If you cancelled your reservation, let us know what car you bought!

If you cancelled your reservation, let us know what car you bought!

Please provide your former reservation number....if you don't then you might as well be a troll.

Curious to know what you bought instead, options and out the door price.

Like this example below:

528i (46700 base) not nearly as fast as Model S
Ti Silver Met (+550)
Multi Contour seats (+1300)
Nappa leather (+1000)
Cold weather package just to get the split rear fold down seats (+1450)
Premium Package just to get the power rear tailgate (+2250)
Tech Package just to get the rear camera (+1850)
Parking assistant (+500)
Active cruise (+2400)
Comfort access keyless entry (+1000)
Power rear sunshade (+575)
Side and top view camera (+800)
BMW apps (+250)
Head-up display (+1300)
Ceramic controls (+650)
BMW Maintenance Program Upgrade (+2295)

TOTAL: 65745

cybercop | 30. Dezember 2011

I saw reference to the 528i going 0-60 in 6.6 seconds. That is pretty darn close to the S with a 40kW pack.

discoducky | 30. Dezember 2011

Yep, thought the 528i would be a good example.

mscottring | 31. Dezember 2011

Wouldn't a better example be a comparison between the base vehicles? The 528i listed above is loaded with well over $7k in options that as far as I know aren't even available on the Tesla.

TikiMan | 31. Dezember 2011

I wish I could compare the 'Model S' with another vehicle on the market, or at least to one that is forthcoming, however, unless you plan on buying the Model S for short trips around town, or have a crystal-ball to tell the future of gas prices over the next five years, I don't see any comparison what-so-ever other than the Nissan Leaf (which would never work for me do to lack of range and luxury).

Personally (IMHO), if I only used my car to drive a few miles a day, etc, I would never even consider buying the Model S. I am buying it because where I live (California) gasoline is very expensive, plus drastically changes in price depending on how tall the grass grew overnight /season, and I drive in excess of 25k+ miles a year in bumper-to-bumper gridlock traffic. Thus my overall savings and price offset in the long run, is excessively different than that of someone who will only be putting 5k+ miles a year on it. Never mind, the added ability to use the HOV (carpool) lane single-occupancy in my state (which value cannot be determined).

Thus I have already estimated (based on typical oil market speculation, volatility / trends in my state, plus the type of luxury ICE car I would buy), I will be saving in excess of $6,000.00 a year, or as much as $21,000.00 in three years of owning the Model S. Also I will be gaining an estimated extra 200+ hours per year for sleep, relaxation, and quality time.

However, for sake of argument, if the ‘Model S’ where just an ICE car (average of 20 MPG), I would likely compare it to either the Porsche Panamera or the Audi A7.

Robert.Boston | 31. Dezember 2011

You can ballpark the value of HOV access by, at a minimum, your hourly wage rate or, possibly, your hourly billing rate. I can't bill my clients while sitting in traffic jams; at my billing rate ($675/hour), allowing me to bill even 2 hours/week for 48 weeks generates $64,800 in additional revenue, thus paying for the car just in lost billable hours!

engle | 31. Dezember 2011

Does the HOV access in California include those express lanes you pay for with your FastPass RFID if you don't have at least 2 people in your vehicle? They just installed one on I-680 near me in Fremont, that's why I'm asking. (I know you folks in SoCal have lots of these already.)

cybercop | 01. Januar 2012

Virginia ended special access to many HOV lanes for hydrids and EVs purchased recently. If it had been retained, the benefit would have justified a huge premium for an EV for those in Fairfax County (one of the richest counties in the nation) since the main highway to/from DC is entirely HOV during rush hour. I know Tesla has better things to do, but getting that back (at least for EVs rather than hybrids) would probably sell enough cars to justify any lobbying expense.

Brian H | 01. Januar 2012

RB, given your locale and situation, an interesting suggestion for you just popped into my head. Give me a ring at 604-647-4539 and I'll pass it on for your consideration.

Andrew18 | 01. Januar 2012

No HOV in Chicago area. I would rather not work 2 more hours a week anyway.

Brian H | 01. Januar 2012

the natural and probable outcome is that you leave home later to arrive at the same time, but less fumigated and aggravated. :D

brianman | 01. Januar 2012


Jason S | 01. Januar 2012

I think the idea is he's sucking down less exhaust fumes by zooming thru traffic in the HOV lane.


Brian H | 02. Januar 2012

Yes, ICE exhaust fume-igated.

Thumper | 02. Januar 2012

and you are exhausted when you get there!