Just got my electric bill.....

Just got my electric bill.....

I drove 3,000 miles in my MS last month. My electric bill went up $90 (South Florida).

The car I used to drive got 13.5 mpg...that's a savings of $760, in one month. How cool is that?

EVTripPlanner | 05. März 2013

My updated electricity consumption estimator at http://EVTripPlanner/calc.php - snapshot below. Includes parasitic load while parked.

tommy-tesla | 05. März 2013

@SD Supercharger

Yes, $0.34/kWh is high, but it's not unusual here

I did talk to SolarCity at length and got multiple offers from them,
but shock, none of their offers are actually a good deal! I'm very
unimpressed with their leasing offers and if you look at the cost to
buy the system outright, they are 80-100% more expensive than some
of the local offers I've seen for similar installations.

For now I'm waiting for Schedule EV while I continue to evaluate
my PV options.

hsadler | 05. März 2013


The address is wrong in your post
should be

EVTripPlanner | 05. März 2013

@hsadler - thanks...afraid I can't edit!

GLarwill | 05. März 2013

There are options in CA to get EV charging for ~ $0.04/kWh between midnight-7am with PG&E. Look into E9-A and E9-B tariffing. Here is the Doc I'm referencing:

Brian H | 05. März 2013

Aren't both those going away soon?

electricblue0303 | 05. März 2013

Yeah my first bill was higher too - about $80 more than normal. I drive about 1,800 miles a month. The above are rough estimates, but given the size and luxury vehicle that we're driving, it still is about 1/3 of the cost of gasoline.

richard.k.yee | 05. März 2013

If you are in California, talk to Solar City. You can lease the solar panels so that your monthly electrical costs go down. There is no up front cost for the installation. I am actually saving several hundred dollars since they are going to upgrade my main panel with a bigger circuit breaker as part of the solar install. With the solar panel installed, I will be paying Solar City about $106/mo for electricity.