla has a good random-number generator in the HPWC factory, I suppose.

Beepbeep | 05. März 2013

Still waiting for my HPWC

dtesla | 06. März 2013

I have not received my HPWC, but more importantly I have been enjoying my MS since Jan 9th.

To clarify; I had to pay the $30 for shipping of my HPWC. I did not have to pay shipping for any of the other 3 missing items. Two of which I have already received. One was shipped to my home (Shipping paid by Tesla) and the other I picked up at a Tesla service center (the pickup was coincidence. I happened to be at Tesla Service center for a detailing and they happened to have the part). The last item is to be shipped to my home with Tesla paying the shipping charge.

gorsak | 06. März 2013

@JoeBadge: I think it was included in the cost of the car.

Captain_Zap | 06. März 2013


HPWC shipping was a line item on my MVPA. I paid for it when I paid for the HPWC and the car.

pilotSteve | 06. März 2013

Since I was OP, time for me to check in again! Hooray, I got my HPWC 3/01 and had electrician install it yesterday.

Beautiful piece of equipment (@Captain_zap's best description: It is like a piece of joulery) and the install is quite straightforward. Took 2 hours total for the install.

No cord hanger as previously noted so I had already purchased the Eaton plastic hanger from amazon and am using that until the Tesla one arrives.

Love charging at 20kW. It changes my relationship with the car: I am now certain that within four hours I'll be fully charged again. Somehow that feels more like a 'personal mini supercharger' than the ideal of eight hours charge time.

Good things come to those who wait. You will love yours when it shows up!

Captain_Zap | 06. März 2013


Our cars were due at the same time and we got our HPWC's at the same time. Although, if I recall correctly your car was delayed a bit longer than mine.

Eletrek | 07. März 2013

Received HPWC on 3/1 installed yesterday 3/6 and so far so good. Picked up car on 12/14 VIN #0696.

tonysled | 10. März 2013

Vin# 1862, still waiting for mine.

TESLAOWNR | 16. März 2013

I just got my hpwc 1 day after receiving car. They must be cranking them out now. Vin 0749. Shouldn't be a big delay anymore.

sunkat | 17. März 2013

Rec'd HPWC on 3/15
VIN 3033
P85 delivered 1/3

Alex K | 17. März 2013

Received and installed HPWC on 14-Mar-2013. Vin #03218. I used the Panduit J-Pro Cable Support as a temporary measure until the cable organizer is available:

awaite | 17. März 2013

2/6/13: finalized order incl HPWC
3/11/13: status of delivery TBD according to Tesla (not my first inquiry but the latest)
3/12/13: HPWC delivered
3/13/13: SolarCity arrives to do temporary install, turns out to not be temporary
3/14/13: Factory pickup, DS: "wow you are lucky, I've never heard of that [surprise early delivery, before temp intall appt] happening"

Seems to me they are moving fast and trying to beat delivery when they can, even if not everyone at Tesla has visibility to the actual delivery status.

Robert22 | 17. März 2013

Very clean looking install, nice job.

Anyone have any pictures of their HPWC mounted on a cement pillar or wall? I'll be installing mine in the underground parking garage of a condo, and I'm curious as to placement (height, location, orientation, conduit) relative to a single parking space given adjoining spaces on each side. I'm sure there are pitfalls to avoid.
Thanks in advance.

gasnomo | 18. März 2013

wife just informed me we received ours today...

jorko | 20. März 2013

Received my HPWC three days ago, Solarcity installed yesterday, I charged last night no probs, just went to plug in for the night and it seems the HPWC is dead. Tried the reset button on the right, flipped the 100A breaker it is wired into, still no joy. Worst part is my temporary 40A plug was removed during install of the HPWC so now I'm stuck with 110v!

I highly recommend keeping your "temporary" 40A outlet when you have the HPWC installed... I'll post an update once I get this resolved.

hammy16 | 20. März 2013

I had a similar problem after using it for several months. The problem was a open fuse in the unit.
They are 100 amp fuses and available from Tesla and also a good electrical supplier.
There is a nice note available that describes how to replace the fuse and the part number.

I was running mine a 80 charge rate. Have since lowered it to 70 as I really did not need
the absolute max available. I did leave the 6-50 connector installed when I added the HPC
for just this condition.

hammy16 | 20. März 2013

Since it is such a recent install you probably should go through Solar City or ownership first
There are two identical fuses in the unit (TJN-100) and with the cover off (and the breakers
that feed the HPC off) you can check both fuses for continuity. I did my own install so may
be presuming your comfort level might not be has high as mine for doing it yourself.

I can provide you with the procedure (PDF) if you are interested. (would need your e-mail) In your case Solar City may
already have the procedure and fuses in stock and since it was only a few days after install they probably will cover the fuse replacement

jorko | 25. März 2013

Thank you for the info hammy16. Turns out it was those fuses. Like you said they are pretty easy to replace. SolarCity was back out the next day, confirmed it was the fuses, replaced them, and all has been well since then. SolarCity had a heck of a time tracking those fuses down (in Los Angeles where you can find anything) but they were cool enough to leave me a spare pair. Probably good advice to keep a few spare fuses on hand. Thanks again hammy16.

hammy16 | 25. März 2013

Super... Glad to see you got it going again. I was told that if one fuse opens that it was a good idea
to replace both as they both have seen the same stress. I am still leaving mine on 70 amp
charge instead of 80 as I typically do not have a charge time constraint. I did run it at the 80 amp charge rate for several months. Hard to say what actually triggered the fuse to go.

japaradis | 21. April 2013

Car delivered March 9. HPWC delivered April 17.