Internet connectivity

Internet connectivity

Does anyone have details on plan options and who is even providing the service during "the trial" period. I cannot seem to find information on plan details. I made the mistake of not asking about this at the factory pick up.

amirm | 26. Mai 2013

It's ATT 3G service. Coverage is not great.

lotusracer | 26. Mai 2013

I didn't realize 3G coverage is only for a trial period. How long is the trial period supposed to last?

Carefree | 26. Mai 2013

Nobody knows how long it'll last. Enjoy it while it is free!

ajamison | 26. Mai 2013

amirm have you been able to confirm it is ATT? | 26. Mai 2013

Signature owners got 1 year free, and everyone else gets 3 months free. Yet there is no plan yet, so it's free for everyone until they publish a plan and set a sign-up date.

I believe the key issue is not the carrier or pricing (unknown as yet), but Tesla has said they will have Wifi tethering to your phone if you prefer that approach. Until such software is released, I presume the 3G will be free. Likely the WiFi software support will be out this summer, and the paid plan via 3G will be announced at the same time.

For the bay area, CA, AT&T is quite good, which is what Tesla currently uses. I'm sure some areas are great for any specific carrier and others are not-so good. It unclear if Tesla will change carriers in the future, but it may if the pricing is better.

Lastly, Tesla has stated they when they do charge us, they are going to pass on the cost of the 3G to owners without markup, so it should be a reasonable cost (we hope).

Pungoteague_Dave | 27. Mai 2013

According to the Rockville Service Center, cell service isn't always AT&T. It varies according to where you are driving, sort of like a wireless-enabled Kindle.

Bob W | 27. Mai 2013 wrote:

"For the bay area, CA, AT&T is quite good, which is what Tesla currently uses."

Published reports say quite the opposite. In the SF Bay Area, Consumer Reports rates AT&T as the worst, and I've had the same experience. There are many other reports showing that AT&T's isn't very good at all, especially compared to Verizon. See:

When I had AT&T 3G service, I could not drive anywhere on a Bay Area freeway for more than about 15 minutes without a cell phone call being dropped (mostly South Bay highways 85, 101, 280, 680). This was using a good external antenna on the roof top and cable plugged into the antenna jack (when phones still had external antenna jacks). AT&T had dead spots all over the Bay Area, and showed little interest in fixing them.

In the Model S, while streaming audio via TuneIn, I still get the same type of drop-outs at certain spots on the freeway.

In contrast, with my newer Verizon 3G service, I have almost neverhave had a call drop out while on the freeway.

The best car in the world should have the best wireless data connectivity in the world don't you think? Seems like Verizon would have been a far better choice, even if it is less economical. You get what you pay for, eh?

cerjor | 27. Mai 2013

What happens to your maps in those "dark" spots?

DouglasR | 27. Mai 2013

@Bob W - Verizon is probably not an option. It uses a different technology. I believe the Model S is GSM, whereas Verizon is CDMA.

Robert22 | 27. Mai 2013

GSM has been confirmed by Tesla.

hfcolvin | 28. Mai 2013

My data coverage in the car seems to be better than my ATT iPhone FWIW.

Bob W | 29. Mai 2013


The Navigation map continues to work (since it uses an on-board database), but the Google map goes completely blank except that your route (the blue line) is drawn OK and the map continues to track your GPS location. The map re-draws OK when connectivity returns.


I have a LGE VL600 4G Verizon USB modem (no longer available new) that I use with my Windows Notebook; I wish I could just plug it in to one of the USB ports in the Tesla to make 4G work.

Verizon's web site lists several newer 4G USB modems.

When (if?) WiFi is ever enabled in the car, I hope we'll be able to connect to a "Jetpack" 4G Mobile Hotspot, but I'd rather use the USB option since it doesn't need its own battery hard wiring via USB tends ought to be more reliable and secure.