I got my car today...

I got my car today...

Lets start with yesterday. I know many have been down this road before... lack of sleep. You get that call and the information that your car will be dropped off the next day and your brain just won't stop.
Where's the floor mats?
Where did I put the Fedex from Tesla with the paperwork?
Is she going to have enough charge for me to drive it all day tomorrow?
It was impossible to sleep last night.

This morning I was up early. I checked the Android app to see if maybe someone had enabled it in the car but no luck. I let my wife sleep in while I paced around the house watching the minutes tick by like hours. It reminded me of high school waiting on the bell to chime the end of the school day. Checking the forums to see what was up only seemed to make things worse so I re-watched all the Tesla videos. Finally after years.. ok a few hours of waiting it was 9am and I decided to stir the wife. We were going out to breakfast before I went insane. The car wasn't coming 'til around noon. I called my parents and they met us at the restaurant.

I knew the car was coming on a fairly large truck so I scheduled the delivery at my parents house in the county where the roads where wide and the street less traveled. After breakfast we all made our way back to their place and the conversation helped the time go by a little better. It wasn't long before the phone rang and we got the word the driver was 10 minutes away. Large truck was an understatement. A covered tandem car carrier came rolling down the block.... huge would have been an understatement. My car was the last one and the unloading was smooth and efficient. My wife was running around with the Google doc check list as the car was being unloaded with a smile plastered on her face like she had run into the Joker from a Batman movie. I had the same phenomenon since the 10 minute warning phone call. An inspection of the car and signature later and I was good to go. Everything was perfect. (no DS) There was a small white mark on the windshield that scrapped off with a finger nail. No items unaccounted for. I didn't get any major features. 60Kwh, no sunroof, 19" wheels, single charge without the tech package or sound upgrade. Basic blue car with air-suspension and grey leather. The supercharging upgrade was included because I was an early reservation.

We all spent the next hour in and around the car playing with every feature and touch screen button there was to push, slide, open and/or close. My dad checked the air pressure in all the tires and my mom and wife sat in the car talking like two happy birds in their nest. Once I had thoroughly introduced everyone to the car we drove off to my brothers to show it to him. By the time we got there my parents had the Tesla grin. After my brother got his introduction I took my parents home and from there my wife returned to our house to find a name for our new baby. I don't think she was as enthusiastic about the car until today.

You might think this was the end of the day for introductions. Not quite. I had been updating Facebook during the whole process. I now had dozens of likes and comments and a few promised test drives to get out of the way. Three hours later and I was finally back in my own garage to get a charge.... for my PHONE. I was streaming music thru the phone because I already had Pandora setup on it and it was so easy to connect using bluetooth. I had forgot to bring along a USB cord to charge so I had to stop by the house. Once the phone was plugged into the car and charging my wife and I went off to give one more test drive and pick up a pizza... we'll pass on delivery for a while. By the end of the whole day the car, now named Storm after the x-men character, was only down to about 120 miles of rated charge. Sure most of the 3-4 hours was just sitting in the car talking to people about it with short drives around the city but I was impressed with the range. Best quote of the night was from my friends 9 year old after his mom finished driving it around the neighborhood for 5 minutes. When she pulled in front of her house Patrick screamed, "That's IT!" he was ready to ride along all night.
My wife tells me this link should work since the FB album of the delivery is public. You will need to be logged into you FB account.

pilotSteve | 10. Februar 2013

May I be the first here to say ---- CONGRATS Sudre_ I've enjoyed reading your postings over the past year or more. Now...... GO ENJOY!

nickjhowe | 10. Februar 2013

Congrats @Sudre_ Great to hear from someone who've been around the forum for so long finally get to enjoy what some of us have had for weeks or months.

jat | 10. Februar 2013


Tâm | 10. Februar 2013

Did you monitor your car's location with the Cell Phone app before its arrival?

Congratualtions to you Sudre.

Great pictures marking a happy occasion of a delivery of Tesla Model S.

It's great to see contagious Tesla grin :)

TINO F | 10. Februar 2013

A Huge congrats and I applaude your excitement. Cease every moment and every spark (or lack of) that life can give.

portia | 10. Februar 2013

what? you put pizza in your new car! ;)
congrats! enjoy your car, mine doesn't have a name...

Anthony H | 10. Februar 2013

@Sudre, congratulations! I just got my 60kWh last Tuesday, and haven't had a mmoment to post or reply... driving is so much more fun!

BTW, I insisted my wife drive our new car all weekend... so she comes home today from lunch with a friend and starts looking up the pricing, because now she wants one too.

Brian H | 11. Februar 2013

TINO F | February 10, 2013
Cease every moment and every spark (or lack of) that life can give.

Hey, that's a nasty thing to say! ('Cease' means end or terminate. I suspect you meant "seize". ;) )

Runar | 11. Februar 2013

"Anthony H | 10. Februar 2013 nye
BTW, I insisted my wife drive our new car all weekend... so she comes home today from lunch with a friend and starts looking up the pricing, because now she wants one too."

This is what makes it so fun.:-D All that is needed, is a quick test drive, and most ppl fall in love and get the expensive "must have" feeling.

I cant wait for my chance to start giving test-drives, and "force" people to reserve their Tesla Model S. :-)

Hogfighter | 11. Februar 2013

Tesla's gonna sell a million of these things. Congrats Sudre!

petero | 11. Februar 2013

Sudre. Congratulations. One question. In hind sight, would you rather have had your "S" two weeks earlier or 'enjoyed' that vacation to the Bahamas?

July10Models | 11. Februar 2013

Congrats Sudre!
@hogfighter, I hope so, that would be about $20B valuation at 25% margin. An easy 400% on the stock.

prash.saka | 11. Februar 2013

Congrats dude!

petero | 11. Februar 2013

I have had my ‘S’ for two weeks and put almost a thousand miles on it.

