I guess I'm getting a black one because i don't want to "see" the grill.

I guess I'm getting a black one because i don't want to "see" the grill.

I heard an auto journalist saying when are electric cars going to lose the "grill" that most of the them seem to come with. I get the idea of giving the car a "face" (and a place to mount a license plate, but Porsche 911's have done without grills for over 50 years and they look good.

I have seen a render of a wagon'ed Model S, I'd love to see what it would look like with a better looking front bumper/grill.

DTsea | 03. Januar 2013

It still has to have an air intake in the front for the AC (which cools the battery and the cabin).

Seems to me that the plastic nose cone is probably removable for dings. Plus in my state front license plates are required, so they have to be able to mount them somewhere...

I did order a black one. But really because I would rather spend extra for the pano roof and the tech package etc than for fancy paint.

Mark E | 03. Januar 2013

My 928 is front engined, yet does not have a grill that you can see. I'd also prefer the nose cone to be less obvious.

kevinf311 | 03. Januar 2013

I, like many others, loved the look of the grill on the alpha, hated the featureless beta, and am OK with the production.

I think it really adds to (like you said) the "face" of the car. Some cars have a good "face" without a grill and some need a big grin that a grill affords.

I'm actually also getting the Black finish because I think it looks hella slick. Makes the chrome accents really pop.

petero | 03. Januar 2013

Slightly off subject. I passed this suggestion to George B who passed on to the design dept. I would like the “S” to have an Endura Bumper, same color as the body . Enjoy the 1968 video of MTCOTY.

Getting Amped Again | 03. Januar 2013

Have owned several black cars.

They are like falling in love with the prettiest girl in the class - you're bound to get your feelings hurt.