If you could change one thing about the Model S...

If you could change one thing about the Model S...

OK, one thing only per post. Physical change, not 'make it cheaper'. Ok to explain, but don' say 'cup holders, and console, and rims, etc.' If enough people respond we'll cover all the bases. If I could change one thing about the Model S...I'd make it 6"-12" shorter. That would lose the rear facing seats, diminsh storage a bit, lighten the car by a couple hundred pounds, increase the range, increase acceleration. I'm confident the folks in design would make it beautiful still. Who's next?

Volker.Berlin | 17. Mai 2012

(The other $250 missing to the $4k I mentioned? It's the parcel shelf option! ;-)

EdG | 17. Mai 2012

@Volker.Berlin: We all know how everything becomes more expensive in 3 years time

Except 17 inch monitors and flash memory?

Volker.Berlin | 17. Mai 2012

EdG, precisely. The 17 inch touch screen in the Model S serves two major purposes IMO: It sets the Model S apart from the crowd, and it saves a ton of money. Heeding the signs of time can sometimes be rewarding in multiple ways.

On the other hand, it's a shame how Tesla skimps on internal memory for the stereo. That's so un-Tesla IMO. I still hope they are going to fix it. A car is not a handset after all, and even there I never understood why manufacturers wouldn't simply equip their products with "enough" memory. (Well, I think I understand: Not having enough memory in your phone or PMP is an important driver to upgrade/replace your device. It's still a shame.)

mbcaffe | 17. Mai 2012

I would like supercharging on the 40kwh battery. 20 grand is way too much to pay for the extended range.

stephen.kamichik | 17. Mai 2012

Supercharging will be available 60 kwh battery, according to rep. in Laval, Quebec, Canada.

stephen.kamichik | 17. Mai 2012

correction...available on the 60 kwh

AreBeeAZ | 17. Mai 2012

Move the charger to the middle, front or back
Ability to get non-leather seating option with color of beige/tan and black

Brian H | 18. Mai 2012

The 40kwh is almost too small to bother with supercharging. It wouldn't help for a long time with road trips, as it would mean positioning the chargers within about 30kwh drive of each other. For other driving, twin chargers will do.

Brian H | 18. Mai 2012

What I meant above "for a long time" is that it will be a "long time" before superchargers could be deployed that closely anywhere useful.

The 40kwh is a commuter car.

stephen.kamichik | 18. Mai 2012

I was told by TM rep. that 40 kwh battery pack cannot take the supercharger charge. Also, frequent supercharging will shorten the life of even the 85 kwh battery pack.

mbcaffe | 18. Mai 2012

I am still very happy to have a Model S as a commuter car. I hope there is enough demand to lower the cost of the battery on the next generation of the Model S.

DallasTXModelS | 18. Mai 2012

Extend the mileage to 500 or 600 miles per charge.

Mike_ModelS_P457 | 19. Mai 2012

More storage / utility space for the rear seats (I have kids) and passthrough from the trunk for longer items. No way am I putting a rack (sail) on the roof of this thing.

dave.rauschkolb | 19. Mai 2012

Plugging in every day is a breeze. I plug my Nissan Leaf in every time I get out so it is always fully charged. It beats pumping gas by a mile. I power the car fully by Solar panels on my home. Driving for free is pretty cool.

gjunky | 23. Mai 2012

an App on the main screen for performance tracking just in case you want to take the car on a track :)

Something that can track 0-60 and 1/4 mile run times. This should be easy enough to implement as the car already has all the information.

Anyone know if the Model S has an OBD II plug?

gjunky | 23. Mai 2012

Does anyone know if the car has hill assist, both up and down hill, to keep the car in place. I know there is no clutch and it should be easy enough to stop the car from rolling back but it would require keeping your foot on the accelerator (sounds like a bad idea) or using both the brake and the accelerator (not much better.

Volker.Berlin | 23. Mai 2012

gjunky, the specification says: "electronic parking brake"

To my ears, that sounds very much like hill assist, but I may be mistaken. You should email your Tesla rep and let us know.

EcLectric | 23. Mai 2012

I would combine the GPS with the air suspension to create a car that knows where the potholes are and softens up the ride when you hit one. It could even remember where the dips are and raise the suspension so you don't clobber the nose a second time. Ok, that's not a physical change, but...

