I bet you find less than three Links to Negative Model S reviews

I bet you find less than three Links to Negative Model S reviews

I've read a lot of reviews, I Have not seen any reviews of the Model S that was on average negative. At this point I want to see those. I had my test drive, I'm sold. I am not trying to change anyone's mind about the Model S, but I think we all need some more interesting reading.

roseland67 | 26. Juli 2012

I would not be surprised if most of the bad press was from people
who have shorted the stock.

Steve841 | 26. Juli 2012

The negatives are all pointed out here .... and those of us who are willing to take early adopter status know there will be some issues.

I'm just hoping the lull in production is an indicator that Tesla is truly making improvements before ramping up production.

wbrown01 | 26. Juli 2012

Yes, everything TM has done to this point was to show Wall Street and nay sayers they were not a Fisker; TM rolled out 30 days early, which we all know that was planed, they said 300 miles when they knew tests would show 320 miles. These were things that would have killed the shocked if they were a day late or a mile short. So I won’t be surprised if next we hear TM will exceed 5,000 cars this year.

Sudre_ | 26. Juli 2012

And the investors will still freak out if Elton farts the wrong smell.

Sudre_ | 26. Juli 2012

I hate how tablets change spelling. Elton is Elon

Slindell | 26. Juli 2012

StevenR: of course they are "truly making improvements." The questions is: are they improvements that you care about...

I think anyone looking for noticable changes will be disappointed.