If you live in California and are buying a Tesla you are hoping for the $2500.00 rebate that is about to run out of funds

If you live in California and are buying a Tesla you are hoping for the $2500.00 rebate that is about to run out of funds

So I getting my Tesla P85 second week of July. I have been following the money drain for the California Rebate and I have called the state contact about this in January. The funding for the rebate is about to run out. They have funded this when it has run out before, but that's not a given that they will fund it again. The state employee did say, yes it has been funded in the past but they don't have any budgetary information saying that it will be funded after it runs out this time.
The money should run out this month or next month.
Does anyone have any further information on this?

Link to real time funds available:

Burt Court | 03. März 2014

What a coincedense, just filed 5 minutes ago. Hope there are still a few bucks left in the coffers. Maybe they can pull some out of Jerry's supertrain fund. | 03. März 2014

@BC: If you filed for the rebate online and have gotten your email confirmation ("I am pleased to inform you that upon initial review of your application we have reserved a rebate amount of $2500.00 for the vehicle listed below ...") you should be OK. Just be sure to send in your documentation within 14 days.

HSR, if ever built, would be electric. What's not to like?

Brant | 03. März 2014

They run out every year. Then people go on a wait list assuming that another year of funding will come from the legislature which has been the case thus far (and that was when California was broke)

info | 03. März 2014

Out of curiosity, I filed my application for the refund more than 2 months ago and have not heard anything, any idea of how to check on the status, once filed?

LithionSD | 03. März 2014

@VIN20353 - I filed about two months ago and got a response that my application had been accepted, still haven't received a check though.

Kimscar | 03. März 2014

@Brant You are correct that so far they have replaced the funds each time. But now I'm on the line with 2nd week of July I'm sweating this. Also as you pointed out California is back to positive cash flow.
@Burt Court. There was quite a backlog so you might be in the same boat as I am, waiting to see funds added.

firerock | 03. März 2014

It takes about 3 months to get your check and they are pretty on time on that. I literally received my check on the 3 month mark.

SCCRENDO | 03. März 2014

@vin20353. Call them and they will tell you the status.

youyouxue | 03. März 2014

Shietttttt. Thanks for letting us know!!!

ellcyc | 03. März 2014

You can visit their web site at and there is a big yet subtle button for checking your rebate status. It's useful for finding out that no, they didn't send your check to someone else because they haven't mailed it yet.

Kimscar | 07. März 2014

Just checked the Real time funding site for California rebate. Now below 5 million. I believe that lot of money is already allocated for the list of people that have already submitted. With 2nd week of July delivery I'm a little nervous as I would like the $2500.00 rebate. I was told to call back in April if no new info online and maybe get an update on future funding.

1LuckyGuy | 07. März 2014

Moonbeam needs that money for his choo choo!

Kimscar | 08. März 2014

Politics aside I don't think the train funding will impact the decision on adding funding again to the EV funds. However I think the funds run out this or next month and we'll see if money gets added. January was around 20 million if I remember correctly.

Kimscar | 29. März 2014

For those like me in California waiting to receive our Tesla's it appears the California rebate for the $2500.00 has run out. Now the question is will money be added as it has in the past? My link at the top no longer takes you to the pie chart.
I have a July Delivery so I am on pins an needles. I'll make a call next week and check if there is any info about more funding.

ERon | 29. März 2014

An update on filing documentation. You have 14 days after your application is accepted to file the necessary documentation. There is an additional 10 day grace period after the initial two weeks; 24 days in all.

togliat | 29. März 2014

I bought my car November 2013.
I have yet to file for my CA State taxes.
Does this CA State funding issue have an impact for those of us who bought the car with the $2500 incentive?
I cannot see the funding issue impacting anything but new purchases. Surely, they will honor their prvious commitments to their taxpayors, right? (He asks naively).
What do you think? | 29. März 2014

@togliat - If you're asking about who the funding of this rebate effects, then yes, it only affects new EV and PEV purchasers, who if the funding runs out, then there are no more rebates.

Captain_Zap | 29. März 2014

It sounds like it is time to write or call the appropriate people and let them know how important this rebate is to the people of California, the future of EV adoption and to those that work for Tesla.

Do they offer the same rebate to plug-in cars that use fuel? I certainly hope not. That seems like it would undermine some of the intent of the program. | 29. März 2014

The CA rebate is available to EVs and PEVs (Volt, etc.) and Fuel Cell Vehicles (FCVs). | 29. März 2014

@togliat: I may be misreading your post, but in case I'm not: The $2500 California rebate is NOT a tax credit that you claim when you file your 2013 California income tax return, as is the $7500 federal tax credit. You can, and should, claim the $2500 California rebate as soon as you buy the car. I filed my rebate claim within a week of taking delivery on February 19.

Kimscar | 29. März 2014

@togleit. If the funds are gone you go on a wait list in case the state decides to continue funding the $2500.00 incentive. They have done this in the past but like the stock market nothing guaranteed.
@pettifogger is correct that you should file for it as soon as possible.

I'll be making a call next week.

If you check my link at top of post you will be taken to a page now that gives info like what type of cars

bonaire | 29. März 2014

If it is like my state, it is treated as a 1099 taxable income, correct? So the incentive is really about $2000 effective value and is one way to send a few hundred CA dollars to the IRS. Loss of this rebate should not hurt Tesla sales but could slow Leaf and Volt sales. Among others. | 29. März 2014

I hadn't thought about whether the rebate was taxable income, but good point. A few hundred CA dollars to the IRS, a few thousand CA dollars to me. I can deal with that.

Kimscar | 04. April 2014

I spoke with the department that manages the rebates and they said pretty much what I thought, with some things I hadn't thought off. They themselves are waiting to find out if there will be more funding. The guy I spoke with guessed there would be more funding, but it was only a guess. Also it might be all the way out towards September before they know. It may come back different. Maybe lower amount of money. Depends on what the legislature wants to do.
So all of you who haven't received their car yet in California won't know for a while if they are going to get a rebate. I will receive my car the second week of July.

info | 04. April 2014

I'm curious, I filed my application for the CA credit/rebate the 1st week of Jan. 2014 and have not received anything or notice (I did get my Carpool lane stickers). How do I check on the status of my application?

Muzzman1 | 04. April 2014

@Vin20353 To check your status go here :

Mike83 | 04. April 2014

I got my check and found out they have 20million left so if its running out there must be lots of cars sold. Not sure I trust the news especially since the short position is huge; but if true than more cars= earnings growth which is terrible news for the shorts. I would have bought the car without the 2500.

Kimscar | 04. April 2014

@Mike83 They removed the pie chart because the money was effectively down to 0. I do believe there is money in the system that is allocated and not yet paid out. However if you applied now you will go on a wait list.

Mike83 | 04. April 2014

I got my check already

Brian H | 05. April 2014

Then you're SOL. There's no point in waiting for another one.