I will be taking my Model X to the gas station

I will be taking my Model X to the gas station

My Model X will replace my Yukon XL. It will do everything the Yukon currently does. This includes pulling a 5000 pound boat and getting gas for water toys. I live on a lake and have lots of water toys: Boats, Jet Skis, a Seaplane, etc. During the summer, I load fuel barrels into the back of the Yukon and go get gas for the water toys. So, when I get my Model X, it will take on that role. I will be loading it with fuel barrels and heading to the gas station.

I hope the electric car Gods don't strike me down.

carlgo | 08. Juni 2014

There is that video of a couple driving in a GM pickup when it was hit by lightning. Very dramatic. All the air bags deployed and the doors locked and they couldn't get out, but luckily the police happened by and rescued them. So, lightening can be used to punish you and if so, do you want cans of gas in your car?

Also, lightning and low and slow for awhile. Buy a Tesla emblem and fasten it to the top to fake out the lightning gods.

Roamer@AZ USA | 08. Juni 2014

Get a pickup truck. Never haul fuel in the passenger compartment of an enclosed vehicle.

FactDoc | 08. Juni 2014

I'd ride a Model X with a nuclear warhead between the legs and I'd feel safe. Couple of gas liters is just fine.

NumberOne | 08. Juni 2014

The problem with transporting gasoline inside the passenger compartment is the possibility of fumes.

flyjeffva | 10. Juni 2014

Leonard, that is why I have all windows open on the Yukon when driving with fuel. I am also careful about grounding and static.

Lightning to a vehicle carrying a quantity of gas is a bad thing. I hope reading about it here is my only exposure to this.