I live alone but I want a model X...

I live alone but I want a model X...

I'm a mid 30s female who lives alone and is single. I currently drive a mustang. But I want a model X and I find myself trying to convince myself that an SUV makes sense for me...when I'm not sure that it really does.

I don't lug around people. Maybe once a month is there someone else in my car. This might change if I got a model X and I could become the work-lunch-chauffer which isn't necessarily a good thing. I do lug around 2 large dogs in the back seat of my car frequently and they're a little cramped in my mustang. That third row of seats would probably permanently be folded down. Complete waste on me.

I lug around a giant hockey back and sticks. This is one reason I'm currently considering abandoning my mustang, despite considering getting a newer model recently. My bag and sticks BARELY fit. This is my biggest hangup about getting a newer mustang...I don't want to continue dealing with this issue.

I drive a pretty decent amount...50+ miles a day min. So electric has obvious appeal. My ideal price range would be 50-60 for my next car, but that doesn't factor in electric at all...which really would be a several thousand dollar savings per year on gas and I'd hope to drive this next car for at least 5 years.

I've been obsessed with gull wing doors since I was little. I haven't even been thinking about the model S since I learned about the falcon doors.

I generally go for muscle/sports cars. I like the look and love the power. I'm not in love with the look of the X. I don't really care for any SUV shaped cars. But I could probably learn to love it.

Am I being ridiculous even considering reserving one?

jan.anglin | 24. August 2014

You are not ridiculous, wanting an X. It sounds perfect for dogs, and hockey gear. If it handles like the S, you will never look back.

Sounds like a cool idea, and way more fun than a newer version of your current car.

I say, if you like the S, you will love the X.

Good luck!


kashrahman | 24. August 2014

not ridiculous to consider the Model X, but if you don't love the looks (besides the cool gullwing doors), why not consider a Model S? assuming this will be your only car, I can understand having the Model X -- covers any possible situation all the time (need to drive 6 other people? need to carry several dogs? bought lots of hockey equipment?) etc. But also think of the 98% of the time when it's just you -- I would hope that you at least really like what you drive. and not to distract from Tesla, but there are other sports cars out there that look great and have more cargo space than the Mustang. (the Audi A7 comes to mind, the Dodge Challenger may offer slightly more space, the Chevy SS and Dodge Charger are both sporty 4 door sedans.) all that said, the gull wing doors are REALLY cool. I could see people choosing the Model X over the S (and other competitors) mainly for that reason.

jjs | 24. August 2014

You only live once. Enjoy it.

Brian H | 24. August 2014

Note that the 3rd row seats are now add-on options.

If it turns out to be too large, put up with it till the Model3-X comes out (2018?), and trade down!

Red Sage ca us | 24. August 2014

If you let your dogs choose, they'd say go for the Model X. Check out the reveal video either here on the site or at YouTube, and you'll see the storage capacity is pretty darned huge. I think it would swallow your hockey gear without blinking.

I strongly suspect that a lot of people will end up removing the second row of seats, and using the third row far more often than they thought they might. It may make for a rather expensive 'van'... But would end up being used as a cozy 'limo' for two.

vperl | 25. August 2014

Single, you have committed a serious crime.

You can join me in the padded room next to mine, we can converse through a series of taps and pauses. The manual for the tapping is on Amazon books.

jdb | 26. August 2014

Go for it @laurduncan. Deposit is refundable anyway and you will have plenty of time to read reviews once car being produced and delivered before your number comes up. Suspect that you will not be disappointed.

laurduncan | 26. August 2014

Thank you all, you made several great arguments and helped me think some more on the situation.

I've gone ahead and made the reservation! I may not love the look of an SUV, but I love everything else about the car...and there's nothing else on the market that does that for me :)

Thank you!

Brian H | 26. August 2014

Elon has said that customers have higher expectations of the MX than their available information permits, but are right anyway. ;p :D

Red Sage ca us | 27. August 2014

Congratulations! I really want a Coupe from Tesla. It seems I may have to wait a few years to get it. I'll probably end up getting a Model S or Model X first. Though honestly, I don't think Tesla will need our 'repeat business' anytime soon.

TonyInNH | 27. August 2014

For what it's worth I live alone and placed a reservation for the X. Aside from the AWD (I live in NH) I plan on only owning one car so I'd like it to have extra space in case I need to load it up.

vperl | 27. August 2014

Two lonely soles meeting on the Tesla forums, how special.

barrykmd | 28. August 2014

I really want a Coupe from Tesla.

I read an article recently that said coupe demand is way down and many are being discountinued.

ian | 28. August 2014

Just like proper wagons unfortunately. So sad to be losing choices in the auto style market.

GLO | 28. August 2014

Have a Model S now and can't wait for the Model X. Will give my S to my hubby. No kids but 2 dogs and always lugging around stuff in my car. Love the all wheel drive for skiing.

Red Sage ca us | 28. August 2014

barrykmd wrote, "I read an article recently that said coupe demand is way down and many are being [discontinued]."

Yeah. People really like pickups, sedans, minivans, and SUVs. So if Tesla Motors is to tackle the mass market properly, those are the body styles that must be addressed first. Coupes, 2+2 hatchbacks, two-seaters, and convertibles really don't move the needle very much.

The Model S is the only 'sports sedan' that I like, all the rest seem a like a joke in comparison. I expect the Model X will be tremendously popular and that it will eventually outsell the Model S by a 3:1 margin. I may buy one of those, even though neither fits my needs, if I just can't wait any longer...

I'm hoping that a Model ≡ Coupe is at the reveal of the Generation III platform, and that it is available for purchase within two or three years of launch. | 03. September 2014

Laurduncan: When you get your X, your dogs will be happy, your hockey gear will be easily stowed, and you may find yourself making new friends that are more than "nodding" acquaintances. See

lkashworth | 03. September 2014

Ha, The ranks of singles with X reservations goes up +1. I am a sixtysomething female who is been driving a LEAF for three years. Can't wait to make the jump.

carlk | 06. September 2014

My previous four cars before I got the MS are all 2 door, 2 or 2+2 seats sports cars but that's not the only car we have. The bigger car does offer a lot of convienence since you always have the opportunity of taking more than one passenger. That said I will still trade my MS for a small sports car in no time when Tesla offers one. Wife did reserve an MX even she has not driven my MS once yet. She just wants a Tesla SUV.

Mark K | 06. September 2014

Some girls just like to ride high for a commanding view of the road. Maybe that's subconsciously influencing you.

But for a single female without SUV hauling demands, the Model S is more flattering.

My wife looks totally sexy when she pulls into the driveway in her S.

jjs | 08. September 2014

My wife only drives the S when she has to. She does not like sitting so low. She has driven SUVish cars since we were married. Definitely likes to sit up higher. But she looks great no matter what she drives! :) Sure wish she read this forum! :)
X is on order, but I think the changes are about 20% she will actually take delivery. Serious range anxiety/new tech anxiety.

jjs | 08. September 2014

.....forgot to add. She does not think the seats in the S are a comfortable as her MDX. I would have to agree.

So as long as the X allows you to sit up higher, has more comfortable seats (by her standards) and INCREASES range over the S I'm all set! (Hence my 20% guesstimate of adoption.)