The Good News:

Simply put, this is the finest car I have ever driven. It is quick, quiet - stealthy, comfortable, the fit and finish (inside and out) is great, the 17” infotainment system is easy to use and navigate. I love the clean lines and styling of both exterior and interior too (yes I will probably buy Soflauthors console unless TM announces something very soon). I love the quiet way it launches and the regen braking – only use the brakes in the last few feet when I have to come to a complete stop. I have been lazy and did not get my iPhone/iTunes set up, yet. I did buy a 128K thumb drive and have copied tons of CDs and it works great. Everyone flips for the door handles. On a minor note, one of my favorite add ons – the zero emissions signage on the back. I like it so much I will hold off installing my vanity plate ( +ESLA S ).

The Fair News:

Three minor complaints. My passenger floor mat does not have a plastic grippy at the top and it flops over - it currently is doing its’ job upside down. My second whine is the sun visors being too narrow. I would like TM to consider, in future models, an extension that slides down (vertically). Finally, TM should consider a better display of accent trim in its’ stores. Those small samples of lacewood, obeche matt and gloss are hardly enough.

The Bad News:

1. I have a loaded 60kWh. It is everything I had expected but now I wish I had ponied up the extra $10K and got the 85kWh battery. The 19” wheels and all weather tires are just fine (I do prefer the turbine style wheels looks but want 19”). I don’t need or want the Performance 85 but what other forum posters have said often enough, when it comes to range, more is more!

2. Excitement or lack there of. My biggest complaint - THE ‘S’ IS TOO DARN REFINED! Too many years of driving toys - vintage German, English, Italian sports cars with whiney little engines, manual transmissions, skinny tires, tops down. The ‘S’ is great to drive but not exciting.

I will end the way I started. The ‘S’ is by far the best car I have owned by a wide margin. It will be great for my medium trips, spacious for my elderly in-laws. The ride is soooo smooth and soooooooo quiet. You have to be careful passing slower traffic, one squirt on the accelerator and you are instantly doing 85 in a 45 mph zone. My wife calls the ‘S’ a spaceship I kind of think of it as a “magic carpet ride.” By the way, the Standard White paint looks gorgeous. The tan leather is nicer than expected (I originally thought it was too light).

So, in conclusion, I love my ‘S’ and I will still drive my Alfa Romeo Spider up and down the canyons for a change of pace, the top is always down and we only have 350 days of sunny weather in Southern CA. I like the fine dining analogy. The “S” is like a great dinner with a nice wine. The Alfa is … dessert.

Sudre_ | 11. Februar 2013

I had my best drive home through rush hour traffic than I have ever had in my life. I was so happy to get stuck at the yellow lights. When I rounded the corner and saw the construction signs and detours along with a long lines of cars, I smiled.... more time in my car.

noel.smyth | 11. Februar 2013

Congrats and welcome to the future!

olanmills | 11. Februar 2013

Congrats. 2,200 miles in, I have to say, yeah, it's not thrilling or anything, but I genuinely enjoy driving and using the car every day. Though you know, that might have something to do with the fact that I can get Radio Nintendo on TuneIn...

Brian H | 11. Februar 2013

Program the Nav system to find the construction delays and head for them. A new and unique optimization!

Superliner | 11. Februar 2013

I'm Green with ENVY Sudre!! Enjoy a little for me!! Eventually I'll get there as well.

drp | 11. Februar 2013

Congratulations Sudre. I hope you do not leave the forum. You always present great insights!!


GLO | 11. Februar 2013

Congrats! We still our Tesla grin after two and a half weeks. Enjoy the ride, you've earned it!

danielccc | 11. Februar 2013

I haven't read your previous posts. Can you give any insight into why you skipped the pano roof? Otherwise your car sounds identical -except the color- to the configuration I have in mind.

riceuguy | 11. Februar 2013

Danielcc, I have a nearly identical config coming (hopefully) soon (though with tech package). I skipped the Pano roof because I've had sunroofs (and even convertibles) in nearly every car I've had and I use them less than 5% of the time. Honestly, it was the easiest thing to give up as I thought about whether to jump from 40kwh to 60kwh. It looks like an awesome roof, and if you can comfortably afford it, go for it! For me, it would have been comfortable on the 40kwh, but with the 60 it would have been a serious stretch!

Sudre_ | 12. Februar 2013

Roof skip was simple. Most people probably use thier pano roof... I have had a car for 12 years with a sunroof and opened it maybe twice. In St. Louis it is either 27 degrees like it is now or 100 and I like to be 68 degrees.

trynals | 12. Februar 2013

Our S was delivered on Sunday (blue/gray/85KW/tech/air) and I haven't stopped grinning since. All I can say is, "Oh wow!" over and over again.

Took the car to work yesterday and am thinking I might need to transfer the plates from my Lexus to the Tesla: LAT AGN. I was late to everything because everywhere I went people wanted to see and have a ride in this car. Bet I could pay for it by charging $20 for test drives!

Does Tesla pay commission? I think I have sold, or at least gotten someone to seriously consider, this car at least a half dozen times. And that was in only the first day...

nickjhowe | 12. Februar 2013

Congrats @trynals. No commission, but think of all those potential sales as a way of (a) ensuring the long term viability of your car and (b) accelerating the installation of superchargers near you, assuming you aren't in CA. :-)

Brian H | 12. Februar 2013

As the man sez, "You can't buy free publicity". Word-of-mouth and news stories are TM's major drivers so far (along with the display stores). BTW, trynals, if you hear of a confirmed reservation post the date and res# somewhere here for us. It's getting harder to find those. (It may be that it gives too accurate a read on sales for TM's comfort. ??)