Improved and Unique Customer Buying Experience

Improved and Unique Customer Buying Experience

I know Tesla is breaking ground on a lot of fronts in the automotive world, so this might be an opportunity to add another.

I’ve seen pictures from your dealers, and I like the layout. I like the color swaths and the options listed on the walls.

Why not go one step further?

When people walk into a dealer they often build their car online selecting options and colors that suit their fancy. They do it at home too, so they have a pretty good idea what they want.

Why not show those walk-in folks, their car in real life?

You recently sent out remote control electric cars of your Roadster for all Model S purchasers. It was a nice touch. My kids enjoyed running it into every piece of furniture in my house. I got my idea from that car.

Have the basic body available in all of the available color options. Then have replica parts for seats, rims, carbon fiber inserts, panoramic glass roofs, etc etc.

Let the customer build their electric car in real life so that can see EXACTLY what it looks like. They can make countless changes if things don’t look just right.

And the best part is, when the build is done, hand over the remote control and let them drive their car around the dealer floor to see it in motion!!!!

That could, in all likelihood, be a deal closer!!!!

As you only have 2 cars (3 if you count Roadster sport) and a limited number of visible options on each, the setup costs are probably not that big. This is a sustainable competitive advantage.

As this will all probably come from China anyway, I’d imagine the parts will be so cheap, that you might even be able to let the customer take THEIR remote control car home after the sale as a memento. Keep them excited. Show their friends, who might want one too!!!!

If you like this idea and it pays off (which I know it will), feel free to give me a discount on my #S-51 Canadian Model S Signature. Free, would be really nice.

msiano17 | 15. April 2011

I do not think the Roadster RC was for all Model S purchasers .... If so, then I did not get one.

Volker.Berlin | 02. Mai 2011

Neither did I.