Insurance Snag

Insurance Snag

I just got off the phone with a rep from my insurance company (Citizens). I used one of the quoted VIN numbers on the website to try and get a ball park number. He told me that they wouldn't be able to insure the Model S. Between specialty parts and rarity of the vehicle it just wasn’t an option.

So now I guess I’m reaching out for suggestions? If I can’t find anyone to insure me here in MI then I have no choice but to cancel the reservation. (And eat $10,000.00… YIKES!)

Jewsh | 02. Oktober 2012

I'm sure you asked about insurance before you placed your final 5K down, no? How can the insurance company back out now?!?

bfranks273 | 02. Oktober 2012

AllState? - they at first balked on the VIN for me, but then went off and 'manually' processed it. I already have Roadster under them too. (I am sure you would get 10K back, but push a bit first.)

ViewAskew | 02. Oktober 2012

Not quite sure. I think they heard "EV" and classified it in their eyes as a Volt.

Captain_Zap | 02. Oktober 2012

I've never heard of your insurance company.
We have had insurance companies turn us away after buying Porsches, high performance BMW's, rare vehicles and two seat cars in spite of good driving records.

Some insurance companies will go to the trouble to calculate a rate manually and others won't. You'll have to shop around or go to an insurance broker.

We once we find a good insurance company that really wants to be in the insurance business instead of picking low hanging fruit, we stay with them for the long haul and end up taking all our business there including our home, boat, umbrella etc.

michiganmodels | 02. Oktober 2012

Viewask@ I live in Michigan as well. I can refer you to our insurance company (my father, brother, and I are all insuring our Signatures through them). Send me a PM at TMC or provide me with contact information.

michiganmodels | 02. Oktober 2012

ViewAskew - let me clarify. I can refer you to the insurance company that insured the three of us. We do not own an insurance company :-) (i.e., it is not "our" insurance company).

Scorch | 02. Oktober 2012

State Farm has said it will not be a problem for us to get insured, that being said I still do not have a quote (or a car for that matter Nov/Dec for me). For those who do have cars, which companies have your used?

jbunn | 02. Oktober 2012

I asked my Farmers agent way back last fall. He knew what the car was. He said not a problem, the car will be insured based on it's purchase price compared to other cars in the same class - an example being a BMW 5 series. I've been with him for 21 years after Alstate gave be a good rodgering, and he's got all my business. Good guy, good company.

GLO | 02. Oktober 2012

I've heard progressive is fine with these, State Farm and USAA. We are using USAA. They don't have a VIN but have confirmed it will be not problem once we get our actual VIN.

weeandthewads | 02. Oktober 2012

In California, Mercury, State Farm & Progressive have all provided quotes.

Jewsh | 02. Oktober 2012

As an Ontarion I got insurance through Johnson. Pretty good rate, too.

MandL | 02. Oktober 2012

USAA is charging me $24/month more than the 2012 Kia the Model S is replacing for the same level of coverage.

brdunton | 02. Oktober 2012

State Farm in Colorado provided me an official quote. No VIN provided.

Joules II | 02. Oktober 2012

Jewsh, Do you have other insurance through Johnson, or did you just speak with them about your Model S? I just got a quote through Dominion. My home insurance and other cars are also insured with them.

Velo1 | 02. Oktober 2012

My State Farm agent said no problem on the Model S.

Soflauthor | 02. Oktober 2012

Got my insurance through GEICO in SoFla. The person I spoke with had no knowledge of the Model S and had to put me on hold to check rates and limitations based on the VIN I provided. The only difference is that they will not cover towing, a small matter. Rates are fine (just a little higher than I paid for my old car) and other coverages are exactly the same.

bfranks273 | 02. Oktober 2012

Hey View - look what you did. Tell us how you're doing.

stuberman | 02. Oktober 2012

I got a great quote through State Farm here in California. That won't help you, but it might help others reading this thread.

art | 02. Oktober 2012

allstate in Illinois said they would insure me

davidcjones | 02. Oktober 2012

I insure through AMICA. Note they are a mutual company (it is owned by the insured), so while the rates sound higher, you get 20% or 25% of your premium back every year (they have paid back the same rate for the nearly 20 years I have insured with them).

stephen.pace | 02. Oktober 2012

@MandL: Okay, I feel bad now. USAA wants $376 more from me per six months to replace a 10 year old Lexus. Maybe I wrote the numbers down wrong, but I was thinking it wasn't a bad deal at the time.

@ViewAskew: USAA also did not have the VIN in their primary system. The person on the phone had to go to a different system to verify it another way, then they were able to override the primary system and give me an official quote. As @Captain_Zap said, sometimes you need to find a rep that will go the extra mile for you.

nickjhowe | 02. Oktober 2012

Got a quote from Liberty Mutual. They want over $100 pcm more for the Tesla than my Range Rover. :-( My three grown kids (22, 25, 26) are still at home and Liberty are forcing me to include them on the quote.

Time to look at some other insurers, methinks.

psullivanassoc | 02. Oktober 2012

Allstate in San Diego is trying to gouge me after being with them for over 15 years. I am moving all my cars (4) to Amerprise through Adding the Tesla (car 5) was cheaper with Ameriprise than my existing 4 cars with Allstate with same coverages.

BYT | 03. Oktober 2012

@psullivanassoc, I am also with Costco's Ameriprise and will add my Model S to that account as well, once I get it... :)