I purchased a Telsa Model S Used. How do I register it with Tesla?

I purchased a Telsa Model S Used. How do I register it with Tesla?

What do i need to do to register the Tesla in my name with the company for warranties and support? Thank You.

garygid | 14. Januar 2015

Is it a salvage title, or a clear title? | 14. Januar 2015

You can probably shoot an e-mail to to get the process started or head over to a service center if one is nearby.


ElectricSteve | 14. Januar 2015

Go to a service-center because the "ownership" email address is a fairytale. Sent several email, they did not bounce so the address does actually exist, but i never ever got a reply. You could try though...

But really, take the car to an SC.

J.T. | 14. Januar 2015 | 14. Januar 2015

Funny - always works for me. I guess you could also go old school and just call them, but I assume a some point, you are going to need to provide proof of ownership.


PS It would be pretty funny if worked

Haggy | 14. Januar 2015

I don't remember where I read it, but I read that they essentially need to have proof that you are the registered owner and it's a legitimate change. The rest is easy. I'd say call your nearest showroom and ask, or call the toll free number.

You might want to also get the $600 maintenance if the plan doesn't come with your car. That way you can assure that everything is perfect.

1LuckyGuy | 14. Januar 2015

I just did this a month ago. Electric Steve is wrong. They handled it in 24 hours. You'll need to email the and they'll ask for a copy of your license and temporary registration. Very simple and pain free

Zork | 14. Januar 2015

When I sold my P85, the communications were done via It was painless.

As jw40 mentioned, they did want a copy of the title in the new owner's name along with a copy of the new owner's driver's license.

The only pain is the wait between the P85 that I sold and the P85D which I hope will get built soon :)

garygid | 14. Januar 2015

How are salvage titles handled?

Haggy | 15. Januar 2015

Salvage titles should be handled the same way after a mandatory inspection is done that assures that the car is roadworthy with no issues.

ElectricSteve | 15. Januar 2015

@ jw40

You mean to say you emalied ownership and they actually responded?

Why is it that multiple owners, never got a response (which is needed to get things going) and others get replied to promptly?
There is another topic called something like "is ownership real" or similar which asks this very question and the experiences vary greatly.

Humming X-files intro tune...

Anyway, back on topic.

Zork | 15. Januar 2015

@jw40 - They were very responsive. It was weird being able to snoop on the new owner driving away. Within 24 hours my access was gone and the car was under his name. He went to do things at service center and in their minds the car was his. Could not have gone smoother.

SIGEPJEDI | 04. April 2019

Here is the official ownership request link:

Which states:
Ownership Transfer Support
Our ownership transfer process supports new owners who purchased a Tesla from a private owner or third-party.

To request an ownership transfer, start by creating a Tesla Account. Next, send an email to from the same email address used to create your Tesla Account, including:

Color copy or photo of your driver’s license or state/province ID
Copy or photo of your title or registration
If registering under a business, include your business card with your name and company name
Email address used to create your Tesla Account, which will link to your car
Mailing address
Phone number
Type of purchase (from a private owner or third-party)
Once you complete the transfer, your ownership will be registered with the Tesla Team. You can use your Tesla Account with the Tesla app to remotely control your car and schedule service appointments.

NOLEK SUM | 04. April 2019

Been there, done that. Take the title, bill of sale, and your DL to the service center and they will do the paperwork. Take good color photos of all of these with your phone as they will want them digitally.

I was told it would take 3-4 weeks. But then my MCU blew out and in order to send out a tow truck they had to get the car in my name and they did it in ten minutes. That is not the recommended route.