If Panasonic develops cells that are twice the hight of the "18650 cells", but also have at least double the capacity, then ....

If Panasonic develops cells that are twice the hight of the "18650 cells", but also have at least double the capacity, then ....

Then Tesla Motors can use these longer cells to manufacture a battery pack that is double as thick/high as the current battery pack (10cm / 4inch). This new battery pack will have the capacity of at least 170 kWh. And it will be a bit heavier of course, but it does not really have to be double the weight, due to development in battery technology. But it will result in a longer range of the EV in which this new battery pack will be used. Is this idea feasible? Your thoughts please.

Bubba2000 | 15. Februar 2013

Model S is heavy as it is at 4,700 lbs! Doubling the battery size, if at all practical, would mean changing production equipment - too expensive, imo. Better off stacking the batteries, but that will need temperature control, sensors, increase in radiator size. Suspension will have to be upgraded along with structural support. Hairball in my opinion.

Better off investing in a supercharger network for the interstate highways. Locally, we need mid-end hotels, MacD, etc to have 50-100 amp/240V chargers that are relatively cheap.

Biggest bang for the buck would upgrading the Model S software so that the temperature of the battery, temperature of the car can be maintained from connected power, even after charging is complete. The GPS needs to have unto date info on supercharger locations, regular public chargers, weather, etc and offer trip solution: how to get from point A >> B without getting stranded. What would be optimum speed versus charging time to get there soonest? What if I want to change the parameters of speed and use HVAC, etc? Average rich or upper middle class dude/dudette does not want to research on the web for charging alternatives. That is the segment for Model S.

Benz | 15. Februar 2013

Thanks to development in battery technology, it does not really have to be double the weight!!!

scriptacus | 15. Februar 2013

You're actually just Ken M in disguise aren't you, Benz.

cloroxbb | 15. Februar 2013

Benz, you are just full of hypotheticals eh? Haha, its entertaining to come here everyday and see a bunch of new threads by you.

Anyways, I dont think any of the batteries will be upgraded in the Tesla models until these criteria are met:

1. Fits in the same space it takes up now or smaller

2. Is at least as heavy as the current 85kwh or lighter and

3. Is as expensive as the 85kwh battery or cheaper for higher capacity

Benz | 16. Februar 2013

Until November 2012 I had never heard of Elon Musk or Tesla Motors or SpaceX or Solar City. But in the last 3 months I have learned a lot. And I really think that Elon Musk is going to succeed in turning his vision into reality. And that is just fantastic. We have somebody among us who is capable to do things that we could only dream about. I had never thought that an EV could have a reasonable range. I had never thought that we could ever be able to get rid of our addiction to oil. But now, I really do think that there IS another way. The reason that I post all these threads is that I want to explore what is possible and what is not possible. And I believe that future EV's will be technologically even better than present EV's. I just want to share my ideas with all of you. And I am just learning, which is good.

cloroxbb | 16. Februar 2013

I have no problem with that :)

Joshua Burstyn | 16. Februar 2013


Me neither. I'd rather read 1,000 posts from someone who dreams big than from someone who is primarily concerned with putting others down or being pedantic about the English language.

I think open and honest discussion about batteries and new developments in EVs is great. New users who see the Tesla site and may join the forums are much more inclined to see BEVs in a positive light if the community is friendly.

Brian H | 16. Februar 2013

This is not, per se, a marketing blog, tho' that's probably the TM budget it comes from. The most useful and interesting aspects of the products, and the crucial issues or even problems, that arise are discussed, and often resolved. "Tricks of the trade" some learn/invent which are of use to all are also raised. (Workarounds for a.m. cooling loss of regen, etc.)

Do not imagine the public ever sees or hears of this forum! A tiny % of even those who reserve even know it exists, or care. (Unfortunately; our stats would be way more up-to-date if they were encouraged to "check in"! Just one or two a day. Please?!?)

What is making the public view BEVs in a positive light, where it does, is the Real World demonstration of Elon Musk's technological focus on "white sheet" solutions, that do not accept the limitations of the existing set-up. Plus Real World focus on service and customer satisfaction. (Which has been stressed and stretched to the breaking point for some by the DEMAND-DRIVEN breakneck expansion over the last few months.)

Information. Tips. Problems and resolutions. Inspiring examples. That's the de facto focus of a shared platform. Not PR and promo. (TM barely dares dip its toe into that arena yet; the response to "free publicity" is all they can keep up with so far, though that will change as it reaches for orders of magnitude more market.)

The fora also provide TM with windows into public wants and whines. Things to focus on (assign a few extra scarce resources on). Frustratingly, they provide little official feedback except in crises. A few members with insider contacts leak much of what we learn! Thank the Lord for them.

In the early pages, if you can find them, are numerous rambling stream-of-consciouness speculations by "searcher", apparently an eccentric retired computer operator (Ops is renowned in the IT world for being a haven for Spaceman southpaw-pitcher types). When I told him his careless, random writing was passing off all the work of coherence onto the readers, who greatly out-numbered him and thus made for a great deal of time for very little reward, he got a lot more readable. Though he rarely enticed any to join him on his Walks on the Weird Side. He filled long threads, mostly with his own long responses to his own long questions. We learned to mostly just leave him to it. But he damn near thread-bombed us into submission with his re-invent-every-size-wheel gormlessnes for a while. With side trips to lecture the BBC and Elon how to play nicely together, can't we all just get along? Phew.

Brian H | 16. Februar 2013

Heh. IIRC, when last heard from he was off to write the Queen, lovely horse-lover and ex-staff car drive that she is, to intervene and make all sweet again.

Brian H | 16. Februar 2013

typo: driver drive

Benz | 17. Februar 2013

Brian, I am sorry. But I do not understand that.