Johann Koeber N... | 23. Mai 2012

How about the Bose suspension system

Alex K | 23. Mai 2012

I would like to see some kind of trip logging function. I have this in my Porsche Panamera S Hybrid, and it's very useful. Things that need to be logged are

1. Starting/ending GPS coordinates (converted to addresses)
2. Starting/ending date & time
3. Total actual vehicle mileage
4. Ability to mark the type of trip (business, pleasure, vacation, etc)
5. Ability to enter comments on the trip.
6. Able to download data to USB/WiFi/Bluetooth
7. Allow multiple users and automatic switching of user based on key
8. kWh consumed during the trip

stephen.kamichik | 23. Mai 2012

I think some of these (3,6,7 and 8) will be possible on the model S.

pilotSteve | 23. Mai 2012

App to easily mark each trip as "business" or "private", to help document for tax purposes which trips are business expenses. Downloaded of course on my iPhone/Android.

jerry3 | 23. Mai 2012

- Does anyone know if the car has hill assist, both up and down hill, to keep the car in place.

There is, unfortunately, a creep feature to simulate an automatic transmission. I don't understand the part about keeping your foot on the brake being a problem.

gjunky | 23. Mai 2012

It is not a problem but on a steep hill, when you switch from the brake to the accelarator, the car will roll backward unless you use both paddles.

Just nice to have.

gjunky | 24. Mai 2012

This was the reply from Tesla on the Hill Assist Feature:

Specific details about hill assist are not available at this time. Our Roadster vehicle operated similar to an automatic transmission vehicle on hills (slow forward motion when accelerator is lifted) so Model S is likely to share the same features that will limit rollback on hills. For downhill, regenerative braking will slow the vehicle similar to a downshift on a manual transmission vehicle.

I doubt the car will creep forward on a steep hill...

Can anyone with roadster tell me if the regen works instantly from a standstill when you take your foot off the break or will it jerk forward a little before it kicks in?

Brian H | 24. Mai 2012

why would you break [brake] from a standstill?

I think the TM regen/accel is a smooth continuous curve, no gaps or twitches detectable. But I may be un-correct!

ljarrett | 24. Mai 2012

I would add additional camera... One in front and one under each of the side mirrors. This would give you an all around top down view for parking as well as being able to use the cameras for adaptive cruise control....

Check out the way Infiniti does their adaptive cruise control...

Timo | 24. Mai 2012

@gjunky regen/acceleration is instant. @BrianH brake from standstill is required to prevent "creep".

Elon said in one of the interviews that controller adjusts motor several thousand times / second. That's far too fast for human to notice any delays in car reactions.

Brian H | 25. Mai 2012

I blew the tags; that was a quote of gjunky's comment. As I noted, the sensation is of a smooth curve, no steps or transitions.

stephen.kamichik | 25. Mai 2012

shpider......according to TM rep......ACC webcam will be install in housing which is part of rear-view mirror mounting. ACC will not be available on early model S cars.

Slindell | 25. Mai 2012

I'd like to be able to buy a "lock-able lid" for the deep part of the trunk (where kid's feet would be if you had read-facing seats). Would be nice to have some extra-secure storage.

dtich | 28. Mai 2012

no cheap plastic parts anywhere on grill or interior finish. i'm scared some of that is production and not just beta mockup.... don't like it. power mirrors and headrests. no blue accent lighting on headlamp clusters, (yuck)... darker color headliner..

and more after i drive it...

they really really can't make it feel cheap in any way (like the roadster did....), it's too expensive a car. please.. please. high quality materials and finish ONLY.. i won't get it otherwise. hate to say it.


los angeles

DallasTXModelS | 02. Juli 2012

Sorry I have 2.

I recently asked my product specialist/configuration specialist if the lack of a spare tire on the specs page was just an oversight or are the tires run-flat tires.

I got back an answer of:
"We do not have run-flat tires and currently no spare."

I then asked, "What was I supposed to do in case of a blowout in the middle of nowhere without a spare?"

I got back an answer of:
"Details for the solution are still being finalized and will be published to the website when completed."

1) I'd like a spare wheel and tire. Even if only a lightweight carbon fibre wheel and temporary tire/spacemaker spare in that hole in the trunk floor left by me not ordering the rear-facing fold down child seats or strapped against the back wall of the frunk unless Tesla has some kind of wonderful roadside emergency service that shows up and swaps out your wheel and blownout tire for a new one and gets you back on the road in less than an hour.

