Inverter hum relationship to radio noise?

Inverter hum relationship to radio noise?

Has anyone else who has had their inverter replaced noticed that the radio noise doesn't seem to be as bad as before the replacement?

I was listening to the ballgame (AM) the other day going under a bridge in an area I frequently travel. The AM radio noise was a fraction of what it has been. I'm curious if there could be something related to the replacement of my inverter to the noise of the radio?

AmpedRealtor | 21. September 2013

I picked up my car a couple of days ago with the new inverter, but haven't had a chance yet to listen to AM while driving. I'm driving to Phoenix today so will make sure to listen to my usual station where I hear the interference and will report back!

shop | 21. September 2013

When Tesla says they replaced the inverter, I am thinking that they mean the whole motor, gear box, and inverter assembly, correct? I am just suspicious because just the inverter itself is a piece of electronics, and I find it hard (but not impossible) to believe that the inverter itself causes the low frequency droning noise. I suspect the real culprit is motor bearings. Anyone know?

mortgagebruce | 22. September 2013

@shop you are correct that they replace the entire motor - at least that is what I was told when they did mine.

AmpedRealtor | 22. September 2013

I was told that they specifically replaced the "drive inverter" and this is what my service advisor said:

"We were just given word that we will be replacing your ‘Drive Inverter’. What your drive inverter does, is converts the Alternating Current back to Direct Current during what we also call REGEN or Regenerative braking."

That doesn't sound like they replaced the motor and other items. Whatever they did fixed the problem and the car sounds nice and quiet at freeway speeds.

Alex K | 22. September 2013

@AmpedRealtor | SEPTEMBER 22, 2013: I was told that they specifically replaced the "drive inverter"

Similar noise issue and same service center as you: I took my car in for the yearly maintenance and mentioned that I had noise from the inverter. They recorded the noise and sent it to CA and were told to replace my "drive assembly". I'm waiting to have the car aligned before I can pick it up. They told me the motor/inverter assembly was one unit.

Brian H | 23. September 2013

AR was referring to the regen inverter; is it a separate component?

AmpedRealtor | 23. September 2013

@ Alex K - Nicholas told me on Friday that they got 10 more cars to prep for delivery over the weekend. Wow! :)

Alex K | 25. September 2013

@Brian H | SEPTEMBER 23, 2013: AR was referring to the regen inverter; is it a separate component?

The drive inverter handles both driving the motor and regeneration, so it's the same part. They replace the inverter/motor/reduction-gear assembly as one unit.

As a side note, my repair invoice concerning the motor squeal states:
Complaint Narrative: Customer states: Hears motor squeal under acceleration.
Cause: There is some contactor squeal during hard acceleration. This is a normal condition of the vehicle.

AmpedRealtor | 25. September 2013

My inverter replacement had no impact on AM reception.