Interior temperature read-out

Interior temperature read-out

I have two places in the car that read out the exterior temperature - on the top right corner of the 17" display and below the speedometer - but I can't find a display of the interior temperature. The Tesla app displays my car's interior temperature, but I'd like to be able to read it in the car as well. Not critical - I feel the temperature after all -, but rather than having the exterior twice, it would be nice to have that.

Mike C | 16. März 2013

Agreed, especially because it seems like the car thinks (i.e. displays on the app) a temp that seems 5-10 degrees higher than it actually is.

jat | 16. März 2013

@MikeC - this is why I think the HVAC always gets cold after a while - I think the interior temperature sensor is some place it gets hot.

Robert22 | 16. März 2013

Maybe it's in the exhaust pipe? ;p

jbunn | 16. März 2013

Only place I know is the mobile app.

Brian H | 16. März 2013

I think the heater vent.

bp | 17. März 2013

You can get the interior temperature from the smartphone app - and I've found it appears to read consistently higher than expected. A few weeks ago, the outside temperature was in the upper 40s-low 50s - and the car was reading 100 inside - which clearly was not right - and when the HVAC started - it promptly went into full AC mode, though quickly recovered once the air started flowing.

The exterior temperature (the temp displayed in the car) also appears to be off (though that's been true for other cars I've owned). When inside my garage, it reads some pretty high temperatures - probably because the sensor is affected by heat thrown off the car's charging/battery hardware.

Another similar comment on the display - in other cars the battery and signal indicators are for the smartphone - not the car - which would still be useful to have displayed somewhere...

drp | 17. März 2013

The interior temp on the app is not always displayed for me. Maybe get it 65% of the time but otherwise that space is blank.iphone5

patp | 17. März 2013

I don't think they will do it as the temp sensors are not place properly so they don't give accurate results. It's a design issue. This is why sometime the AC will start even if it's cold...

hnashif | 17. März 2013

drp +1 on Android.

Shesmyne2 | 17. März 2013

iPhone app says 75F this morning. She has windows open, so likely should read 60-65F.

Still grinning ;-) ;-)

Robert22 | 17. März 2013

She's factoring in wind chill :)

youlikeadajuice | 17. März 2013

DRP, same problem here with intermittently not getting a temp at all on the app...iPhone 4S.

Robert22 | 17. März 2013

If you toggle climate control on and off the interior temp will appear if it's missing on app startup.