I've never liked low-profile tires. I was willing to overlook the $3500 upcharge and my dislike of low-profile tires just to get the fanblade wheels. I'd like full sized tires on the 21" wheels.

Then I found this disclaimer hidden in the fine print:
"21-inch wheels are equipped with low-profile tires that provide less protection against wheel damage from uneven road surfaces, debris, curbs, and other common obstacles. Model S does not come with a spare wheel and tire."

I immediately opted for the 19" wheels with full size tires and redesigned my Model S.

2) Since the Model S fenders do not allow for full size tires on 21" wheels, what I'd really like to see are 19" fanblade wheels as an included option or even for a $950 upcharge.

jerry3 | 03. Juli 2012

It's though that by removing the liner from the frunk (it just lifts out) a 19" wheel and tire would fit. No one has actually tested this, of course.

Brian H | 04. Juli 2012

Surely a measuring tape or ruler would answer the question.

bsimoes | 04. Juli 2012

The door handles make me nervous; one more thing to break. Most cars have recessed handles and it's not a two-step operation!
I,too, would want the fan wheels, but only with 19" wheels.
I'd like less tint on the sun roof so that I could better experience daylight--I know this won't be a popular option with most of you!
I also find the big oval plastic front grille odd. It could be so much more attractive.
I like Jerry3's idea about lifting out the frunk lining to reveal a spare. It does look as though it could just lift out, and it would offer a bit more peace of mind.
I would like the tech package split up as individual items. I want the headlights for night driving, but have no need for Homelink for example.

toto_48313 | 04. Juli 2012

"I,too, would want the fan wheels, but only with 19" wheels."

This will be a good option, especially for winter tire.

Brian H | 05. Juli 2012

I think if you lift the frunk lining and put a spare there, the lining is not going back in. Spare, or lining: pick one.

normmalcolm | 05. Juli 2012

Does anyone know if there is an extra charge for home delivery, and if so how much it will cost? I live 300miles from the nearest Tesla store.

normmalcolm | 05. Juli 2012

The one thing I want changed is to make the instrument panel look more luxurious. At least add a wood accented steering wheel and center console.

Brian H | 05. Juli 2012

Delivery anywhere or pickup at the factory is all the same price: $990. Fly to the opposite end of the country for a vacation, take delivery at the hotel, and drive home if you want. Same charge.

DallasTXModelS | 05. Juli 2012


The personal delivery is $990 even if you pick up your car at the Freemont, CA factory you will get the personal delivery. The personal delivery is a Tesla rep taking time with you to go over every thing on the car with you. They do this at the factory as well. So no getting around the delivery charge. It doesn't matter where the closest Tesla store is, your car will not go there and be delivered to your home. Your Model S will be delivered directly to your home from the factory. It is pulled in a big white box trailer similar to the ones racecars are hauled in.

stevenmaifert | 05. Juli 2012

Adjustable backseat headrests.

VincentA | 05. Juli 2012

After my test drive, I was shocked that the regen is so much softer than the Roadster, even in the "Standard" setting. So...

Guys, just have a third regen setting and call it "Sport" and make it at least as aggressive as the Roadster!

Brian H | 05. Juli 2012

Hm. On the vids I saw, 'Sport' was often used and referred to. On the Performance only?

Brian H | 05. Juli 2012

Or maybe that was steering/shocks, not regen.

Timo | 06. Juli 2012

I saw a video clearly showing three settings for regen, one being harder than "standard". Don't recall what it was called though.

Slindell | 06. Juli 2012

Brian H: I think that's the setting for steering.

DallasTXModelS | 08. Juli 2012


In the pics on the design studio the backseat headrests do look adjustable. In the picture at the link below shown from behind they definitely look adjustable. I saw pictures of the seats folded flat and the headrests appear to be completely removed.

Roblab | 08. Juli 2012

"The door handles make me nervous. One more thing to break"

First thing I thought of is: No more engine, transmission, oil pumps, filters, radiator, hoses, belts, water pumps, exhaust systems, oxygen sensors, gas tanks and fuel pumps -- about a thousand less things to break !!

Only we're used to them. People used to worry about electric windows. "One more thing to break". Now we don't think about them, or the motor that lifts the rear hatch (could use manual method), but the little motors and sensors that push the handles out. Maybe in 10 years we will have something new to worry about, like Falcon Doors. "One more thing to break!"